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Open a New Premiere Pro Project on an Older Version! New PP Project on Older version, no software!

February 12, 2020

Hey guys my name is Scoby today I’m gonna be showing you how to open up a new Premiere Pro project file on an older version of Premiere Pro So when you try to open up a new Premiere Pro project file you might get this error in Premiere Pro saying this project was saved in a newer version of Premiere Pro and could not be opened in this version I’m gonna be showing you step-by-step how to fix this we will not need to use another PC We will not need to re export as an XML file because that has given me a lot of trouble in the past in this case all we need is the Premiere Pro project file, and I’m gonna be showing you how to fix it right now So I will mention before jumping into this you are going to need 7-zip 7-zip is a free extraction software I’ll leave a link to this in the description down below Download and install the version that most suits for your PC and get that installed after this we’re just gonna be affecting our project so The first thing I’ll be doing is making a copy of the project that is from the new version of primary Pro Now this is really just a backup in case you need to go back to the original file But in this case we’re just gonna be copying and pasting by clicking ctrl + C and ctrl + V or cmd + C in cmd + V if you’re on a Mac and were going to be using our copied version And we’re gonna rename it to downgrade Now the reason we do this is just so we know which project we’re working with and we won’t have to worry about seeing copies and stuff and we’re gonna be naming this project to downgrade just so we know which project we’re going to be using Once you have this done. We’re gonna be right clicking We’re gonna be going to 7-zip and we’re gonna be extracting here Now we’re gonna be extracting the files from our actual Premiere Pro project And you’re gonna be left with two files from this You’re gonna be left with an actual downgrade file And we’re gonna be left with the actual Premiere Pro project So in this case we’re gonna be focusing on the actual downgrade file And we’re gonna be opening up this downgrade file with any text editor you want In this case I’m going to be opening it up with notepad but of course any text editor you want to use in your case is fine We’re gonna open this up once you open up to downgrade file. you’re gonna notice we’re gonna have thousands and thousands of lines of code in this case we’re looking for the fourth section sections are broken up with these brackets You can see that, there’s a triangle bracket at the start and finished We’re looking for the fourth section so we have one two three, and then we have the fourth section here I’m gonna be coming over on it slightly and in our fourth section at the very end of the string, we’re gonna notice that there’s a version equals and inside this version there’s gonna be a number inside the two curly brackets We’re gonna be changing this version number to one and we’re going to be saving the file by clicking ctrl + S We’re gonna go to file and save depending on whatever editor you’re using And we want to X this file off So now we’re gonna be bringing this downgrade file into 7-zip to add it to an archive So what you wanna do is right click the file hover over 7-zip. We’re gonna be clicking add to archive from here From here You can rename your downgrade file if you wish I’m gonna keep it name downgrade for now and we’re gonna be setting the archive format to gzip and you want to keep all other settings on this actual file to be exactly the same as mine right now Once you’ve already set up we’re gonna be clicking ok so once you’ve this method complete we’re gonna be left with a downgrade.gz file We’re gonna change the extension from a .gz to a .premier Pro project file so we want to do is double click in here to rename it we’re gonna be naming it .prproj which is a dot Premiere Pro project extension you want to click enter to allow this You may get a warning saying this file may become unusable what you want to do is click OK click yes and your project will change to a primary Pro project file so now if we’re trying to open up our new-made downgrade file that has the number 2 brackets because it’s the second Premiere Pro project You’ll notice that our Premiere Pro project will open Now you will have to remake a file because this is from an older version So we’re gonna have to make it from a new version of Premiere Pro So give the file whatever name you want, so you can rename it remade version and you can give it a day or whatever you want to call it click enter in this case the other PC I was using this project on had a different type of GPU so it’s just saying it’s gonna switch to the different type so you want to click OK and your project will open I’m not gonna bother re linking any of these files in this case because it will take too long So I’m just gonna click cancel, but you’ll see the project will open up fully I have all the titles and all the bins of my original video I also have all my sequences and everything is set up in the correct order So as you can tell everything works the sequences are still here all the files are still in the correct order on the actual timeline The only thing is I’m not gonna relink the actual files right now But of course they’re really easy to relink, and this even works across OS’s the actual new version of Premiere Pro I was using was from a Mac version But all you have to do is do this method and it will work across OS’s It will work across versions, and it works really really well but anyway guys if you enjoyed your story be sure to drop a like subscribe if you’re new check out the other videos on the Channel I’m also gonna leave my paypal link down below if you want to support the channel if you find these videos helpful I’d really appreciate it it would really support me anyway guys, thank you so much for watching next time as always Keep it saucy Peace


  • Reply Scoby Tech February 26, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    UPDATE! So, for those users who are running Mac's and wanted to do this method I finally got my hands on a mac again to make this same video, but with some alternative mac compatible software but it is essentially the same method! You can find that here:

    Mac Version:

    Secondly, I wanted to thank everyone who liked and commented on this video I did not expect such a big amount of support on this video. It was just something I came across and had to share it but I am happy to be able to help so many others!

    Not trying to pan handle with this last part but I do plan to continue to make high quality, helpful videos like this in the future and want to keep the channel active! So, if you wish to help me out for these tips I am also going to be linking my paypal here and in the description if you feel like helping a content creator out!


    Also, if you want to request any tutorials feel free I will get around to them once I can!

    Thanks again for the support!

    Much Love,
    Scoby <3

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