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Old PhotoShop 0.63 Beta Test Drive – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures

February 23, 2020

– [Krazy Ken] And there it goes. You can see it quickly overtaking the city with a green toxic haze. Everybody is gonna die now. Bon appa-tit. Well, shit (laughing). The disk is full. Oops. Oh, yeah, that’s beautiful. (beeping) (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys, how are you all doing? Really that’s just great. I’m doing pretty great today too because we have a fun little project that has been given to us today. We need to make a couple little
things inside of PhotoShop. But as part of an experiment, we need to make these projects
inside of PhotoShop .63 Beta. We’re talking software from 1988. Running on this Macintosh
TV with a 68K processor and eight megabytes of RAM. Oh boy, this is going to be good. Here we go. System 7.1. The software is from 1992. The operating system. And PhotoShop is from 1988. There we go. Eight megs of memory. So as you can see if
have System 7 configured with some color and an extended Apple menu and stuff like that. If you wanna see some more
Macintosh TV shenanigans, do check out the other
episodes I have for you. But for today, let’s have
some fun in PhotoShop. The icon was actually a PhotoShop. Let’s go to the about. Here we go, PhotoShop .63 from 1988. Thomas Knoll. All right, let’s do some stuff. So it’s been a while since I’ve used this, but I did make a demo video of this many years ago and if
I remember correctly, you have one level of
undo and just one layer. We take that stuff for granted nowadays with our virtual unlimited layers and our history step
backs and all that stuff. But yeah, this was it back then. We can experiment with
making a new document. We can just do like five,
12, by five, 12 here. Now here is something cool I accidentally bumped into a while ago. When you set certain color
settings inside of PhotoShop, that doesn’t always render
solely inside the view port here. Like I set it to a monochrome document. But now the whole Macintosh
interface is monochrome. I guess it was just faster
to compute that way. Oh, that’s a zoom in tool. Okay, now we know that. Now I’m at 200%. I don’t know how to undo that. Okay, zoom out, oh, command minus. That’s pretty common nowadays. Select foreground color. Well that’s a lot of black. Let’s brighten this up to, there we go. There’s our colors. Oh this must be out of a 16-bit value. Oh, yeah, I was thinking it was 8-bit. But yeah, 65535. 16-bit. I can like paint. I can like do that. Oh man, yeah, if you go too fast, you’re gonna get a lot of
polygonal results there. Okay, let’s undo that. But as you can also see
there’s some dithering there with our limited color palette. And I’m guessing, yeah, we’re in RGB. Because yeah, like I see, I think you double click it. Yeah, that’s right. Okay, so if we wanna
make the brush bigger, we can change the shape. We can change the pressure. A lot of controls. I mean, we’re talking a 1988 program. I mean, this is, this is pretty cool. And it does support color capabilities. So now we can do like some
airbrush strokes there. Look at that. All right, so let’s not
save our masterpiece. Let’s say we need to
edit an existing picture. I’m sure I have some pictures on here. Maybe even some screenshots from when I was experimenting with the, the TV features on this computer. Because it does double as
a TV which is pretty cool. And if you take a screenshot
while you’re in TV mode, you actually screenshot
whatever the TV is displaying. Which is pretty cool. And I think I have some pictures of that. They’re not really labeled. And thumbnail previews
weren’t really a thing so, let’s just take a wild guess. Oh, problem parsing the PICT. Okay, well, that was a problem. Let’s do open as. I just did an open. Let’s do an open as. And choose, oh my gosh, well they’re a PICT file I think. Let’s try opening them up as RAW. Oh, rows and columns. Oh. All right well. It’s probably gonna open
up like a piece of shit. Oh yeah, that’s beautiful. (laughing) It’s abstract art guys. That’s all it is. We could take the smudge
tool and probably, oh yeah, we’re actually
smudging that pretty well. Hang on, let’s crank that up a bit. You following me camera guy? Want me to full screen this? Zoom in a bit? Let’s just pretend we’re
editing like a star field. Like this is like a star field here. And, oh yeah, we’re just. Actually that smudge is pretty fast. That’s pretty decent performance considering the circumstances. Actually, that’s actually
kind of entertaining. Move over Kid Pix
Studio, this is the shit. Full screen PhotoShop there man. Yeah, I don’t, I think
we lost some color there. Let’s go to RGB color mode. See if we can get anything out of this. It’s probably still
gonna be black and white. Yeah see, now you definitely see the, that dithering kick in it looks like. So if I go back to, I’m gonna go back to monochrome. I wanna see something here. Discard color information. That’s really interesting. I never really paid attention to that. When we’re in monochrome mode, the shades look smoother. There is significantly less dithering. All right, well let’s close that. Let’s, let’s maybe use
something we can actually edit. So let’s do open as. I believe I have some photos
on here from a Chicago trip. From the premiere. Those were the photos I was
using the premiere demo. Yep, ghosts of cloud gate. Oh no, that’s not right. So let’s open it up as a PICT file. PICT file. Honestly if I couldn’t
hear the hard drive, like I wouldn’t even know it’s
doing something right now. But I know it is. I trust it. There we go. Something’s coming in. It’s painting. And there we go. Look at that. And that actually redraws pretty well. While I’m scrolling around. That actually redraws pretty decently. So let’s zoom out here,
see what we’re looking at. Could not use the smudging tool because it does not work
with index colored images. Well that’s, that makes sense I guess, even though it doesn’t. Let’s switch to RGB mode. The watch spins around. Here we go. And now, let’s smudge the Chicago skyline. Oh yeah. As you can see down here, we’re
working with a two megabit document right now,
which is pretty intense. There we go, that was
