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Photo Editor – How to use Canva to make photos & graphics for your Newsletter, Blog & Social Media

August 10, 2019

Hi I’m Tricia Clements Chief fur Wrangler
with I am a social media content creator
for pet businesses. In this video, I’m going to talk to you
about different ways to create great photos and graphics
to use to share in your newsletter, in your blog and also on social media. Make sure you stay tuned to the end
because I have a free download of my top seven places that I like to go
to get free images to use. What they’re called is, CC-0 images. The first thing I like to do
is find different images and I have that download for you. I’m going to tell you
where you can get that at the end but the first place I like to use it pixabay, that’s my favorite place to go to
for free images that you can make any adjustments
or changes to and you don’t have to put
any attributions on it. That’s the first place I’d go,
then the second thing I do, is I use canva. Canva is a free online service
that you can make all different sizes, make all changes to those images
and I’m going to show you now how I do that. I have an account,
you can create a free account, sign up with Facebook, Google
or an e-mail account. It is free to have one,
they also have upgraded accounts as well. We’ll have a list of different images
that you have previously done if you have any but you can go in and select what size you want. It has the social media, Facebook, Instagram, let’s see Pinterest. All different sizes already in here for you. The other thing that’s great here at the top
it says use custom dimensions, if one of these doesn’t suit
you can use a custom dimension. Let’s go ahead and I’m going to do
an Instagram post. I just downloaded that image,
I’m going to use that. What I did was I just uploaded the image here, I selected the image that I have
then uploaded it. Then what I just did was clicked on it
and dragged it over to where we’re going to create our image. I’m just using the mouse to resize it, and then I can just drag it over as well
to center it, then you’re going to add some text to it,
that is over here, on the far left. I’m just going to add something quick,
I clicked on that, it popped up over here on my picture
and you can just start typing. You can put any number of things,
sometimes I use quotes, sometimes I just type something cute
that I want to put on there. What I am doing is just resizing it, but you can highlight this and then go up here, change the font size, you can also change the font. Let’s see, I’m going to– Okay and then maybe do
a little bit larger font, you can also change the color. See if another color looks better, you can pick one of the colors that are here
or you can click here and select off of a color wheel or if you know the code
you can put that as well. If you have different color schemes
for your business, you can use that as well. You can also see how it has a rather large spacing. You can also go up here and change the spacing and just make that a little bit smaller, then one thing you can do
you notice how you can center it, there it is centered. The other thing is if you want to
add elements to it over here on the far left, you want to add a shape, let’s say, you use this shape here,
I’m just going to click on it, it will put it here, then I’m going to the far right
where it says Arrange, I’m going to put it back one, then the color of my text was white, I’m going to change that
and maybe do a different color, green, Then I can take that. I’m clicking back and forth
between the shape and the text. What I can do is if I click on the shape there
and I go up here to the far right transparency, it’s at 100. I can change the transparency so that you can read the text
but you can see the image behind it. One thing that you may want to do. This can be made larger and moved and there you see
where it’s centered a little bit. Then because of that the spacing
might want to be a little bit. Okay, then the next thing I like to do is add my logo. You just make it smaller, put it wherever you want to place it. Let’s see, let me make this
a little bit more transparent. It’s a little bit more transparent. Then you can just up here, you can download it, or you can where it says,
it typically will put in the title of it. That will be what the first text usually is, you can change that here if you like.
I’m just going to leave that for now. Then you can click on download
and download your image. You can type in what type of image you want it to be
and then download that. Once it’s downloaded you can save that and then you can find it
and post that on your social media. The great thing that I do like about Canva
is the fact that– I’m going to go back to the front here, you can make all different sizes. If you’re using doing a Facebook post,
a Twitter post, if you’re doing a blog,
and you want a blog title of different size. All kind of different sizes
that you can use with Canva which I love. The other thing that’s really great,
let’s say I’m going to do a Facebook post, of all of these three things
over here on the left, you can really just pick something from here. Change that, then put your logo on it. There you go, that didn’t take very long at all. There is an image you can do
in just a couple of seconds you already had all of the information here
for you. You can just pick from one of these,
you just click on it. They already had the text in there.
Just change it to what you want to say. Add your logo,
delete anything you don’t want on there and simply download it. That’s a really fast way to do
if you want to do a social media, post really quick and don’t have a lot of time, there are some quick and easy things
you can do right there. Now for my bonus tip. Sometimes you go to places
that have the free images and you can’t exactly find really
what you’re looking for. You’re looking for some images
that maybe aren’t as expensive as some of the other places
that cost a lot of money. One of the places I like to go is
depositphotos and you can–
a lot of times they’ll have special deals, so it’s a great thing to do to sign up for them. Sometimes they’ll have special deals where you can get pictures
for as low as a dollar. They have some great images in there. That is one of the places
that I like to go to to use that. As an alternative if I want an image
and I can’t find anything in the different free cc-zero image locations that I like to check. I have a free download for you,
you can click it in the description below. It is the top seven places I like to go
to get my free cc-zero that’s creative common zero photos. They’re free to use and make modifications to. I hope you enjoyed this video, please click the like button,
share it with your friends and subscribe. I’m Tricia Clements Chief fur Wrangler
with Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video.


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