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PHOTOSHOP HOW TO REMOVE ANYTHING YOU WANT??? From Photo, Keep Background -Content-Aware, Clone Stamp

February 9, 2020

hi guys in this video we’ll be learning
how to remove anything from an image in Photoshop this can be a very valuable
tool if used correctly so let’s get to it here we have a picture of a beach and
this woman is photobombing our beautiful scenery what we can do is we can go to
the left side and select lasso tool drag around the part of the image that you
want to be removed remember to get the reflection under here once you have that
selected we’ll go to edit and click on fill or you can use hotkeys shift+f5
will leave colour (not color cause I’m canadian) adaptation on and contents aware selected click OK what
this will do is it will remove her from the image and leave a very clean
background now this doesn’t always happen for every image it depends on how
complex the background is in this case we got very clean image but let’s show
you a different one now here we have a Ferrari and a BMW so we’ll remove BMW here
because Ferrari doesn’t want to lose to a BMW now let’s change this to a polygonal
tool because the shape of the car is easier to work with this kind of tool
it doesn’t have to be very accurate but try to get as much of the car as you
can now once you have that selected we’ll go to edit again fill remember to
leave colour adaptation on contents aware selected okay now let’s
right-click on the image and deselect as we can see it got a little messy here
and messy here the part of the road is gone however we can fix this now let’s go to
the left side and this is the clone stamp tool what this does is it will copy part of the image elsewhere and replace wherever you want to fix
now let’s choose over here you want to hold alt and click here and now we can
paint over this with a different part of the image as you can see the result is very
nice now we can zoom in a bit to fix this up
better you wanna just work your way in there and voila the BMW is gone we can also
fix up the road here a little make it look a little nicer and we can select to
copy this part and remove the car over here blend it in that’s grass we can also remove this logo here out of
this and there you go as you can see we can
get very creative on how and what we want to remove from the image so if you
like what you see please SUBSCRIBE and I’ll see you next time

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