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Photoshop: How to Create a Powerful SUPERNOVA from Scratch

October 28, 2019

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. I’m going to show you how to create a powerful
supernova from scratch. Create a new document by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + N or by going to File and New. Make the Width: 1920 pixels, the Height: 1080
pixels and the Resolution: 150 pixels per inch. The Color is RGB and 8 bits per channel. Click “Custom” and click “Black” or click
the box and pick black. Then, click “Create” or “Open”. Click the lock icon to unlock the layer and double-click the thumbnail to open its Layer Style window. Click “Gradient Overlay”. The Blend Mode is “Normal” and the Opacity is 100%. Click the gradient bar and click the “Black, White” thumbnail”. Check “Reverse”and “Align with Layer”. The Style is “Radial”, the Angle is 90 degrees
and the Scale is 100%. Click “Color Overlay”. The Blend Mode is: “Color”. Click the color box and in the hexadecimal
field, type in: 5B3307. We’ll convert our gradient into a Smart Object by clicking the icon at the upper right of the Layers panel and clicking “Convert to Smart Object”. This will allow us to enlarge the gradient. Press Ctrl or Cmd + T to open your Transform Tool. At the top, click the chain-link icon between
the Width and the Height. This links both of them, so whatever percentage we type into one, will be automatically repeated in the other. In either field, type in 195%. Then, click the checkmark or press Enter or Return twice. Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer. If your foreground and background colors aren’t black and white respectively, press “D” on your keyboard. Go to Filter, Render and Clouds. Open your Transform Tool by pressing Ctrl
or Cmd + T. Click the “Warp Transform” icon. Click the “Custom” tab and click “Fisheye”. Bend it: minus 100. Then, press Enter or Return twice. Convert it into a Smart Object and change
its Blend Mode to “Overlay”. Go to Filter, Distort and Twirl. Twirl it 45 degrees. Make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + J. Open your Transform Tool. If you see this message, it’s just letting
us know that the filters will be temporarily turned off while we use the Transform Tool. Just click OK. Click the chain-link icon and in either the
Width or the Height and type in 200. Go to Edit, Transform and “Rotate 180 degrees”. Then, as before, click the check mark at the top or press
Enter or Return twice. Hide the Twirl filter on the copy and to save space in the Layers panel, collapse the effects on both layers. Click the Adjustment layer icon and click
“Solid Color”. Type in: B65A00. Change the Blend Mode to “Overlay”. Adjustment layers affect all the layers below
it in the Layers panel, but we want it to affect just the one layer below it. To do this, we’ll need to make the adjustment
layer into a clipping mask. Either press Ctrl + Alt + G on Windows or
Cmd + Option + G on a Mac. Or, you can go to Layer and “Create Clipping Mask”. Next, we’ll add bright, sharp streaks of light
emanating from the central core. Make a new layer and fill it with black. Go to Filter, Noise and “Add Noise”. Make the Amount: 100%, Gaussian and Monochromatic. Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Blur it point 3 pixels. Open the Levels window by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + L. In the Input Shadows field, type in 150 and in the Input Highlights field, type in 160. Go to Filter, Blur and “Radial Blur”. The Amount is 100, the Blur Method is “Zoom”
and the Quality is “Best”. We’ll expand the radial blur once more by
pressing Ctrl + Alt + F on Windows or Cmd +Option + F on a Mac. On earlier versions of Photoshop, press Ctrl or Cmd +F. Then, convert it into a Smart Object. Change its Blend Mode to “Color Dodge”. Go to Filter, Distort and Twirl. Keep the Angle at 45 degrees. Go back to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur. Blur it 2 pixels. Lastly, we’ll create the star, itself. Make the bottom layer active and make a new layer above it. Open your Elliptical Marquee Tool and go to the center. Left-click and hold as you press and hold Alt or Option + Shift and drag out a circular selection from the center approximately
this size. Go to Select, Modify and Feather. Feather it 5 pixels…fill it with black…and deselect it. To center it, press Ctrl or Cmd + A and open your Move Tool. Click the “Align Horizontal Centers” icon and the “Align Vertical Centers” icon. Then, deselect it. Double-click the thumbnail of the star layer
to open its Layer Style window. Click “Inner Glow”. Click the box and type in FFBA00. Then, click OK. The Blend Mode is Normal, the Opacity is 100%
and the Technique is “Softer”. The Source is Edge, the Choke is 0%, the Size
is 57 pixels and the Range is 50%. Collapse the effects to save space. Make a new layer. Open your Brush Tool and Brush Picker. Make the size temporarily 150 pixels and the Hardness: 0%. Make the Opacity: 40% and the Flow: 100%. Invert your foreground and background colors
by pressing “x” on your keyboard. White is your foreground color. Brush directly over the rim to brighten it. To make your brush bigger, make sure the CapsLock key isn’t active and press the right bracket on your keyboard a few times. Continue to brush sparingly over the rim. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!


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