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Photoshop and Illustrator speed illustration workflow

October 30, 2019

Assalamualaikum. My name is Widhi Muttaqien. I’m a bestseller author here in Udemy. I’ve been teaching computer graphics since
the year 2000 and also founded several creative based companies such as Blastocode and expose
3D. In computer graphic world, there are two types
of graphics. Raster and vector. Both vector and raster graphic has their advantages
and disadvantages. In this course I will show you how to combine
the best of two worlds, vector and raster in a single workflow, to create illustration,
fast. For dealing with raster graphic we will use
Adobe Photoshop and for vector graphic we will use Adobe Illustrator. The course is divided into 6 main sections. In the first section we will cover the basic
of Photoshop. This section is designed for complete beginners
so no experience needed to start from this section. We will start discussing the fundamentals of
Photoshop such as the UI. How to use the brush tool. The basic of working with layer. Techniques to create and edit selection. Using blending modes. Creating image clipping and masking. And many other fundamental lessons. At the end of this section we will have 2
projects. The first project is creating a typography
poster like this. And the second project is cropping a rabbit
photo and place it on another background. At the second section we will cover more advanced
topics on Photoshop. Such as color models. Image channels. Hexadecimal color codes. Different type of image file formats and how
to export them correctly. Then we’ll move on to Photoshop filter. Using gradient color. Creating pattern. Learn how to use the pen tool and all the
related tools in creating, editing and managing vector paths inside Photoshop. The final project of this section is drawing
this airplane illustration from sketch to finished artwork. At the third section of this course we’re
going to focus more on advanced drawing techniques using only Photoshop. If before we only use our mouse. In this section we’ll start using pressure
sensitive devices such as Wacom tablet. Learn how to customize Photoshop for speed
such as overriding the keyboard shortcut. Creating custom brush. And defining and managing tool presets. At the end of this section we’re going to
create a character design illustration using only Photoshop. We’ll start from zero which is from sketching,
then we’ll add colors to it. Then add more depth using shading and highlighting
techniques. Finally add color correction and visual effects
on it. This is the final character illustration we’re
going to create in this section. Now if these 3 previous sections cover only
Photoshop. From this section we will start learning the
fundamental of Adobe Illustrator and vector graphics. If you never use Adobe Illustrator before,
then this section the best place to start. We will start from UI and navigation. Then move on to selection and transformation. Next we’re going to cover vector shape creation,
from simple primitive shapes to custom and complex shapes. We will discuss a lot of things in this section. And at the end of this section you should
be able to create simple logo and symbol such as this batman symbol. At the next section we’re going to cover
several more advanced techniques in vector editing inside adobe illustrator. We’re going to cover path finder. Live paint feature. How to create and manage width profile presets. Also learn the strategy on how to use it. We will have two final projects in this section. Create flat style icon and create coloring
pages illustration. Now. If you already take my course on vector illustration
using Adobe Illustrator before. You can safely skip these 2 sections and move
on to the final section of this course. Because these 2 sections are also part of
my other Adobe Illustrator course. So finally this is the last section of the
course. This is where we combine Photoshop and Illustrator
together to create digital illustration, fast. We’re going to create an illustration from
scratch, using all of the techniques we’ve learned in previous lessons. We will start from sketching, move on to coloring,
then shading, creating line artworks, texturing, to finally adding color correction and visual
effects. This is the final illustration that we will
be making in this course. The workflow is not like conventional digital
painting method. It follows modern 3D computer graphics concepts. It is non destructive and modular so you should
be able to adapt it to suit your own style. The skills you’ll be learning from this
course, will be applicable for other type of artworks such as: UI design, logos, icons,
creative advertising, etc. So, join now and leverage your graphic skills
to the next level! See you on the other side. Wassalamualaikum.


  • Reply Stylish Touch August 27, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    when you will upload it to skillshare ?? insha allah

  • Reply Saleh Ahmad August 30, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Brother, you are defiantly a great designer. In YouTube we are looking for free classes. So, I think at least you should have said that, this course will cost us to learn and It's only available in skillshare. Thank You anyway for the inspiration.

  • Reply Andrea Blanco July 28, 2018 at 6:26 am

    Walaikum assalam brother, Im glad you've found this way of sharing your knowledge however i must warn you that drawing and illustrating anything that could have a soul, animal or human like features is haram so id recommend you to stop doing.

  • Reply DZ POWER December 14, 2018 at 2:26 am

    asalamou alaykoum <3 السلام عليكم

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