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Photoshop cc 2020 liquify – How To Use The Face-Aware Liquify In Photoshop 2020

October 30, 2019

Photoshop CC 2018 liquify hello welcome
to my youtube channel digital creations in this tutorial we are going to learn
how to use face aware liquify tool in an or Photoshop CC 2018 open up
Photoshop CC 2018 new version nice we image any image a face image on right in Bellaire it’s named face
liquify face earlier okay nice this image we just going to change it’s a
wave like you find Photoshop automatically that’s facial features and
helped you attach them to enhance a portrait and add create if that access
to I’m short so it’s very simple image an example this is the sample image so I
use this girl image to adjust a little bit the eyes and nose and all facial
features so just go to filter here and under the filter we find with the 5
filter guys here you see the right side right side you see some properties of
the face face of a liquify so just click this triangles so we can adjust you know
eyes area eyesight so just click here it will select both of the eyes guys you
see here change the eye size the Tobit increase the size because this girl has
very small eyes and another the eye height that’s these sliders you can
adjust the another the features of for the eyes the height of the eye eyes look
here a little bit increase the height of the eye
the same the width that the tilt how tell this I I think this one is better
okay and this one is the eye distance guys you see here this one is the eye
distance same we click here the nose a nose option nose triangle you just click
here nose height nose height up and down we just use this slider very
simple the height and the width of that we can also the mouth features here
adjust the mouth of the features out of the you know a portrait the smile let
increase upper lip option and the lower lip increase mouth wet mouth height another option
the face shape this is we can change the forehead you see your forehead area the
chin we can also adjust the chin the face width I think this is pretty much
good press ok to save this face feature that’s okay
here guys you see this one before and after big eyes that’s very good
new feature okay also then go to liquify go to filter liquify eyes right side we we used the space of
I like 5 but we can also use another option here face tool on the left side
panel you see here the face just click here and when you you see here when you
just drag your mouse here you see the features of nose face eyes you see and
we just little bit check this change the height of the chin from here also use
the face feature is a in change it here from also sorry we can change also from
here to the nose and the lips the lips the eyes I think if this is pretty much and also
this one know the eyes a little bit okay guys save this price okay Wow
it’s good as you see a pretty much good this is very good Peter face so we’re
gonna work with I so okay guys if if we have a new faces on our picture so we
have another option so just select any picture we have two faces yes this this
Victor I just selected just change a little bit brightness much more bright
too much right okay now guys this picture go to filter multiply guys here
you see we have two pictures so here in the face of a I will file the right side
pal there are two options the select faces the phase one and phase two
so select the face one I think this one is a face won the gold face look here
you can change the eye height but wait a little bit and I’m out
yes because she is shouting mouth wait you can change them out wet night she’s
not smiling she’s shouting so a little bit you know aggressive goal chin okay
now here we select the other face base to this guy we can also change from here
like this a little bit little the change here guys you see so it’s pretty much good surprise ok guys you see here before and after before and after the face you see this
is very nice feature so guys if you like my video you just subscribe my channel
and share my video and keep watching my videos keep watching digital creations
thank you


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