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*NEW* [Fortnite Battle Royal] How To Download Fortnite Skins For Free

September 23, 2019

what is up designers today I’m gonna
show you how to get free images for Fortnite it will include all the
characters you can get and also will include backgrounds such as this
background right here mm-hmm so let’s get straight into it I will be
linking the two websites that you will need one is going to be for the
backgrounds and the second one is going to be for the characters so this website
right here is for the characters itself when you press link in the description
you simply need to go to the PNG section and then you will get all the characters
that you can download and what you do is basically there’s a plenty of choice
here and not only characters but you can get you know these things and all the
rest that you can basically all the cosmetics that you can find in a
fortnight’s so when you wouldn’t download something you right-click it
and save image as and download it when wherever you want you save it and then
if you have a Photoshop you you can put it in let me just bring this up here
okay and there you have it I mean it’s already done like it doesn’t have any
background it’s on a transparent background as you can see so you can
really mess with it and you can really use this for any any
kind of designs that you want and yeah that’s that’s pretty much it so you just
use the link in the description and if you wanna if you want to get the
background such as this one or any other ones it’s this one this website I’ll put
the link in the description as well and it’s pretty simple you just click
whichever you want and then right click save image as download it
find it on your desktop or wherever you downloaded it place it in and there you
have it that’s pretty much it you can use this to make your thumbnails for
YouTube for your banner for twitch or for YouTube banner anything basically so
that was a quick video on how to get characters for Fortnite images pngs and
hope you enjoyed it if you did leave a like and subscribe to my channel for
more videos I’ll see you guys in the next one

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