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Mobile Photography App Series – Lightroom App

February 1, 2020

so let’s make a few adjustments here been a while
since I did this a couple of weeks focus focus that’s good let’s go what’s going on everyone Claudio Zavala
jr. here if you’re watching this my channel I am Claudius thank you so much
for stopping by I hope you are all doing well as for me I’m feeling a whole lot
better missed out releasing the video last week I wasn’t feeling too well so
here it is I’m attempting to go through this video without coughing so we’ll see
how it goes and speaking of recording a video I’m
going to pick right up where I left off last time let’s go in and start the
mobile photography series part 3 today I’m going to be talking about an app
called Lightroom cc made by Adobe so I’ve started to use the
mobile version of the app because I like the editing capabilities of the software
that’s on a desktop so I’m going to walk you through Lightroom show you how to
use this app and maybe you’d like to check it out alright let’s go ahead and
launch the app here we got Lightroom cc here in the app you can create folders
and you notice I have several folders there let’s just say albums I’m gonna go
ahead and just skip that for now but just so you know that you can sync up
these albums with the cloud and edit later on different devices on the lower
right corner you have the options to choose to take a photo I’m go ahead and
tap that for now right now I’m using the option professional here which gives you
the ability to adjust exposure is so instead of the auto you can change the
white balance adjust it to whatever you want and then take a picture you can
also use high dynamic range take a photo as well or go to auto and let the app
work it for you so I’m going to take this shot right there
literally easy to do and then as when you close that out you’re able to go to
your photos there and start beginning to edit I’m gonna go ahead and use a photo
that I’ve already taken for this example here on the lower right corner again
next to that camera icon I’m going to tap for my photos album and choose an
album I already have your setup oh this Trinity park here and I’m gonna bring in
choose to select these two here I’ll rather just go ahead and pick that one
there and add it to my album here and now should be able to scroll through
here and find it there it is towards the bottom of the screen you can see all
these different enhancement tools to edit this image so what I’m going to do
right now is go through and kind of make some adjustments to this photo that I
took straight from the phone and make some adjustments to make it look the way
I want it to so let’s go ahead and start here with light I’m not gonna use auto
auto uses algorithms to adjust it based on what the phone thinks you want but
here I’m gonna just the exposure just bring it down just a tad bit maybe bring
up the contrast here out the shadows if you can see towards the back of that of
those columns you can bring some of those shadows out so you can see further
back there if you darken it notice how it gets dark back there
I’m gonna bring a little bit of those details out I think I might leave the
whites the way they are take a look at it let me just bring it down a bit
same with the blacks here so then I’ll go through the color options here adjust
the temperature yeah kind of like there you got the cool warm and I want
it to warm just bring it up just a tad bit there just a tent getting to where I
want to be you can desaturate the image give it a little more pop there and some
of the effects bring some of those chalk lines there on those columns out
notice that kind of give it some detail there go over to detail and sharpen it
some and they won’t touch any noise reduction probably not gonna do anything
with geometry that will kind of distort it kind of see that right there I’m not
gonna touch that any bit the way it is optics the same thing you can adjust for
the lens really won’t be able to tell too much of a difference there now that
I’ve done some of that I’m gonna come back here to color I’m gonna be
saturated just a little bit bring the tint up there maybe just a color
temperature up some and just touch a little bit of the effects you think for the most part I’ve got it
– what I wanted to be if I intend to share this on social media
I can choose to crop this image which I’m gonna go over here and do that for
example if I’m going to use Instagram stories which are kind of those vertical
images then I can go here to crop and choose the sixteen by nine and over at
the top left corner I can flip it so now it’ll fit perfectly for my Instagram
story so I’m just going to just Center it off there we go and hit that checkbox
yeah I like it and now I’m ready to share it so at the very top it’s kind of
hard to see but there’s a share icon and then click there or should say tap on my
phone and there are several options there if I tap on share I have the
option to choose an image size and this is really a matter of personal
preference it’s up to you I usually like going with the maximum available and
then I can go ahead and share on different options here so I have Twitter
there I don’t see my Instagram there is a copy of the Instagram right away and
then share it from within this app go ahead and cancel if I want to save this
image to my camera roll I’ll tap on the share icon again choose save to camera
roll she was maximum available and now it’s
saved into my camera roll I can choose to undo this and it’ll go back to its
original format which was a square and that’s pretty much the gist I think I’ve
got it to where I want it to be now I think I’m ready for my next photo
editing session I’m going to hit the back button there as you can see the
photo is right there and scroll through and look at all the other ones that I’ve
imported into Adobe’s life see see so what do you think pretty cool
right you get the power of the desktop version of Lightroom in the palm of your
hand right on their phone and speaking of phones the Lightroom app is available
on both iOS and Android devices there are some subtle differences between the
free version and if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account some of the
features are turned off but for the most part when I shared with you you can do
in the free version if you want more information I’ll have a link to their
website so you can check it out if you’ve enjoyed this video gave it two
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these other videos that’s part of the series thanks again for stopping by
until next time peace out

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