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November 18, 2019

hi In’utu – here welcome to my channel
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video. The last video I posted was an update video of my 10 day writing
challenge I spoke about all the different issues that came up, different
challenges that I had. If you haven’t seen the video a link is gonna come
up somewhere up here. In this video I’m just giving a sort of like update on
reading the draft of my thesis. Mind you most of what is in this thesis I’ve been
writing over a couple of years and I definitely noticed that my writing has I
would like to say evolved and my writing style is different so reading some of
the stuff I wrote a couple of years ago for example in my literature review and
then looking at it now there are moments where I first of all cringe and then
secondly I it’s very interesting for me to see where my ideas were on my
research topic and how the literature the literature review that I did is you
see the influences in there of these different ideas towards what argument I
leaned mostly to what I thought was relevant to my work and to my argument
at the time so now reading it all over post doing data collection
analysis is is very interesting for me because there are some things looking
back at them and I’m definitely sure okay this is it be irrelevant anymore or weak argument it doesn’t really work
with the data that I have and I’m not necessarily having to do more of a
literature review I’m relieved about that but I’m definitely having to cut
out certain parts or certain arguments that I have in the thesis because one
either they are not very clear or they’re repetitive or yeah they just the
data has revealed that the argument isn’t so well I’m not as attached or I
as I thought I would be to some of the content in the literature review you
know because you spend so much time painstakingly writing it putting it all
together you know you I like to say I like to think I have a sort of
relationship with the words that are that I put on paper and so cutting them
out it’s not a very easy it’s not a very straightforward process you know to come
to the decision to say well this paragraph may doesn’t work anymore so
delete I’m working with the hard copy of my thesis and I was worried about the
word count I thought oh man I have way too many words but with this editing
that I’m doing a reading reviewing words are being cut out I found like I said I
mentioned before there sorts of things I kept repeating sort of because you know
they were the chapters were we were written in phases when I was working on
chapter one I did that me the arguments are sort of like started to make okay
this thesis is about or this chapter is about XYZ and this is relevant because
so there’s a lot of that repite mainly because you know when you write not only
for yourself to read but for someone else to read you want to give them you
want to lay a foundation when it tell them the story you want to tell them
where the argument is coming from and then also this consistency in in terms
or the use of abbreviations for example that needs to be consistent anyway so
that’s just a little general overview some specific detail that I can give ok
my thesis is currently at 97 thousand words I mean I never thought I would get
there no I mean I’m over my word limit I’m supposed to have 80,000 words for
this thesis and I’ve been writing and putting different chapters away and
saying okay this is done moving on to the next and it was definitely a
surprise that I had so many words and I haven’t yet looked at my results chapter
yet again but I think there’s also definitely calls for the word count to
be high because of my data chapters I have lots of quotes that I’m using in
the data chapters and some course of bdbd big and I just get what’s really
really relevant oh yeah and that’s probably going to that’s probably going
to take me a while anyways I just thought I could just give a quick update
reading through work that you’ve been writing over the years sort of like at
the end bid it and you know you see sort of like
the bigger picture you I can see how very naively I put across
certain ideas how limited my my academic writing language was and I’ve seen how
the most recent chapters are definitely very different from let’s say the
chapter that I brought for my literature review a couple of years ago and then
trying to come concretely put together my arguments in the results chapters
there’s there’s definitely an evolution or a change I don’t know I don’t know if
that’s the exactly the right expression but it’s it’s it’s one thing that’s
definitely difficult is getting words cut from the thesis you know I really
wonder what to other people do when they when they have this this moment where
they have to get rid of words or work that you grow it or you know you see a
quote and you ask yourself why is this quote here doesn’t really work it’s not
really making sense and another thing also I have had to
sort of like either put restructure chucked restructure chapters and
mmm-hmm that was a bit scary but you know I’ve read everything and the new
structure and the new outline I’m hoping that it works I’m hoping that it makes
sense but then again it’s my work and you know I feel I understand it it’s
just I’m getting someone else to read it and confirm that they understand what’s
going on which is something that I intend to do after all of this reading
and me editing I intend to give the thesis to someone else to proofread
because there might be things no Mike there might be no there are things I’m
sure I’m not spotting I’m not seeing I’m not seeing whether or not things are
making sense or they you know the order that I put them in it’s helpful to make
sure regions which are my supervisor my internal examiner and my external
examiner I do not imagine more people who want to read my work so yeah it’s
it’s it’s interesting I’m I’m really excited I was very worried that I
wouldn’t have any work at some point to call almost complete thesis so looking
at what I have I just have to finish reading through edit what I’ve got and
then sort out conclusions it feels it feels good to say that because for a
while there I thought oh my god I don’t think I’m gonna be able to to do this so
that’s that about the thesis reading it’s in there’s a hard copy that I’ve
been reading and I’m continuing to miss but anyways that’s that for now the next
update video will be up I guess in two weeks again I can’t do weekly videos
thesis responsibility is parenting responsibilities yeah I just
don’t have time but yeah thanks for watching if you’ve stayed this long and
you’ve heard me you ramble on about my thesis and how it’s going and you
haven’t subscribed what are you doing come on subscribe please subscribe and
yeah share the video comment I really would like to hear your perspective on
your work and where you are with your thesis and yeah bye until the next one


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    Well done! Cant wait to read it!

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    Good work! All the best with your thesis.

  • Reply In'utu J. Mubanga August 17, 2018 at 11:28 am

    You can watch more videos here:


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    Best of luck…

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    We Want to read as soon as possible….am i right ?

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    When you published then will give comment me the link . thanks and good luck

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    Hello MUM, Will be waiting for reading .. Kindly mail to [email protected]

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    Thanks a lot MUM. Hope you will inform me.

  • Reply Raymond Rudder August 21, 2018 at 5:51 am

    Great stuff my friend! Peaked my interest. Wishing you success with the thesis

  • Reply Mr Mutumwa November 1, 2018 at 8:53 am

    What progress have you made? Will you be submitting soon?

  • Reply Liz Ndegwa January 18, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Oh wow! Beauty and brains. Very neat. It's so nice to meet you. I've added you as well. Thank you for your kind words🙏 One of my best friends is Mubanga as well from Zambia. I almost asked him if you're family.

  • Reply Black & Red Robin April 11, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    Editing a PhD sounds like a lot of work…OMG! Kudos to you.

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    Writing a thesis is tough tough work! I can’t even imagine trying to do that! Good luck to you! You can do it!

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