our one level of undo. Let’s do some, let’s do
some cool adjustments. Let’s see, hue and saturation. Okay this part is interesting because remember when I was talking about the color calculation earlier? Well it turns out that when I make an adjustment here you’ll
see that the whole Macintosh interface is adjusting with it. And I guess it was just
faster to compute it that way. But if you hit preview, just the canvas, just the view port will
receive the adjustments. Not the whole Macintosh interface. You can even see the Apple menu up there as being affected by the color adjustment, which is kind of cool actually. Let’s say we make it more
green, and then I hit preview. If we give it a moment, it will just recalculate
inside the PhotoShop document. And there it goes. You can see it quickly overtaking the city with a green toxic haze. Everybody is gonna die now. That’s not good. Say we could do that. Or we can hit cancel. And let it go back. There we go. Let’s zoom this out a little bit. Command, minus button. Filter, Blur, Despeckle, Find Edges, Gaussian Blur, Calculate,
Blend Modes even. Look at that. Let’s do, let’s see how long it takes to calculate a Gaussian Blur on here. Let’s do a radius of 24. That’s a good sign (laughing). I’m probably gonna melt the
68K inside this poor thing. Oh shit hang on. There it goes. I was trying to abort it by like doing escape or command period but no it actually did it. It actually applied a
Gaussian Blur to our photo. Let’s zoom in there and enjoy the details. Look at that. Yes of course it’s dithering but, you know, that’s what we had back them. I think I zoomed in really far now. It’s a very blurry day
in downtown Chicago. Let’s undo that. And there it goes. So, you know, we don’t really
have any like titling tools inside of here as one might imagine. We’re talking really old software. So we’re gonna have to
draw our title on here. Let’s see what we got
going on with the brush. There we go. There we go, that’s performance. That’ll work. Let’s change the color. Let’s see, we’re going against blue. So, maybe a bit of like an orange. An orange. For contrast sake. C L, we’re making like a little postcard. I’m really like John Maddening
the screen right now. There’s supposed to be a
space there by the way. That’s, that’s a space (laughing). And then some squiggly. Let’s do pink for the heart. And there we go. That’s our little Cloud Gate postcard. Look at that. Oh. Not too shabby, right? Let’s save this out so
we don’t lose our work. Save it as a PhotoShop document. We did have a lot of
different formats here. PixilPaint, QDV, RAW,
MacPaint, CompuServe, JIF. When we wanna send this
to our friends and enemies we can save it as a, as a
PICT file or a TIF I guess. Let’s just save it as a PICT file. Put that on the desktop. Greetings from Cloud Gate. That’s a lot of resolution. We don’t really need 20 bits, 24 bits per pixel. The watch spins around and around. Time keeps on slipping,
slipping, slipping, into the future. I won’t pass up on a decent Steve Miller joke opportunity ever. Here’s what the PhotoShop document icon is by the way. It’s a little film canister with a piece of film sticking out. So yeah, that’s the old icon. So here’s our Cloud Gate postcard. We have two megabits on disk. PhotoShop document. Oh another discovery I just made is that you can actually
perform certain edits while in full screen
mode, which is pretty fun. So like if I do Command-H, I can summon my hue and
saturation adjustments while looking at the
picture in full screen mode, which is pretty cool. Command-M, arbitrary map. I’m guessing that’s something
kind of like curves. Let’s see, I know, let’s see
I think Command-L is levels. If I had to guess. Adjust levels, yep. So we can adjust some brightness and the, shadows and highlights. Ah, I’m not sure familiar with how this particular interface works. Oh yeah, as you can see it’s
adjusting the whole interface. See, it’s adjusting the whole
interface until I hit preview. Oh man, I didn’t even notice that. When you move the window around the affect goes away temporarily. Probably because, probably
because it can’t redraw any motion while the effect is applied. Yeah. That’s what we had to work with. Let’s see if there’s any
other goodies on here. Documents. Pictures. Pictures, pictures, pictures. I’ve no idea what some of
these pictures even are. I’m just gonna randomly guess, because I seriously have no clue. Oh it’s of a PowerBook. How fitting. Well that looks cool. Let’s give it a nice black and white look. Now we could just change the, like the color mode. Or we can be daring and apply a filter. Which, no we can’t actually. For some reason the
filters are blurred out. Oh, because it’s index that’s right. Hang on, let’s set it to RGB. Let’s say we wanna give it a vintage look but we don’t wanna go
full black and white. We maybe just wanna wash it out a bit. So, let’s go to hue and saturation. Bring the saturation way down. Give it some time to calculate. There it goes. And now we can be like, hmm, it’s missing a little something. Maybe like a little, like a sepia. So we can say adjust, let’s go to the hue and saturation again. And we’ll colorize it. And we’ll give it a little bit of a, maybe like a little bit of a tan look. See how that comes out. It probably will look like shit, but. We’ll see. And there it goes. So now it has a bit of
a very kind of brownish, vintagy, sepia look. Beautiful, maw, that’s a masterpiece. And I think that will make
the client very happy. Especially considering we’re doing this on .63 beta PhotoShop. Let’s throw that on the desktop. Bon appa-tit. Well shit. The disk is full. Oops. But we’ll save it with a lot less color. And there we go, mission accomplished. That worked just fine. Let’s quit that. And there we have our
beautiful masterpieces. In fact I put so much work into these, I should really put
them where they belong. There we go. Well that was a lot of fun. Thanks for joining with me. And let me know if you
have any other suggestions for old software you want me to try out. The Macintosh TV and the Macintosh IIci are my new Petri dishes for
experimenting with software on the 68K architecture. Thanks for tagging along. Catch the crazy and pass it on. (upbeat electronic music)


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