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November 17, 2019

Friends, we are the best photographers, the Kings and Saint’s are great fans of ours. Oh my god!! How come, the King knows you? Look here the Kings photo, we were invited by a messenger to click the photo. We went in Dr Jhatka’s time machine and clicked King’s photo. Right Patlu? Yes, kindly have some sweets. Look here King Akbar’s photo and Akku’s photo. We went in a time machine. Oh my lord! Who is Akku? King Akbar’s pet name is Akku. King insisted that we should also call Akku. So, where was I ? Be where you are, don’t go any further. Look here, Anarkali’s photo. We sat in the time machine and Salim arrived there with Anarkali. He requested us to click Anarkali’s photo. So we clicked her photo. And then we sat in to the time machine and. Santa came to you and you clicked that photo, right? Yes big brother, that’s an interesting story. It happened in a such a way that. Patlu, have you finish distributing the sweets? Its done. So lets begin friends. Yes, since so long, he is fooling us. Don’t let them go. Hey, wait! Do you think we are fools, you fooled us by showing king’s photo. You showed us your photo as King Akbar’s. You and your big mouth got us in this beating. Couldn’t you just shut your mouth. Boxer brother, you stand still, don’t move. You shall be glad, when I show you the photo. Once the king Akbar. Shut up or else I will beat you. Ok, get the lights closer. Closer!! More close!! Fast, click the photo. Get the light more close. How much closer? My cheek is burning in the light, what else do you want to burn? Motu, where is the camera ? Click this beautiful scenery. Camera is left down. What a camera man you are? We will visit this place again. If we click this picture and apply for the international competition, then we can win 1st prize. Lets go down. Aah!! My back!! Motu I took the camera , you hold the lights. I won’t spare you both. Hey, my wig!! I want to click a picture of Don. Don? The entire world’s police is searching for him? Its impossible to catch the Don. Please go some where else, otherwise the police will come here. I am not talking about that Don, I am talking about this Don, My dog’s name is Don. He is damn good in acting, I wish to make him an actor. Haha!! This dog and actor? Does a dog can act? Haha!! Why is he biting us? Don’t dare to laugh at my dog, can’t stop his anger and its impossible to control it, come on, click the photo. Ok Don brother, sit down quietly. Don brother, when I say smile, then smile. Ok? Don, please stop. Madam, why did Don bite us? Never call him brother, his brother has harassed him a lot. He gets angry with the word Brother. Come on say sorry fast. We want to say sorry but where is he? He is right behind you. Help!!! Haha!! Motu you are scared of such a tiny dog, haha!! Don, one more step and you shall get beatings from me, run away from here. In front of you master lady, we could say nor do anything, here we would not spare you. What happened my child? Why are you crying? I am such a small and disciplined dog , these two men’s are biting with the stick. Come on friends lets show them, we don’t spare, if our kids are beaten up. He indeed is a great actor. Beware if you even try to beat this dog again. He is an actor and a dancer too. All the dogs are gone, lets teach him a lesson. Now where would you go ?How would you get saved? We will teach you a lesson now. I am too bad, I am a beast, I should be punished, I will do it myself with the stick. Motu, get ready to run. I am ready. You are here and I was searching you all over the city. Motu Patlu, how is your photo shop business? Hey, swear on my patients, no!! Tell me, why are you hitting me? We hate the name photo shop. Oh my lord!! We directed the lady customer with dog to your shop and you are beating us only. Don? Haha!! Why are you laughing like this? We hate the name Don too. Come on Motu, its time to take the revenge. Oh my lord!! Mummy!! Help!! Motu Patlu, what is this line and crowd for? You all don’t know, Motu Patlu has won the international competition award. My Don got a role in the film, so eat the sweets. Oh my lord!! I have 20 years experience to click the photos and the award is won by Motu and Patlu.


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    I like this cartoon so mucHhhhh

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