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Photoshop Fail Challenge!

September 1, 2019

Whats going on guys I am Matthias And welcome to the Photoshop challenge Were you guys tell me to Photoshop 2 things together And then you decide whether to fail or win I’ve also got Bryan over here To time me cause I have to do it in under 5 minutes Today we’re going to do two So you’ll have the opportunity To say its a pass or a fail twice! And make fun of you and make fun of me Because I am so often judging your photo shop works to judge mine also I’ve got my system setup so it’s just
like quick what ya oh go back to twitter old back to back
to the program 0000 yeah we’re going to pick the first one you and markiplier to
a unicorn and a corn dog because I’m that random jai friend kids with
problems man just people you and Amanda my gosh tons of people tons and tons of
people teddy bear and Brian it’s a little weird let’s go random ok I’m just going to
land on one but jacksepticeye nike no I already did jacksepticeye sorry people okay i’m gonna do this one by napkins
Amy napkins who is in a future episode of YouTube genius yes it’s not dead
there’s one more episode left confirmed haha i’m gonna photoshop an hour and a
banana together in under five minutes and you guys can say it is a pass or
fail if you want to go skinny our let’s see let’s see let’s see if I can find a
skinny owl because i’m going to convert his body into a banana that’s my idea oh I’m gonna find the
skinny ass out like an which is this guy and I’m going to save image and then now
we’re gonna now we’re gonna do a banana yes yes this is it this is what I need
now all we have to do is convert his body into bananas burning time did no no
I’m not I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna nail this where to go oh my
gosh what is happening my programs going out of me three minutes I’m gonna make
this so good to see this already what do I do now to talk about every
minute now tell you every 30 seconds ok that’s alright that’s alright what
we’re going to do this we’re going to definitely do this within two minutes i
have the ability to do this because i have all the secret tools in the book this is not working out well I’m it i
got this bro how man you’re such a doubter little weak got no mi let’s do
this way how much time already less accurate seconds no okay I’m just gonna have to go back
lighting overlay no no no difference not just take it back to normal take back to
normal normal looks fine now oh good about that one okay okay maybe this was a fail but
wants it was better ok now that I tweeted that first off
let’s get brian’s critique going here I know this is gonna be brutal he’s always
way too brutal have you seen your photo shop failed videos and how brutal you
are to them hey I say in my book or when or fail is
a great job i represent you guys on this one get out here tell me what time s that’s
two thumbs down it’s growing out of his chest his his
chest is bananas I was promised a banana owl and this is
a banana on top of an hour yeah fail before we look at the straw
poll let’s look at what you guys think when when everyone’s saying it’s a win
fail for sure I think it’s a fail fail but it looks like a fail but it’s clever
a lino could totally be a pokemon in pokemon go as a hot thing right now i
want to say when because the idea is cool but it’s really a failed due to how
it wasn’t photoshopped all that well five minutes bro five minutes girl ariel
is a girl your girl it isn’t the same shade of yellow bad
shading for an attempt but about about about about about about about a band now
if they say is it when I won’t know what to do with myself okay is this a fail or win and i’m going
to click and we’re gonna find out right now but I away i have to vote I’m gonna vote win oh yeah i think
everyone may be a little biased because maybe I shouldn’t those who fail 71
percent of you think that this is a win I’m gonna just go out on a limb and say
hey I won this is this is great stop i’m super excited about this thank you so
much i can’t describe how good it feels to win next up is Shakira and a sharp
call it char Kira haha i get up okay we’ll do that one evening mythical beast
how this I don’t look at the picture until after you’ve completed okay yeah
you don’t look at the picture until after i have created it and that way he
will remain somewhat you’re still going to be biased against me always off i hate you do you wanna go
shukké here and he supposed to cure a find like oh like a maybe like oh yeah
with her singing and put like maybe some shark teeth in it or something like that alright this this one might because this
would be good well I’m gonna keep looking just for a quick second Shakira mouth a lot of time that gave me a really good
one yes ok save image now i’m going to do a
shark got to do like have liked that side pose of a shark here I mean down
see you just you just have to screw me over hot just going to get a little bit
of these puppies in there I’m gonna get some wider ones because she looks like
she takes care of achieving this is gonna be a stretch for sure but i think
im gonna be able to pull it off I’m have to get rid of all her hair and
other body parts and just leave her face two-and-a-half minutes remain a
two-and-a-half minutes remaining on my gosh this is harder than you think ok some of these photoshop’s it would
take people ages to do i’m just going to add just like a tiny bit of blue into
their got this we got this i have got me this time doing this dude is gonna be
way funnier to get your reaction like this one day I’m like trying to figure
out how I can do this in like little time okay i I don’t know if I can do this in like
such little time five minutes remaining one minute remaining I need to smudge
back and forth I don’t think you blinked in three
minutes i guess i don’t think so either 5432 well i have off times off on finishing
touches you know I know this one’s gonna win this one’s this one’s way better
than the last one ok close your eyes and come over here
all right you’re gonna give me your honest opinion when you look at it go
well what I’m sorry give it a fail what have you ever given me a win no no
you have in the first one you didn’t you give me a fail flashback to that let’s
see what people are saying i wanna be the first vote what are you voting you have to tell me
though fail remember i do see so no belief in me
almost dude it looks like this was an easy one just I’d like to see you do a
photoshop challenge you probably wouldn’t even be able to like find a
picture on google you’d be like let me know down in the
comments if you want to see Brian fail and the next photoshop challenge guys
try to do this in five minutes guarantee you it’s harder than you think but see
everyone everyone else appreciates me because you’re going to see everyone say
this is a win fail win what the heck you’re being serious wale
a win fail when OMG i did it what are you talking about I did I
believe that is a monstrosity yes when kill it with fire same as last
time also tell you boom why so I got I got this one over
here which is sixty-nine percent win and this one here which is a hot 68% win 5-1
guys make sure you check out the last photoshop challenge click right there on
that info card it was just as funny and down in the comments below what two
things should I meld together to make one let me know down in the comments
below and subscribe if you’re new here because we make videos like three four
five times a week and they’re just as funny okay high five


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