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Photoshop Elements Pencil Sketch- How to Make a Colored Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop Elements

August 19, 2019

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this video we’ll be doing this Photoshop Elements colored pencil sketch effect. I’m doing it on this picture right there and getting at this effect as if it’s been drawn with colored pencils. Check out my channel for more fun projects. I’m currently doing Photoshop projects on Thursdays, on Saturdays I’m doing either a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, on Monday I’m doing Photoshop Elements, and then just for fun on Tuesdays I’m doing some Minecraft stuff. Okay let’s get to it Here’s the original photograph for this project. We were working with just the face so let’s get that taken care of first. I’ll go to the zoom tool and then click on fill screen that fills it left and right sohow right about in here and i want to have this crop to a four by six and a little bit smaller than this this is a zoom at 121 percent as you can see there I’m gonna back this out just a little ways ninety-four looks pretty good so 94% zoom on that and we’ll reposition just a bit so right about like that so begin a fill screen take it out to ninety four percent in the position at about like this there’s some space here above the head let’s now crop in on this whatever the crop tool right down there and I have mine set for four by six ratio you guys a little pre-built window like this just bring this in now so it kind of centered in here give us up a little bit more space above the top of the head right there so somewhere around here looks pretty good and then click on the green check mark that thing crops us into that spot we can then go back to the zoom tool and fit screen and now we’re all set to go with the rest of the project now we need to have her removed from her background we doing our own background on this so we’ll start by taking the lasso tool or polygonal lasso tool either one is fine I’ll use the regular lasso tool and let’s just do a nice little lasso right around the hair just outside of the hair just like this down to the bottom let’s go clear across the bottom and then back again on the other side there we go and then we’ll be using the refine edge tool on this to clean this hair up okay this is one of those spots Ashley right now where if you’re using Photoshop Elements you can feel very happy about this the refine edge tool in Photoshop Elements works a lot better than the new select and mask tool over in Photoshop CC which really does a poor job nowadays they’ve really managed to somehow ruin that tool not sure why but it doesn’t work very good no longer okay edge detection check where it says smart radius your brush size is right down here 35 and that’s pretty good for this and just come in here and just paint right along that edge and then just work your way in and go clear around the whole figure in little steps just like that start out and then work in closer and closer you know let’s go through and do the whole figure in here and like I said the tool that’s now over in Photoshop is actually pretty bad I don’t know how they managed to mess that one up but they did and now this tool is better than the tool in Photoshop okay let’s work our way clear on this side and once that’s done we’ll be all set to begin putting in our fill 3 fix on this the whole thing is done very quickly and easily actually we’re just some real simple filter effects this is the hardest part of the whole process is getting this masking done as you notice I’m using this with the red mask vyas one that I like using the most I just found a really easy to see in most instances so that’s done now come down here where it says output to and change this to new layer with layer mask and choose okay and there’s our layer mask let’s go make a copy of the background either drag it up to the new layer button right here or just right click on the name and choose duplicate layer there you go leave those both hidden the reason we did this is because we’re putting in a new background back here and that’s going to overwrite this background image right there so that’s our safety for our image and let’s now change this background come down here to graphics and then I’ll go clear to the top up here there it is we’re in backgrounds by type in the scroll all the way to the bottom just grab the scroll bar pull the scroll bar all the way to the bottom there we are and right there is one called white in green just click on that that brings in this kind of a nice interesting background now it’s too rough for our use so I’ll go back to layers there’s the background now make a copy of this layer duplicate layer there we go hide the original I’m doing that because we’ll be changing this one we actually blurring this out just in case we get it wrong or you want to change it in the future you can go back here to the original one okay now notice right then there’s a little kind of icon bottom right-hand corner that means that this is a smart layer smart object we don’t want that so right click versus background and choose simplify layer okay now we can blur this go to filter come down to blur and under the Gaussian blur right there and I have mine set at five pixels and she was okay just kind of softens it up because the kind of that studio background effect in there but this has more stuff happening in here than the original white background before she had a white background just some gray up there that was it this gives a bit more texture a bit more interesting okay now let’s get to work on the actual image there’s our base image and I’m going to rename this all those type over here and cause portrait there it is a little hard to see that but I’ll pulled this site if you go right against the edge