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Paano Kumita ng $30 to $200 sa – Online Jobs (pt1)

October 30, 2019

Okay, Homemates, in this video, we’ll talk about part-time to full-time online jobs or freelancing where you can earn more and more consistent online income. This is what I really recommend to my viewers. Hi guys, is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the Subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads. Okay, homemates, the website is Lots of you have requested for this video about what I can say about this. There are lots of bad things like scammers. But there are still legit ones. Let’s it’s about 80:20 ratio. 80 legit and 20 not legit. In this video, we’ll talk about Make sure to watch my videos including this video from start to end. We’ll give out tips on how to avoid scams and how to have a higher chance to get a legit job here., homemates, is a freelancing website. Clients are posting jobs here. They have tasks for you to do and us freelancers can browse jobs or tasks that we can do here for us to have income online. We will divide this freelancer video to 3 parts. 1st part is about contests. This is the contest I’m referring to. The proof of payment we showed earlier was from here. 2nd part is about projects. It can be per hour prjects or fixed price. Part 3 is how to find jobs here or whatever task you can do here. And also, how to find legit jobs here in We’ll do the part 2 if this video reaches 300 likes. Let’s go with the first part. Let’s go to browse then contests. These are the contests they have here. These are what you call contests. What are these contests? There will be a client here for example, my wife will be the client, and she needs a logo or picture, design, brochure or anything she needs, so she will start a contest here at She will select a prize for it. For example here, $30 or $50. If the prize is $50, once you start a contest, freelancers will submit their entries like pictures or whatever you are asking for, they will submit here. Whoever you choose from the pool of entry, will get the $50 or whatever prize you set it to have the winner will get it. That’s the basics of the contests. There will be a client and that client will choose a winner. We’ll explain it further in this video. Let’s go to proof of payment first that really pays. Actually homemates, really pays. There are just clients that finds a way to scam people. But itself really pays 100%. This is a sample of our proof of payment. First of all, thanks to sir Arvin. He shared his proof of payment to us. He’s the one joining the contest and wins occasionally. So here is the sample. He joined “Create a logo for a London-based church”. He was chosen and you see it says, “Price awarded” For 90 GBP. GBP means Pound is higher than dollars. 1 GBP is equal to 64.86. They have a fee of 10% that’s GBP, or Sterling Pound, or Pound. That’ll be less automatically and he got 86 This one says “Debit from currency conversion” “Credit from currency conversion” he converted 81 GBP to PHP. When the peso is already in his account, he withdrew it. He used express withdrawal so that’s bank to bank. We were just not able to show the online banking or PayPal because it’s direct to bank. Right now, there are 998 results number of contest running here at Most of the contest I see here is about graphic asking for brochures, design, or asking for logos. But there are some it’s 80% about graphics or photoshop anything about designing then 20% about videos or other types of task it can be article writing there are some jobs like that too. But like what I said, most that I see here are more about graphics and other designing task. So you already know it’s about photoshop and video, don’t leave yet. Photoshop, designing, video editing are called skills. Skills that you should learn. Once you learn that, logo designing task like these and also this animated presentation once you learn those things, only upgrading skills you already know how to do that in the future contests not only contest it can be an actual project too you will learn about that along the way so you can now do that. Like what I said, don’t leave yet just because you don’t know what it is If you can remember, we have a video about Ms. Jozel that’s the card on top she’s more on Photoshop and designing that’s her niche. Another one is Mimi although there’s no real estate here, she’s a real estate VA. Those two people were not born graphic designer or born logo maker Mimi was not born as real estate VA, These skills can be learned. So if you hear those terms again, don’t think right away that you can’t do it. Although when it comes to Photoshop, I cannot teach you that skill because I am also not skilled on that. On how to learn Photoshop, although not everyone can do Photoshop it’s not for everyone, Go to YouTube and search how to use Photoshop. “Photoshop CC 2019 Full Tutorial for Beginners” General review in 17 minutes. Adobe Photoshop tutorial Basics for Beginners in 36 minutes. And you will learn Photoshop. It’s free to learn these skills. You can go to YouTube and search How to use Photoshop How to do video editing Although in video editing, I can teach you about the basics Click the Like button or comment down if you want me to teach you basic video