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MINECON Earth community panel – Making a Map with MCEdit

November 8, 2019

Hey there, welcome to the MINECON 2018- making a map with MCEdit panel. We’d like to introduce ourselves before we start. I’m James-
I’m also known as gentlegiantJGC online. I make a number of filters
and have done it over a number of years- and I’ve also worked on a number different- projects that have been on the Minecraft Marketplace. I’m Jeff, I go as TrazLander. It is my handle on Twitter.
I’ve worked on MCEdit- I’ve done QA which is Quality Assurance- bug testing and I also do my own map making. I’m Ben Gotthard.
I’m also known as Podshot online. I am one of the developers of MCEdit-Unified. I’m Naor also known as naor2013- and I’m the other developer of MCEdit-Unified. I’m Adrian,
I run a map making magazine- that is free to contribute,
free to consume, called- Map Making Mag. And with that, I try and help people who are
new to the map making scene get up to speed. And give a forum for people who make maps- to share their knowledge and skills
and help the community grow. So, we’d like to kick off today’s session- with a little bit of a look at- at what MCEdit can do. And we can roll the video. So, MCEdit is a separate program to the game itself. It’s run separately to the game,
not at the same time. It allows you to import- worlds into the program,
it allows you to edit them to however you like. You can select big selections- you can copy it from one world to another. It allows you to fix issues that you may have. If you’ve corrupted a world- you can copy stuff across. You can use the fill tool to select
big sections of the world. Whichever block you like. You can clone if you want a repeating pattern- but you don’t want to replace the box manually.
You can use the clone tool. You can also use it to scale up selections,
which we’ll use later on in this panel. You can delete whole sections. You can use a brush tool- would you like to talk about the brush tool? So the brush tool is a special kind of tool it it actually allows you to import your custom code- into the program and use it as a brush. So, if you have a certain design that you
want to be able to repeat over and over again- you can make that into a brush and then
just use that across all of your builds and maps. There are a number of stock brushes
that come with the program- such as just non-standard fill
which allows you to select either- a sphere or whichever type of brush you select- or varied replace or a road and there’s a number
of them that are on there if you go to play with it. So, I like to think of MCEdit as an amazing- notepad that can be used to do all sorts of- things to your Minecraft worlds.
It’s very, very powerful. So, Naor and Podshot and Traz- you’ve guys have done a great job.
Shall we- take a look at the history of MCEdit
and how we got to the point where- where MCEdit unified can be used
in this really powerful way? Yeah, sure. Yeah, MCEdit is a ten year old program. A guy by the name of Codewarrior started it. He just needed a way to edit maps. And, made a tool for people to do it. He- kind of kept working on it for about
five years and it was mostly just him. He open sourced it at some point and- gradually, you know,
kind of burnt out a little bit. And his, you know, less- worked on it a lot less. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Codewarrior
for all of the work he did in opening up this tool- and making available to everyone.
It’s amazing! and making available to everyone.
It’s amazing!
He laid the groundwork and we- He laid the groundwork and we- we kind of took it over with the help of Trazlander. He kind of recruited most of us to the team. A guy by the name of Karthik started like- it was- falling apart, there’s a lot of issues and bugs- and he-
a new version of Minecraft came out as well- at the time.
So, few blocks didn’t show it correctly- or didn’t work- Yeah, blocks weren’t showing right because new and new, more and more blocks were being added and so the guy by the name of Karthiks duplicated it and created his own thing on Github to open source and he started working on it
doing fixing a lot of the blocks that were not showing that’s mostly what he was working on was just getting a lot of the blocks not showing and so I came on there and I found out he was doing this and I started listing bugs, bugs, lots of bugs and I gave it a nice Google Doc So you were the nuisance guy saying “this doesn’t work, this doesn’t work” This is what’s wrong, you need to fix this And you find some really weird bug Like if you click that and, and then you push that, and then you do that But I have no idea how to even discover those bugs Yeah I I’m the master bug finder, I really am I just started listing among a nice little organized list and he was doing what he could but it was just Karthiks by himself so i put out a call to the subreddit and the Minecraft forum and Twitter, wherever I could find and put out a call to anybody want to help I have a bug list and you check it out and we got this guy and that guy and these two came along with a couple others and started knocking off the list, him especially – he just deleted every bug the most obscure things that I could and it was just destroying it I actually raced you at some point seeing how many more I could check off than him. But he beat me he was unstoppable so you guys were
cleaning up the codebase and bringing up to speed with the newest Minecraft versions that were being released and and getting it back to a usable state so that map makers could keep realizing their vision and keep creating
fun experiences in the game and once we got it back up to
speed from that point onward we just started listening to community feedback, we asked a whole bunch of mapmakers “what do you want to see in this program?” and we got a lot of
requests for various features. I know you two especially were like – “hey guys, can you try to add this?” So we ended up adding waypoints at some point where you can just pre-save locations in your world that you can jump to so you don’t have to fly around it and look for it, looking around all the time for that one spot. Productivity improvements, things to make it faster to work with with the tool Yeah, we also
added resource pack support so if you had a 16-bit texture resource pack you can import that in MCEdit and use it for the most part, if they didn’t do things just right some blocks would be missing but we added that. It’s fair to say that the map makers are a reasonably patient lot.
