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August 28, 2019

[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
EXPECTATIONS: INTRODUCTIONS>>Hi everyone. This is Jian Hao.>>Hi guys!>>Hi!>>He’ll be joining our
company from today onwards.>>Hi.
>>Nice to meet you.>>Nice to meet you.
>>Nice to meet you.>>Oh, can’t wait to work with you.>>Nice to meet you.
>>Can’t wait to work with you.>>Let me show you to your seat.>>Okay REALITY: INTRODUCTIONS>>Hi everyone. Anyway, this is Jian Hao. He’ll be joining us today.>>Hey guys!>>You can you go find yourself a seat.>>Anywhere?>>Just go.>>Okay. Hi guys, can I sit here? Okay.>>Guys! Guys! Guys! Also joining us today, we have Kim!>>Hi. I’m Kim. Hi.>>Alright, let me show you to your seat. Come! Come!>>But I’m new too. EXPECTATIONS: CHOOSING SEATS>>Okay, so you know the client
that just signed with us yesterday? So they actually just sent in
their campaign brief. And this is the–>>Hey ladies. Can I sit here? Oh, yeah. Sure. Anyway, I was telling Kim that this is the quotation that
we gave to the client yesterday. REALITY: CHOOSING SEATS>>Okay, and the target audience
actually includes youth. So the key messages right.>>Move, that’s my seat.>>Okay>>Thank you. Hey guys!
>>Hi! So the key message for
this campaign will actually include… EXPECTATIONS: LUNCH TIME>>Hey man! Wanna join us for lunch?>>Me?>>Yeah.>>Sure.>>So what do you usually do
during your free time?>>Oh, I play a lot of games,
especially in MapleStory M. You guys should try it.>>Yeah.
>>Oh.>>We will.
>>You know what, we will. REALITY: LUNCH TIME>>Hey guys! it’s lunch time.
Wanna go get some food?>>We’re busy.>>Busy? Maplestory? I can join the party as well.>>You know, what?
Why don’t you buy us some food? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah You might want to write this down.>>Okay?>>Okay, let me get a chicken rice,>>Chicken rice.>>Extra breast meat.>>Extra breast meat.>>And iced coffee.>>Iced coffee, okay. And Jasmine?>>I think I’ll just go for chicken rice also.>>Okay, chicken rice. And Kim?>>I guess I’ll get chicken rice too. Alright. Chicken rice for everyone. Very simple.
>>Wait! Wait! Wait! Can I have one fish and chips?>>Okay, fish and chips.>>One latte with nonfat milk.>>Okay, latte. Nonfat milk. All right.>>And can you help me clean
the window on your way out? Thank you. Hey, what level are you guys at?>>Oh, we’re level 70. We’re battling Zakum. You should join our party.>>Sure. EXPECTATIONS: GROUP DISCUSSIONS>>Hey, Jian Hao. What do you think the tagline
for this campaign should be? We just really wanted
to get your perspective since your ideas are
like great all the time.>>Really?
>>Yeah.>>Well, I think– REALITY: GROUP DISCUSSIONS>>Hold on. Let’s go
for a smoke break first.>>But I don’t smoke.>>Ah, okay, then we just
continue this later, okay? Oh, okay>>So anyway, you know the idea…>>It’s so efficient.>>Wait guys. I thought we were going
to discuss about the tagline.>>Ah, we already
discussed about that outside. Teamwork makes the dream works, guys. High five! Man, we are so efficient. Uh, we’ll catch you later? EXPECTATIONS: MEETING THE CEO>>Hey man, could you help me
pass this to Mr. Muthu Raja?>>Mr. Muthu Raja?>>Yep, the CEO. The big boss.>>Okay.>>Yes. Thank you. And I’ll take this off your hands. Thank you very much. Cheers.>>Mr. Muthu Raja. Just be myself. Hi boss, this is for you.>>Wait!>>Yes, boss?>>I saw you playing a
game during lunch time. It looked really familiar.>>Yeah. It’s MapleStory M You can download it on the
App Store or the Google Play Store Links in the description below.>>Oh my god, let me see.>>Yeah, sure. Wow, this looks exactly like
the PC version but on mobile! Even the characters
look exactly the same.>>Alright, so I guess I’m gonna
hit back and work on my report.>>Wait, don’t go! Which server are you on? Let’s play together.>>Alright, sure. REALITY: MEETING THE CEO>>Yes? EXPECTATIONS: DEADLINES>>Guys, I need this report
done by 5:00 p.m. I need to send to the client. They’re chasing me>>Okay. Well, let’s take a look at it. Ah, 20 million project.>>That’s easy.
>>Easy. Nothing. REALITY: DEADLINES So you just tap here
to create your character, And outfit. You should probably put on some clothes. Okay, and confirm.>>Guys, don’t forget.
I need the report in by 5:00 p.m Are you guys playing MapleStory M now? Oh yeah, I finally found you guys. Oh, wow Kim, you look
exactly like a character.>>I mean, I’d better look like myself>>Wait, don’t we have
to hand in the report by 5:00?>>We’ll just tell the clients
we’re in a meeting.>>In a meeting? Is this what you call “in a meeting”? Wait, are you guys
playing MapleStory M?>>All right, are you guys
ready to start the quest? Okay, okay.>>Boss! Boss! Boss! The client is rushing for the report>>If they can’t understand
that we’re having a meeting, how are we gonna have
a successful collaboration? Come on, join the party>>Boss! Boss! Boss!>>Client is here.>>So this is why none of you
have been answered my calls?>>Wait, is that MapleStory M? No Boss, you really don’t understand. They’re in a really important meeting. I think we have to postpone the deadline. Okay. Bye. Hey guys, shall we try
the Zakum Expedition? EXPECTATIONS: HELPING YOUR BOSS>>Guys, I really need your help. I don’t understand how this thing works. So I will need two copies of this, leave them on my desk,
and you know what, call it a day.>>What? Really?>>Yeah, sure.>>Okay. Now, let’s see how do we use this. REALITY: HELPING YOUR BOSS>>Alright guys, I need your help. I need you to help me count
stock for everything here. After that, arrange them
in alphabetical order. After that, arrange them
in pricing and quantity, and then in the location
of the manufacturer, and after all that,
help me bring it downstairs.>>Sorry boss, everything?>>Yep, everything. Cool? Good luck! EXPECTATIONS: LUCK>>Oh my god! Did the elevator stop?>>Yeah, I think we’re gonna
be stuck here for a while.>>No. Oh my god!>>It’s getting a bit hot.
I should probably take this off.>>Yes, let me help you take that off.>>You know what,
I’m getting hot myself. Should I take off my shirt too?>>Yes, let me help you with this.>>Okay.
>>And I’ll put this on auto-battle. REALITY: LUCK>>Oh! Hi Boss! Man, new girl is so hot. Nice job hiring!>>Oh! Hi Dad! Dad? So, MapleStory M has just been launched So download the game now, and use this promo code
to get a special auto-battle item. Links are in the description below,
so download the game now.>>And don’t forget to subscribe!

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