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New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC! Essential Graphics Panel Updates Tutorial

September 3, 2019

Hey everybody and welcome back to Gal
here I’m in Las Vegas at the NAB show and Adobe has released a bunch of cool
updates last week I showed you guys a new content aware fill inside of After
Effects and today I’m going to be taking a close look at the new essential
graphics updates inside of Premiere Pro so if you guys haven’t watched that
other video I definitely encourage you guys to watch it but without further ado
let’s go ahead and jump into Premiere Pro alright everyone we are inside of
the latest version of Premiere Pro and everything I’m about to show you is only
available in the latest version so make sure if you go up to Premiere Pro about
Premiere Pro that you’re seeing version 13 .1 or above and if you do not
have that just be sure to go up to your little Creative Cloud go to your apps
and make sure that you’re updated all right so the first tip I wanted to show
you in the new essential graphics panel update is masking text so you can place
images and video inside of it so to do that first let’s go ahead and make some
new text using the type tool so I’ll just type out Gal here and I’ll go ahead
and just increase the size of it as well as the scale here and then using the
align and transform tools I’m just going to center it in screen now what we’re
going to do is add our video layer inside of the essential graphics panel
so I’m going to click on new layer and then from file and this is where I’m
going to choose a video shot so let’s say we wanted to use this Beach aerial
shot import that and then you will notice that it’s a lower resolution than
my sequence that’s no problem all I’m going to do is just scale it up like so
then I’m going to drag this video underneath the text layer now I want the
video to be inside of the text so what I’m going to do is select the type tool
then down here under appearance select mask with text
and then BAM the video is inside of the text so then this is where we can decide
where we want the video to be within the text so you can select this video shot
and then move it around and tell it’s in the right position that you want so then
when we play it back you can see the video is playing inside of the text now
if you wanted to you can also put a map behind this text so what I like to do is
go down here to new item and select color matte hit OK and then I’m just
going to choose a color and then I’m going to drag and drop that underneath
so now it’s a white background and if you select the text we can add a shadow
so I’m going to increase the transparency up so it’s not quite
transparent and then add some distance and I’m going to darken this up a bit
now the next tip I wanted to show you what this update is the new background
so what I’m going to do is just click on the timeline to create a new graphics
layer and let’s make a lower third here so let’s decrease the size and then
let’s type out just Premiere Gal like so let’s say we wanted to make a
simple lower third let’s just decrease the size a little bit I’m also going to
turn on the safe margins for title safe just to make sure everything is inside
of this inner line so that way if you’re working in TV or broadcast you know that
it won’t get cut off so let’s say we wanted to put a rectangle behind this
before this update we would actually have to go in and create a rectangle
using the rectangle tool but now what we can do is actually just select this type
layer and go down and select background and it automatically creates a
background for you that fits perfectly and you can decrease the size or
increase it to be as close to the text as you like so I think around here looks
pretty cool it’s going to change the color to be a little bit lighter blue
like so and if you want the shadow on the text you can I kind of like the
shadow I’m just going to reduce the distance just a little bit like so so
here we have just a basic lower third title and we don’t have to worry about
pinning the frame to create responsive design because if I was going to change
this text so if I select this text and I was going to type something else like
lower third you can see that it automatically adapts to the text size
and we don’t have to worry about creating shapes so the next update I
wanted to show you is in the wrench tools again we now have show rulers
which is the rulers up in the program panel so you can easily align things
with the use of guides so if you show guides now here if I wanted to create a
guideline for a lower third to always align it I can just pull this over and
same up here I can take this down and let’s say I want my text always be
aligned here all we need to do is go down and snap enable snap in the program
monitor and then when you select this text layer using the selection tool you
if it’s up here you can just bring it down and bam
it snaps right into place it’s like a magnet so you can save these guides as a
template as well so if you go up to view guide templates you can save guide as
template just like that and now when you go up here you can choose lower third
left or if you wanted to enable lower third right which I have here it’ll show
you that particular guide that you have saved so this is just a quick way to
easily move things around and another tip I wanted to show you is how to make
very minute small movements inside of your program monitor with essential
graphics so if i go down here and you zoom in to 200% you will see what i’m
talking about so now what you can do is hold shift and command on a Mac or ctrl
on a PC and use the arrow keys to move it over five pixels see that so you can
do very small movements using the arrow keys holding the shift command and arrow
keys so this just helps when you’re designing your motion graphics it allows
you to have more flexibility and move things in smaller movements before you
would have to just move use the arrow key and like move it around and you
didn’t get a lot of accuracy so that’s it for the essential graphics updates if
you guys have any questions about anything that I covered be sure to leave
a comment below and also I designed templates myself specifically for you
guys to use inside of Premiere Pro and there Mogrts if you guys want to
become monthly patrons at you guys can get
templates delivered to your inbox every month I also sell all the templates on
my store and I’ll put a link in the description box below thanks so much for
watching you guys and I’ll see you guys next time


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