here of the layers panel you should be able to get there it is you can catch the edge ash actually pull that out a bit like this you can actually adjust the width so you can read those names better okay stick the portrait layer make a copy of this one right click duplicate layer choose okay there it is this one is going to be our poster edges layer and then go up here to filter come down to filter gallery and in the filter gallery you want to be an artistic and poster edges right there in the settings are zero on edge thickness zero on edge intensity and one for posterization after you try this a couple of times you can play around with these settings you get a little different effect with these different things you moved a little bit it’s up to you which we don’t like this say a harder to look by bringing up the edge intense and you see it in there but I’ll leave these both at zero and then one for upholster ization choose okay and that gives us our basic graphic effect onto the image but we can improve this with some more layer work come back down to the portrait layer here and then take this layer and duplicate this again there we go pull this new layer to the very top and it’s rename this one this is going to be glowing edges there we are okay back up to filter come down to filter gallery this time come down here to stylize me close the artistic there it is stylize glowing edges right there the edge with at to edge brightness at 20 smoothness at 5 and it looks just like that choose okay there it is pretty bizarre looking I admit it’s also in a negative format as you can see so we need to fix that go up to filter again come down to adjustments and invert and it goes back to a positive but it’s really pushing on the colors you can see here so we’re now going to blend this into the layer underneath use our blend modes and come down to soft light and that blends that in what that layer does is it gives us the hard drawn edges in here let’s now take the poster edges layer and blend this in with the original portrait to soften things up back up here to the blend mode come down to screen and that brings that layer down into that layer and we’re getting very close look now to our kind of a pencil drawn effect going to real nice lines happening in here we can fix that by going down to the portrait layer again right click and duplicate layer choose located be right above the Porsche layer right there should say portrait copy this one is going to be crosshatch there it is okay go up to filter come down to filter gallery not the top one but the second one right there and this time go to brush strokes and crosshatch there it is in the settings for this is 50 on stroke length 18 on sharpness and 2 on strength it’ll look kind of like that kind of weird-looking choose okay there it is we now need to blend this in to our portrait layer so you’re on the crosshatch layer change this to soft light and that blends that in then we now have some little drawn lines in there on top of everything else last little bit we’ve kind of lost detail over here on the right side of her facelift side of our screen lost that jawline in there and is kind of bad up here we can fix the vent go up here and you show and hi the poster edges layer yes that’s where that’s going away it’s that one layer the poster edges with that on you’re losing that bit we’re giving a lot of our contrast in order to but we’re losing that bit here so we need to hide the poster edges there it is on just this part we’ll do that by going to the right hand side here look for that light blue outline onto the layer mask grab the paintbrush make sure your foreground color is black I have my brush set at 100 pixels and opacity at about halfway forty-four percent is fine there’s the brush and then this brush right in along that jawline right there because it’s down to forty four percent on the opacity you can hit it a few times until you get just the effect a little bit right up in here and right down there around the jawline brings that jawline back in again and there we go there’s our colored pencil drawn effect based on that photograph let’s see how that looks I’ll go to the background copy down here we can now take this and pull us clear to the top there’s the original and there’s our colored pencil sketch effect original color pencil sketch effect as you can see it’s actually very easy to do doesn’t really take any artistic ability in here to do this it just takes knowing the right sequence of these different basic filter layers [Music] you


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  • Reply Brian Arsenault August 12, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    Wow! I'm impressed. A great tutorial, I'll be sure to try this one. Thanks George.

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    Impressing George, thanks for the tutorial.

  • Reply Peter Head August 13, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    Brilliant stuff, George, showing how to use layers to good effect and showing what can be done with filters and blend modes. I think I may try this on one of my own photos. After all, I got plenty to chose from! Thanks again.

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    Very interesting results.

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    Fantastic tutorial, thank you.

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    George, love anything that has to do with sketch look, I know there are a lot of tools to use, thank you for putting together a road map on a method. I will really enjoy doing this one! Got some neat ideas to try!

    Thank you for all you do!


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    Thank you so much

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    Nice tutorial,thanks George

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