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My Desk Area Setup For | Timelapses | Video Editing | Lets Take A Look

November 23, 2019

So what kind of few questions about how I have my setup for my computer when I’m editing videos or just in general So let’s go take a look at that So have here my main monitor my keyboard my audio interface surround sound over there and My mouse computer and my scanner I Have over here a second monitor, this is Ashton my drawing tablet have that to the left of my monitor here and The reason for that is when I’m editing videos all the stuff on this side When I’m adding a video has all the details information so that on this screen I have The ability to see the video larger because before when I just had one monitor everything was too small on it and I wasn’t able to edit very well and My keyboard is a red dragon keyboard. I’ve got that online for maybe $25 and It lights up red so that if it’s really dark in here I can see what I’m typing that is a focus right audio interface which connects to my microphone which I have over here at my drawing setup This has knobs on it allows me to adjust the Gain on it and I can turn it on or off just with that button there it’s a USB interface which plugs into the back of my computer and the computer is Custom built, I’d built that back in 2015 I Have up here my webcams and This webcam is the one I use for whenever I’m doing a live stream and The second one I use for home And the second one I have here I use for recording my face during the live stream And this is one of the other speakers from my surround sound And that is a lamp. I got a while back. I just use that as an extra light for tonight when I’m editing videos and Have over here some of my pens and pencils and all that stuff. And this here is a Little extension arm that I got that I used To put my camcorder on when I want to do recordings or I also attached my webcam to it from doing live streams and this is the Plantronics Bank feeds bro – It’s a wireless bluetooth over your headphone set I use these for when I want to listen back to My audio one editing video and Would also like about these is that they’re wireless so if I want to listen to music while I’m drawing, I don’t have to worry about being attached by a wire and This is the cord that I had bought it was separate come with a really flimsy. Um thin black cord, so I wanted something better and something that were mastered the other color scheme the stuff I have so I got a violin, which is also my favorite color and so I like to use these for for them doing drawings and It wants to be attached to a cord. I just plug this I connect this to my phone and I play music on there – the headphones and Have here a little tripod. I Use that for if I’m doing a live stream I’ll have my webcam set up on this and On the little tripod. I used that for my camcorder and That will record the drawing separately from our live stream and so then I can use that recording for making a time-lapse video and The way I have it set up with the monitor to the left I can now quickly look at the left or the right if I want to for meditating video and Makes it a lot more convenient Faster to edit things also the way I have this set up The angle of it. Is that an l-shape and This allows me to use this monitor and that monitor more efficiently before I didn’t have these tables I actually bought these from someone from really cheap online and I use it to put all my stuff on before I had a computer table But it was really small Atem enough room and there was enough room for me to have two monitors So I got rid of that and went with these tables If you have any questions about my video editing setup go and let me know in the comments below this video and Until then you have a good day. Have fun creating and I’ll see in the next video

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