September 22, 2019

In this video I’ll show you guys how to
apply that orange and teal look commonly known as the Sam colder look to your
photos in Photoshop I will show you step-by-step how to achieve this look.
Also don’t worry if you are using Lightroom because all the adjustments
I’m going to use today you can find them in Lightroom also. You will learn how to
use the camera calibration sliders to achieve the orange and teal look and
then you will learn how to use the tone curves to add a bit of a fill to the
overall image. This is a very easy tutorial and is perfect for beginners. So
without wasting any more time Hey What’s Up Guys
Manav here and with that being said let’s play the intro. so here we are in
Photoshop guys and the first thing you need to do after importing your image
into Photoshop is to make a duplicate of it now to duplicate the background layer
just press ctrl or command G on your keyboard now just rename it to
background copy and just right click on it and convert it to a smart object after converting the layer to a smart
object go to the filters tab and open the image in Camera Raw filter once you are in the camera filter head
over to the camera calibration tab here under the blue primary slide the Blues
you to negative 100 this will automatically kinda give you
the orange in teal look now in the red primary slide the rates due to positive
40 and reduce the saturation to about negative 15 this will give you the
orange look by the way these settings are not fixed and you can always
experiment with the settings to get the desired look after that head over to the
tone curves and here in the tone curves if we make a point on the middle and
drag it upwards it will brighten the image and if we drag it downwards it
will darken the image that’s a very simplified way of looking at it I hope
you will understand this easily for the feted loop simply drag the bottom left
node towards the center like this this will brighten up the dark parts of the
image and give it a bit of a faded look now you can adjust some basic settings
to make the photo look even better simply lower the temperature of the
image and just change the basic settings according to the image and here you can see the before and
after and that’s pretty much it guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if
you did then make sure to leave a like and a comment and also subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t so you my friend don’t miss any updates and with that
being said i’m maanna and i’m signing out peace

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