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Photoshop Quick Tip: Time Saving Font Secrets

February 1, 2020

hey there today I want to show you a
quick tip in Photoshop that should save you some time and frustration when
dealing with fonts this is Kim Photoshop
templates and backgrounds for sports photographers ok let’s get started so I
have up this layered backdrops volume one and it has this text in it let’s say
I decide I want to change this text so I come over here and I highlight it and
normally I could like also like an arrow down and I could look to make sure it’s
highlighted and then you can arrow down and you can look through all the fonts
you can also do control + H to hide the highlighting and then you can arrow
down and you can look at all the different fonts but if you happen to
know which font you want and you don’t want to deal with this whole scrolling
because maybe you’re like me and have like I don’t know hundreds of fonts then
you can still throwing come over here and just type in the first letter of the
font that you want to try and I did not know this for a long time and when I
found out I was like oh my god I gotta share that so like let’s say I know that
I’m I want like tags extreme so I can just come over here to tags extreme and
it pops up or I can type in impact and it pops up and I can immediately see how
it works with these different fonts that I might like have as my favorites that I
use all the time and then I can go in and start adjusting it from there but
typing in the first letter of the font that you want to use is a huge time
saver when you’re scrolling through all these fonts and you know it when you
really want all you have to do is type in that first letter and they’ll go
right to it so that is my quick tip on fonts I hope you enjoyed it if you enjoy the video and you want to
see more like it please click the Like button and
have a creative day

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