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Photo Editing 2018 | Camera Apps 2018 | Must have Apps

August 6, 2019

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in the must-haves application is the photography and camera apps of 2018
to watch this entire video and so that you don’t miss out on any of these
applications they’re really helpful for you so the first application on a listed
HD camera application let’s check it out so this is how the app icon looks like now let’s find out the interface and you
can apply various frames to our images while taking pictures you can check out
over here and just if you want to remove them press clear you can also apply
various filters to images see the background is changing you can click
your photos also in portrait mode by just focusing on the objective one to
select moving on you can see the setting over
here you can change the general settings as well as the forth of on 2d quality
quarter HD HD full SD n 2k as well as the camera position from the setting you
can do so that’s all guys about this app let’s move on to the second app in this
category let’s move on with the second application in our lives that is the
b612 let’s check it out okay now moving on to the next application that is so
b612 let’s open the app and check what it has nice this this app is really
smooth and has a good autofocus setting there’s lot of I think you can yeah you
can adjust the aspect ratio that is 6 6 is 2 9 is 216 3 is 2 4 1 by 1 and
different mode of friendships it also has a lot of different filters which you
can address your there’s the entire setting of it the huge list of
adjustments which you can do in this app let’s go with the original as of now ok
and it also gives you facilities like my removing of video adding music to a
video and the boomerang it also has stickers you can put apply stickers to
your photographs something cool something different
the flash auto flash setting over and let’s check out what else oh there is a
touch setting which will like with touch you can take a picture let’s go into the
settings and see high resolution mode middle mode it also saves the location
where you taking your pictures the b612 marker that’ll be the watermark okay so
let’s go ahead and click out take a few pictures we are you can adjust the exposure
this is tap to set the focus you can directly share the photographs
from girl adjust the ratio how you wanted after picking the photograph also
so that’s a good feature I’d give this like a good four point two out of five
which is a pretty decent because of its flexibility and the smoothness on the
application so now let’s move on to the next steps now moving on to the third
application on a little it’s called as sweet selfie and let’s find out how it
works so now the third application on our list is sweet salty so this is how
the app looks like and this for sure is already girls out there and this is our
table you can check out your aspect ratios many they should have been given away
the most important feature of predators take it out over here also there is this
specific pizza which is a beautiful button when you can select the level of
your beautification which you want to apply on your image coming back you can
make collage over here this application itself you can also put
various effects through your images see where your filters there are many
filters where then the stickers which you can apply to our click photos and
then the photo booth see there are lots and lots of them
so now let’s click a picture over here let’s focus it on the flower and here we
go that’s all about this up guys so that’s all guys for today’s video of
must-have camera applications I hope you guys like this video and if you did
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