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Photo to Oil Painting Effect (Without Oil Filter) – Photoshop Tutorial

September 6, 2019

Hello Again! Welcome to this new tutorial. In this tutorial, You will create this Oil Painting Effect, without even using the Oil paint filter in Photoshop! Since Oil Paint Filter is not working in all photoshop versions. We will use another NEW, & EASY method to create this painting effect. First of all, you should check the image size that you are working with. Your image should not be lower than 1500 Pixels in width or height. Let’s Go! Press CTRL+J to duplicate your layer. Now, go to Image, Adjustments, and choose Shadows/Highlights. FYI, Shadows refer to the darkest areas in your image. And Highlights, refer to the brightest areas in your image. By increasing the highlights amount, the highlights areas will get DARKER. And, by increasing Shadows amount, the shadows areas will get BRIGHTER. In my case, I will increase Shadows only by 30%. Now, go to Levels Adjustment, to adjust contrast a little bit Adjust Levels Values. Every image varies! So, stay flexible, and don’t copy and paste my values. Duplicate “Layer 1”, with CTRL+J. Now, go to Filters, then, Other, and choose High Pass. Make Radius 2, then, click ok. Change Blending Mode to Overlay. This will add some sharpening. and gives us more details as you can see. Now, Select both layers, then, Right-click and Merge Layers. With your image layer selected, go to Filter, then, Sharpen, and choose Unsharp Mask. keep Amount below 150%. and Radius between 2 to 3. with 0 Threshold. Now, we have prepared our image very well! Let’s apply the oil effect to it. With your layer selected, go to, Filter, Stylize, then choose Diffuse. Change Mode to Anisotropic, and click OK. You may see some imperfections in your image. We want to apply Diffuse filter about 3 to 5 times to give us a good effect! To handle this problem, every time you wanna apply the diffuse filter, you should rotate your image 90 degree. This looks like applying Diffuse Filter from different angles! As you can see, the shearing lines has disappeared Rotate again. Apply the Diffuse filter again! Rotate again. Apply the filter again! Rotate again. Apply the filter again! Now, We applied the filter 4 times, in 4 different angles. Let’s see what we have done! Great! Now, with your layer selected. Go to Reduce Noise Filter. Increase Smooth to 10. and keep all other values 0. This will make the skin more smoother. Click & hold on the preview, to check the result! Let’s sharpen our image again. Go to Filter, Sharpen, Unsharp Mask This will give us some extra details. Keep amount below 100. Keep Radius 2. and Threshold 0. Rename the layer to anything you want. Press CTRL+J, to duplicate the “Oil Painting” layer. Then, with the duplicated layer selected, go to High Pass Filter. Keep radius 2. and hit OK. Change Blend Mode to Overlay. Rename it, “Details”. Now, with the top layer selected, Press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E, to merge all layers into a new layer. Rename it “Tone”. Now, go to Image, then, Auto tone. You can decrease opacity to control the tone density. Let’s see what we’ve done! Great! Let’s add some extra colorful lights! Create a New layer. Rename it, “Lights”. Pick the Brush Tool. and change the foreground color to something like this. Now, Increase Brush Size with the Square Bracket Key “]”. Then, click to paint with the brush edge, like this. Change Foreground color again. Paint on the left side. Now, Change Blend Mode to Overlay. Change Layer Opacity to control the “Lights” density. Let’s see the final Result! Great! Please don’t forget to LIKE the Video! And SUBSCRIBE for more free tutorials! Thanks For Watching!


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