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Minecraft Edit Textures – How to Edit Block Textures in Custom Minecraft Texture Pack

October 24, 2019

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Minecraft video I’ll be showing you how you can edit a Minecraft Texture using Photoshop Elements and place that into a Resource Pack and then install that resource pack back into Minecraft okay let’s get to it if you’ve already watched my previous video on creating a custom Minecraft resource pack then you’re already at this point which is where you need to be if you are not at this point then go back and review that video on this link for that this one right there on the cards and it’s also one in the description what we need here is the assets folder it will also update our pack PNG file right there but one to the assets folder and minecraft and we’ll take a look at the textures at the bottom right down here it’s open this one up and then take a look at block just bring that up and here are all the blocks inside of Minecraft and I need to keep the names the same so the best way to do this is to simply open a block up and then edit that block and then save it back in at the same location that way Minecraft knows what it is and where it’s supposed to be I’ll just scroll down here we’ll find dirt since I have my test wall set up with dirt already and there it is right there so let’s open up this file a lot of drag and drop this from this folder over into the Photoshop Elements program and there we go and these are very very small file sizes as you can see here the reason for that is because minecraft graphics are at a very low size and low resolutions that the game can run very quickly even though it is has a lot of complexity and there and also run very well on smaller and limited computers let’s do a size this is go up here to image come down to resize and image size and here you go this has a width of 16 a height of 16 and I said a resolution of 72 it’s a very very small block let’s just zoom in on this here we go in a later video I’ll be showing you how you can increase the resolution and get some more detail out of these things but for this one let’s just quickly see the process on doing a basic edit we’ll keep this real simple again I’m just going to change the color on this so let’s go up to enhance come down to adjust color and adjust hue saturation and that’s just make the same kind of a green color there we go that’s kind of nice right in there so it’s now kind of a green dirt instead of regular dirt choose okay file I’ll save that stays back to the same location choose save replace the existing file yes and then okay and there we go look at that file has been saved and we’re back into our block folder and this is jarred little floating folder here let’s just back up a little bit I’ll go back here to assets and then back out to the resource pack right there let’s take a real fast look and make a change here on our PNG file bring this into Photoshop Elements there we go and we’ll just change the background color on this cat we’ll do it real easy I’ll just make a selection of our background color and then enhance come down to adjust color hue/saturation and let’s give this thing a different kind of background color in here it’s got a nice bright blue there we go and let’s just deselect that you’ll save this back on the same location again I’ll go the fast way just click that and we’ll choose save as it is closing and there we go okay that’s all taken care of let’s now close out Photoshop Elements and there’s our new icon we’ve already changed the one file here inside of assets let’s now combine this this one and this into a new zip folder click on our first one hold the ctrl key down and click on our next to right click and just like in the last video go to 7-zip and then add to archive it I’ll call this one cat five just keep things consistent here cat five and okay and let that then combine all of that into a new zip file once we have that combined then we’ll quickly pop this over into minecraft loading the resource pack install it into minecraft and let’s see how it looks with that new dirt change in there and again these are the basic steps to go through whenever you’re changing a graphic inside of Minecraft the fanciest of course is all of the artwork can be doing for those graphics but this is the basic steps to actually get it installed it over into Minecraft okay back to minecraft again let’s click on the play button and let this launch minecraft in here and give it a second to bring up the minecraft Launcher and there it is okay come down to options and resource packs open the resource pack folder there it is let’s go over here we’ll grab our new zip file right there and right drag it over here and choose copy and there we go okay that’s all done let’s get these out of the way choose done we’ll have to reinstall this reload this again so I’ll click on options now resource packs and there it is we just with that same process again back at the screen go to options back to resource packs and there’s that new resource pack ok let’s click on this one and click on little arrow right there that brings that over notice how it brings it in puts it on the top location so this now is the active resource pack also notice what it says my resource pack we talked about changing that name in the previous video on making your basic resource pack your customers for ours pack ok once it’s done just choose done let it relaunch minecraft hero get back to our load screen she’s done and let’s just go fullscreen on this there we go single player go back to our test one here and as soon as this loads will see that they test wall is going to have changed now from brown over to that new green dirt and there you go there’s that new green dirt right there let’s just go ahead and walk over there a bit and there it is there’s that green dirt so it’s that easy to edit a texture inside of Minecraft and then put it into a new resource pack install that resource pack and there you go you’re all set again the hard stuff is all now out of the way we’ve taken a look at all of the tricky stuff now we can get down to the nitty gritty of doing some interesting looking different textures and designing a whole look and feel for Minecraft using Photoshop Elements if you’re working with a different graphics program aside from Photoshop Elements I’ll be covering this in a couple of other programs as well I’ll be showing this same basic discussion in Adobe Photoshop and also the same basic discussion over in the GIMP program so we got those three different ones it’s all basically the same stuff but I’ll show it in the three different programs if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and of course don’t forget to subscribe and to share it as well and if you want to learn a lot more about using the different graphics programs like Photoshop Elements or 2b Photoshop take a look at my channel I have hundreds of videos on how to use those graphics programs along with complete training courses and you’ll find a link for that right down there in the description [Music] you you


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    Is it possible to create a new texture rather than modifying/editing a texture such as changing the color as you did in this video? If it is possible to create a new texture via Photoshop Elements, I hope you made a video on that. A 'thumbs up' again. Thanks.

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    for me it says this process is being used by another process

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    can u edit mob textures?

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