OU Campus Image Editor

August 20, 2019

Welcome to the OU Campus video tutorial on the image editor. The image editor in OU Campus allows you to perform actions on an image – such as resize, crop, and rotate. In this example, we will browse to the already uploaded image that we want to edit. From here, you can hover over the edit menu for the image, and click Image. Alternatively, click on the image name. After clicking on the image, it will appear
on the screen in an edit image box. The left menu will present you with the different things you can do to the image. As you can see, this image is too large. We
will need to resize it. To do so, click on resize in the left menu. You will be presented with the current width
and height of the image. To resize the image, type the new width OR height. Notice when we change one dimension, it automatically changes the other dimension. This is because we have the preserve ratio option checked – which is preferred, as
this prevents your image from becoming distorted. After you have typed the new dimensions, click the Resize button. To crop an image, click on Crop in the left
menu. You can choose an aspect ratio for your crop box, or you can leave it at custom, which will give you full control of the height and
width of the crop box. To select the crop area, drag the handles.
Notice it tells me the size of my crop box. Once you have the desired crop dimensions, click the apply crop button. To rotate an image, click the rotate option
in the left menu. Each click will rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise. For various reasons, we do not recommend using the zoom feature. Lastly, the undo feature will undo the last
change you made. After you save an image, you cannot undo the last change before the save. After making changes to your image, make sure to save your changes and republish the image. If you have questions or need further assistance, please call the IT Helpdesk at 270-745-7000 or visit the Helpdesk website at for an online chat session or to submit a request online. You can also visit WKU’s OU Campus self-help site at

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