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Photoshop Making a 3D Ball using 2D

November 11, 2019

hello guys I am Dhandeshwaran. Today we are going to start a new topic actually, it’s my first topic about photoshop Ahh Here……you can see the grids… and all, you can click Ctrl + H to avoid it and Ctrl + “0” to make it visible for you and today we are going to start with a ball. Ahhh First Click “M” which is the shortcut for marquee tool and press shift and if you drag it through like this diagonally you can find a round structure forming up and we can’t work in the background layer so we are opting for a new layer, layer 1 and let’s see we ar… We can give a good color. Let’s give red. Hmm… yeah you can click Alt + back – space to give a.. fill-up the color and Ctrl + D to deselect what we have done and something is going wrong with zoom , oh… Scrubby zoom is not working. so, ok we can click Ctrl + 0 for working it out and when we click “V” we get the pointer and we can change the position of it and now we are going to transform with Ctrl + T and now press shift and Ctrl and drag it inwards which will decrease it’s size and… and now let’s duplicate this ball. We are going to make a shadow on it and select the layer 1 and control + T, which is transform and we can transform the ball into a shadow right now and you can make it down and let’s see.. now, is it looking good? probably, you can’t see because it’s all, so red let’s change the color by selecting ctrl and clicking on that bo .. this box. So, you have selected this ball flatten down and let’s have a black color on it Ahh, Let’s see, now you can see that black color coming out and it looks like a shadow kind of thing already. …..we are just adjusting the base now you can see already half of the work is done… now-it’s-all tricks.. all about.. the trick is all about this Dodge tool, Burn Tool and sponge tool.. The sponge tool with Desaturate mode and flow with 50. Se- e what it does and deselect that ball.. layer which is layer 1 copy. Let’s rename it. Double Click on Layer one copy and it will be selected like this and you can rename it as ball and enter and its done ball. now.. we have selected that sponge tool ,i.e, shortcut is “O”. you can have shift + O to select this sponge tool. Now we’re going to burn kind of thing here. See what happens, the color gets dark in here and something bulgy around here is seen. See Ahh, Its not bulgy, It’s 2D structure only, We are making it 3D. so we are again selecting that ahh… dodge tool and yeah just, you need to shape curvy shape here. So that it’s… It becomes 3D ball and now we can see, there’s a pretty good difference between this lighter color and this dark color. But still you want more details on it. let’s take dodge tool with highlights and having exposure 0 we can increase the size by Outerbracket giving outerbracket and just rub it wherever you want the lightness and what happens is, the… color gets lighter whenever you use dodge tool and don’t use much more because it will spread towards where we worked on this sponge tool, sponge tool and you can correct it again with sponge tool and it will be looking like this and again just give a ahh, hmm… small stroke kind of thing, which will be helping you with ahh, you can keep it 1 or 2. Just give a stroke which you can see here ahh.. Its giving a small, small touch to it so her is the ball which i worked for and now save it as ball, wherever you want. Ahhh … save it, save as type : photoshop PSD and save it and its it and you have other kind of saves too, like you want to save it in jp – eg format, PNG format, Targa, Tiff whichever you are comfortable.. comfortable with.. now let’s end this. Thank you guys.

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