editing. Working as a video editor, you can earn $4 to $10 per hour. I know someone in FreeeUp who earns $12 per hour in video editing. My wife is just a newbie but she can earn as much as $5 to $8 or even $9 per hour with her current video editing skills. So here, you will learn about the basics The other contests here are just requiring the basics, sometimes advanced. Once you learned the basics, you just need additional knowledge and other tools that you can use. Don’t get me wrong, that Photoshop is just as easy It’s not easy. It’s not very easy but can be learned. That’s the point. That whenever you hear Photoshop or video editing, you ignore it right away. Just because you think that you can’t do it, not like that. It takes time. There are lots of contest and works that you can qualify Photoshop and video editing. The reason I have them as samples is because these are what I usually see here in the contests here. Let’s go back to the contest. We always go out of topic but let’s go back to the contest. These are the contest. 1st contest, 2nd contest, 3rd contest. Another contest, another contest. These are the contests. Number one that I’m suggesting is to click on the quaranteed ones. It will filter out the quaranteed contests. Mostly about logo, logo. I need an invitation for media sharing. Mostly about graphics and photoshop. Here, you will see the title of the project. Also the description of the task. Time: Active, means the contest is currently running. A month remaining, meaning there’s still one month the contest will still be running for a month. There are 8 entries. Meaning, 8 freelancers or 8 jobs were sent. Entries are the actual jobs and not just samples. Actual entries for the contest. This the client review of the one who runs the contest. He has 77 reviews and got five star overall. It’s to either contest or job. He got a 5 star rating out of 77 reviews. For sample purposes, let’s click one. Let’s click this for example. It’s just an easy task. This is our sample. I’m not saying that this project is good because I am wondering what outcome the project owner wants here But since this is easy, we’ll use it so we can show you the inside to show you a sample of the inside Just read the description about the instruction on what he wants to achieve Their website is here too Also, the pictures that you will use or all that you can based from, it’s here. So here it says render and upload in 4k and do not replace the original sound. All about the instructions. Description: files attached these are attachments you can add to the picture or to the video This one is an audio These three are all audios that you can add to the video you are editing. Supported submission file types. MOB, MPEG, FLV, AVI Those who already know video editing, these are the file types So in his lifetime, he has 77 five-star reviews for the past 12 months: 52 | past 3 months: 9 five-star So based on the reviews, he’s more likely a good client. And another one is location homemates, I cannot be a racist here especially this is on YouTube but better if you avoid some countries choose United States, Canada, United Kingdom Those that we call as first world countries Also Australia and United States Choose clients from these countries The rest, be careful. Again, the contests you should prefer joining should be the ones guaranteed. Another indicator is the one that says Made a Deposit From what I know, clients can’t start contest if they have not deposited funds to start the contest For example here, $15 He can’t start the contest without the $15 on the account. Another example, Others here are for $100 and guaranteed, they can’t start if they don’t have $100 on their account. So you already know these three: fully verified, profile, and email verified If it says “It’s not payment verified” that’s not about the contest it’s about their account if they’ve linked their credit card here or debit card and able to verify it Same with how we verify our PayPal but it’s not about the contest the important thing here is it should be guaranteed and “Made a deposit” The reason why I am recommending “Guaranteed” contest so guaranteed contest, you are guaranteeing that you will pick a winner and award the price money If ever he did not choose a winner after 30 days that the contest has ended, the prize money will be automatically distributed among the qualified entries So that’s important so you should join contests that are only guaranteed. It’s indicated at the top too Open means it is still running. Still with 4 weeks and 1 day remaining. Here in you will see entries from other who submitted. Here in the entries, you will see other’s submission that other freelancers submitted. These are sample of the edit pics You can play that once you click on each and we can see what others have submitted. This one that says “Buy” that’s the freelancer Below, you can ask questions here and also comment you can also talk to the contest holder through this. Other freelancers can also see your conversations here. So here you will see their conversation Let’s click on “Submit my entry” Describe your entry and whatever you need to say License content declare any stock content to avoid penalty this entry is entirely my own This entry contains elements I did not create. Homemates, in