Photoshop: How to CUT OUT an Image | Pen Tool | Change Background Tutorial

September 26, 2019

Hi guys today’s tutorial I’m going to teach you how to change the background color of your photo or any photo that you have to white using Pen Tool so let’s start Unlock the layer by double clicking it. Then press OK. Make a new layer Drag it down under Layer 0 Then select Paint Bucket Tool Then click on the photo to change the background of Layer 1 Make sure that the background is set to White Then select Layer 0 Select Zoom Tool Select Zoom in Zoom in until you can clearly see the area you are going to isolate These are the tools you can use for editing but for now we are going to use Pen Tool Click on the edge of the watch and continue doing it until you isolate the whole area make sure to follow the lines and curves to achieve the best result now for the curve part click and drag to make a curve click and land on a bit distant to each other then repeat adjust the curve by pressing ctrt (windows) | command (mac) drag and adjust to make a perfect curve and repeat this simple steps don’t close the path yet ctrl + Z to undo click on the outside of the image to cut out the object but before that I will show you what will happen if you do so go back to the previous steps by clicking history close the path double click or right click Make Selection click OK or enter press delete this is what it looks like if you want to retain the background now lets go back… click on the outside area of the image to cut out the object then close the path right click Make Selection click OK or press enter the selection is now on the background press delete ctrl + D(windows) or command D (mac) You can also remove the remaining background by using Eraser Tool but for now, we will use Pen Tool just repeat the same steps if you want to remove using Eraser Tool just do this just hover the Eraser Tool we are almost done! select Zoom Tool and Zoom Out Perfect! you can also Blur, Sharpen and Smudge select Dodge Tool to lighten the dark areas adjust Dodge Tool size and hover to the dark areas see the difference? Dodge until you achieve desired lighting use Rectangular Marquee Tool to make the straps even ctrl + T (Windows) or command + T (Mac) and move the watch to the center click Check click File click Save, if you want to save project Save As, if you want to save photo Rename the photo select where you want to save select JPEG as your format Save OK we are done! let’s check the output you can do it also Thank you so much for watching Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe

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