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New in Adobe After Effects! Remove Anything from Video with Content Aware Fill (April 2019)

September 21, 2019

Hello everybody and welcome back to Gal
yes it is Adobe update season the spring is here and NAB is next week and that
means that Adobe has just released a whole bunch of new improvements and
updates across all their creative cloud apps so I’m going to be doing a series
going into depth on how these different updates work because when Adobe
releases them it’s kind of like just like a list of the different updates
they don’t really go in depth so I hope that this will show you how to use some
of the updates so this video is showing you how to use the content aware fill in
After Effects and basically what this enables you to do let’s say you’re
shooting a scene in a landscape and a tourist is walking in the shot and you
want to remove them well you can use the content-aware fill to take those people
out as if they weren’t there at all or let’s say you’re doing an interview and
you have an object in the background that you forgot was there and you’re
like crap I don’t want to reshoot it you don’t have the budget to reshoot it but
you can use content aware fill to do this easily inside of After Effects so
now I’ve played with this just a little bit and so far it’s worked pretty good
so we’re really going to test this out together to really test the limits and
see you know what type of shot that works well with and other shots where it
might be more difficult to use and lastly Before we jump in be sure to let
me know what you want to learn next in the next episode on the update series
for this spring for example there’s updates to essential graphics as
essential sound panel for sound editing there’s a lot of different effects on
that I’ll put in the description box below as well as performance update so
let me know what you guys want to learn and I’ll stop talking and let’s jump in
all right you guys I’m in the newest version of After Effects make sure that
you guys update because the update is available if you want to try this out
and follow along make sure to go up to After Effects about After Effects and
make sure that you’re in version 16.1 which is the latest version so in this
particular shot I’m going to remove the Apple logo from the back of this laptop
because let’s say you didn’t have permission to use it or you didn’t want
to feature apples brand in this particular shot so all we have to do
here select the video clip from our
composition that I have open and then make sure you go up to the pen tool or
hit G on your keyboard and then we’re just going to draw a simple square mask
around this Apple logo just make sure it’s right around the Apple as close as
possible just like this and then from the mask that was created down here make
sure to select subtract because we want to subtract that from the scene next
because this is not a moving shot just a steady shot here we don’t have to worry
about tracking this mask so now from content-aware field this is where I can
go in and make sure I’m using the correct fill method so in this case we
want to be using a surface because this is a surface on the back of the laptop
and then we want to use the work area which is just the area in between this
blue handle start and the work area and blue handle here
then generate fill layer and what this will do is it will start to analyze the
clip and then it will start to render out a new fill in the place of this mask
so you can see a new fill layer was created and you can start to see the
magic happen so it’s rendering frame-by-frame it’s almost done and
shortly I will show you that if you had no idea that we created a mask you
probably wouldn’t have even known that the Apple logo was there so to preview
what it was like before just changed this back to none and then turn off the
fill layer and you will see the before and after which is pretty cool now this
was a simple shot let’s move on to a shot where there’s people so in this
shot it’s a moving shot it’s tracking shot and the people are moving so what I’m
going to do here is just draw a mask around these people and remove them so
to do that same method just select the video clip here now let’s zoom in I like
to just grab the magnifying zoom tool and let’s just
lasso and select them then go to the pen tool and let’s just draw a simple mask
it doesn’t have to be complex just draw like so that looks good we don’t have to do
like a very detailed mask it’s very simple to do
then from the mask drop-down choose subtract and the next step is just to
make sure that your fill method this time is not surface but object and also
we want to choose work area but before we had generate fill layer we have to
track this rectangle which means we want to make sure that it’s completely
covering the people as they’re walking so to do that just expand the mask and
click on the toggle animation next to mask path now as I scrub forward I will
look to see if I start to see the people there see how the people pop out so just
before that I want to select the mask path then use my selection tool and I’m
just going to move this mask over it very simply like so and same thing I’m
just going to move forward until I start to see somebody’s leg oh there it is
and then I’m going to move this forward and there we go keep doing it it’s not
the most fun process but it’s pretty simple to do I always like to do it
manually like this because I have more control so once again there’s a little
bit there so just before that I’m going to move this over and there we go let’s
go ahead and fit it and then all we have to do is generate a fill layer and once
again it will start to analyze the clip and it will replace the people so I have
to say that this did a pretty good job if I didn’t know that there were people
in the scene I probably would not even know that
there’s a mask there so this is pretty cool work one last shot that I want to
show you but it won’t actually create the mask and go over it because it’s the
exact same method that I showed you here and so in this shot there were actually
people here so if I turn off our fill layer you can see that there are people
walking so what I did let me turn the fill back on is I created mask here and
they’re more circular mask I use the pen tool and I just if you click and
hold you can create like rounded curves so that’s what I did I just created like
little little shapes around these people and then I track them just like in this
shot and then I was able to just generate this fill layer to make them
disappear and I think it did a pretty good job if i zoom in it’s more
noticeable and I would probably have to make a more detailed mask here but you
can see that these shadows from the edge of the wall are a little bit more
extended here because there is a mask but to the first observer it’s not that
noticeable so I would just play around with the content-aware fill until you
start to nail it down a little bit again this is my first time using it and
already I’ve had a couple successful shots so I think this could be useful
for you guys if you’re shooting interviews and there’s an object in the
scene that you need to get rid of you could use this tool for that and I’m
sure there’s tons of other use cases where you would find this useful so play
around with it have fun let me know if you guys have any questions
so content-aware fill good/bad some improvement not sure let me know what
you guys think in a comment below and also let me know what you guys want me
to cover next with the Adobe updates there’s essential graphics updates
essential sound stuff GPU performance let me know what you’re interested in me
covering I love doing this stuff the NAB stuff is really cool for me to cover so
just let me know and there was one other thing I want to tell you that oh yeah I
released a new wedding title pack on my store so I make templates each month and
I designed them specifically for my patrons so if you guys want some free
templates each month you should join my patreon community but I do sell
the template separately in my store if you just want to do a one-off purchase
so check it out it’s pretty cool I’m pretty proud of it I had a lot of fun
with the designs and they were designed in Premiere Pro I didn’t use After
Effects so I made all of the shapes custom so you can change the color of
all the lines and yeah I just hope you guys find it useful so that’s it and I
will see you guys next time for the next update video bye you


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