photo editing and video editing, there’s what we call stock photos and stock videos this means that there are websites where you can dowload and you can use them for free just Google copyright-free images and add it here If all elements are made by you, choose entirely my own. If it contains element you did not create those that have stock images and copyright-free images that are from other websites, just click here and add the stock name and also the link. Sometimes, there are stock images that are not free but the owner can buy just click here Check this is the owner needs to pay for it. Meaning, once he made the decision, he can consider that, if he still wants to pay since you add some that you do not own. That’s also possible Just put it here make sure to indicate it correctly if it’s just you who made it all or you used stock images This entry sell price if you add $10 that means if the holder chose another winner but he liked your entry he can buy your entry in the price that you indicated here which is $10 That’s jsut a sample you can make it $50 or even $100 It’s up to you on what price you want here add files, here you will add the files drag your file here add files there Promote my entry By the way if you register here in I am not recommending for you to get a plan or anything where you need to pay even their free trial no need to get their free trial Go staright creating an account fill out your profile no need to get the free trial and those where you will need to pay anything. The only rule here as long as you know how to comprehend read everything that you are filling out and you are agreeing to then you will not be charged here You will not be charged by except for the 10% fee Sign up for free membership let’s not get that anymore so we’ll not pay any to This “Highlight” if you check that you will pay $0.5 Your entry will be highlighted the contest holder can see that but it’s not required the holder will check on everything anyway. “Sealed” if you check that, you will pay $0.5 or around 28 pesos other freelancers won’t be able to see your entry only the contest holder will be able to see it Your file is here already That’s your original work and you agree to the terms and conditions then click on “Submit my entry” There are 9 entries you see and below is your entry Then you can forget about this since a lot has joined, you’re not sure if you will be chosen depends on your output if it will be chosen you’ll be notified if you won here 15 Canadian dollars You’ll automatically get 13.5 because there’s 10% fee from If you were chosen as the winner by the contest holder, there’s a handover process for the transition here, they can request for revision like change of color change of shape or change something on your output After revising, and you submitted it already then they will release the payment to you “Upgraded price awarded for design website, photoshop, e-commerce not develop he got an additional 90 dollars for the same contest The contest holder ask for an additional file or picture from Arvin So 90 AUD for the additional task for Sir Arvin He got 225 AUD in total It’s in the handover process They can ask for an additional work for you which is also paid Revision has no additional payment you are required to give them revision if they requested once it’s in your account you can withdraw it via express withdrawal that’s direct to bank PayPal or Skrill We have a video about that in teh description Another example more on design polarcherm logo how to make a logo in 5 minutes professional logo design how to make logo in pixelab you can’t just learn all these in an hour it can take you 5 hours 10 hours or even 5 to 7 days before you learn all these But once you learned this it’ll be instilled in you and you can use that from there on and just need to upgrade your skill they have a website they are guaranteed and they have deposited for me, if the clients has a website it’s a good sign You can check their website to have an idea better to check their background because how can you make something that you don’t have idea of better to check their company for that These are the entries of the freelancers who joined it’s still open in 2 hours and 31 minutes. A lot have joined the contest that makes it more challenging to win here. It still depends on your work Once you make a logo you’ll exert effort and will still consume time if you don’t win, your efforts will be for nothing. For beginners, this is also a practice for making thins like these Not all of you can earn here and not all of you can learn this and not everyone can do this But once you learned the skills that are needed here not only here that you can use it also in other freelancing websites other personal or direct clients you can use this. This is part 1 of about the contest If this video reaches 300 likes I will create a part 2 which is about the projects, fixed pricing and hourly rates and homemates for our cpu giveaway the code today is Make sure to click the like button if you liked the video Share this to your friends that wants to earn legit online or work at home Comment down below if you have any questions that I can help you with Thank you for watching, homemates. See you next time.

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