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Photoshop simple composite

February 13, 2020

Okay starting off in Photoshop here I’ve
I have some assets ready to go in a project folder. I’m just going to go
ahead double-click on the desktop to open up the marbled book cover image.
That’s pretty good there. I’m also going to start a new document from the print
preset. So typing “Command N” [Control N] on a PC. I’m going to choose A5 and
I’ll just call this… oops “Simple Composite” there we go.
Go ahead and create. And so I’ve got two floating windows there. You know
sometimes we find the windows organizing like this, not my preference I just tend
to kind of drag them apart. Okay I’m just making sure that I’ve got everything
ready to go, but first of all I’m just going to reset the workspace to “essentials” So we’re all the same sort of page you know.
I can go ahead and reset any of my workspaces at any stage. And that sort of
brings up the default palettes and so on. I’m not super keen on the libraries, I’m
going to get rid of it. I don’t really need to look at colour or adjustments, so
just double clicking those for the moment to show just the layers area. And
before I start editing, control clicking any tool in the options bar along the top
here to choose “reset all tools”. I’m also going to type the letter “D” and you’ll
see that’s set the default colors to black and white. Okay typing the letter “V”
ensures I’ve got the move tool selected I’m just going to go ahead and drag my
cover into the simple composite, the new document. And type in “command -” moving that around I can see that it’s actually quite a bit
bigger than the canvas area or the frame area So a simple quick transformation
from the Edit menu where we can choose free transform or command T and we can
see there the bounding box showing us the outside edge of that document area
so I’m just going to go ahead and constrain the width and height set that
to 50% that goes and just holding down the shift key to click outside and and
rotate shift will constrain it and once I’ve got it in position I’m going to go
ahead and hit the little tick up here or the return key will commit that change
and we’re good to go and I’ll close this up a document command zero for the fit
on screen command I can see on the right here in my layers area that I’ve got a
new layer sitting on top of the background I’ll just leave that turned
off for a minute so I can see that the the the checkerboard here which
indicates the areas of transparency in the document okay in the toolbar area it’s going to go
along and select the elliptical marquee tool I can see that it’s under the
letter M there so if I type in I’ll get the elliptical marquee shift M will
rotate through the other tools there which is the the rectangular marquee and
as usual in Photoshop if I if I was to to bring up some sort of effect or
process I can see that that will constrain itself to the inside of that
selection area and only on that particular layer also the little
whiteboard is not affected as there’s no there’s no color information and that
part of the eh

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