To come with you on this journey but the project that you kicked off has a different name. It’s not just MCEdit, is it? It’s called MCEdit unified because originally the MCedit codebase was written to two different places It was the main MCEdit code, that
that’s the actual program that you saw and then there was a portion of the
program called PI-MC level which was Vicious Pi. not that kind of Pi, Python the
programming language and it was the library MCEdit used to interact with the
world savefile and we ran into some problems early on with that and trying to keep everything up to date with itself so we came up with that name – MCEdit unified when we took both source code bases and kind of merged them together and then we were just like “we unified MCEdit” and since then, the name kind of stuck and we ran with it So this session that we’re on is really about MCEdit unified. There are other MCEdit flavours out there though And it’s probably worth going into a little bit of detail about what they are
so that you can understand what tool to use when we’re talking about today’s session So we’re gonna be using MCEdit unified in this session We’ll be using our most recent testing release we’ll have a new release coming
out soon there’s also MCEdit 2 . Which is by the
original creator Codewarrior he has open sourced it as well But it’s mostly in the beta testing phase so while you can use it for some aspects of world editing you might run into some issues
until he kind of gets them sorted out We’re gonna be going with MCEdit unified for now but make sure to keep up to date
on his version just in case he has plans with it really soon another thing we need to mention, just not the two version there’s a lot of a contributors that help us a lot for example with the
translations and we get a lot of feedback People actually edit their own translations we have translations to
Chinese and maybe a few more, French? I think Spanish as well. that was done by an amazing contributor
called Lachal, he joined us early on. I think just after you and I joined
the project he also helped
add bedrock support which is gonna be coming in our 1.6 release which we hope to get out sometime in the next few
weeks or in a month he added translations translations. We also had a few other. … wait wait wait That sounds like breaking news? So version 1.6 is going to be available in
the next month? Yes we’re finishing up the testing on that
right now it will come with Bedrock support for
the most recent versions of Bedrock there’ll also be just general
bug fixes as well a few performance improvements. Guys that’s
awesome well done thank you that is gonna make many people very happy. Hope so. so let’s talk a little bit about the way
that the Minecraft worlds are put together because mcedit is is
tool but it works against something which is the Minecraft
level definition so a lot of players are very familiar with the way that blocks
are placed and destroyed and picked and used to build models. Blocks are a
very simple construct within the Minecraft world and MCEdit is absolutely
fantastic at building things with blocks the other more complex objects are
blocks that have additional things in them so these are thing like chests and furnaces. But also things like spawners
that have more information about how they operate in the world and the way
that Mojang has created these blocks with extra information is by
using a little bit of a language called NBT which is a bit too technical
for me to describe what that means does anyone know what NBT stands for? it stands for Namd Binary Tags. Wow it must be a very powerful thing to be named Named Binary Tags we’re just going to call em NBT blocks with NBT are block entities and
when you destroy a chest and things go flying it’s because there’s all this
information that’s in the chest that gets used to create items and the last
class of things that really matter to people who are building maps with MCEdit are entities these are those hissing creepers that you need to avoid
as they come charging down to destroy your builds and your houses so
they’re also the cows and sheep and dolphins anything that sort of moves
around that isn’t fixed in place is an entity. But of course Minecraft is very
complex there’s a lot of other stuff that is underneath the hood that you
need to work with and MCEdit is a tool for doing that as well so with MCEdit you
can change the biomes that you’re walking around in on a map and with that
you can use it to craft different colors for blocks you can also use it with the
Bedrock version to add water to things like fences and stairs so there’s some
new features that mcedit through the work of these guys has kept up with
and added to the tool now this image on-screen is actually the Minecon Earth
2018 updated map which I understand may be free through the Bedrock marketplace
in the coming week as part of the MINECON event so thanks to Jigeval for
preparing the picture and also doing all the hard work to update that that map
but the key message here is there’s a lot of things that you can touch and
adjust and customize with the MCEdit tool and the best maps are those maps
that use those features in new and exciting ways and that’s where MCEdit really comes in to play this is the Minecraft Marketplace this is a view of
some of the projects that people have put together and made available for you
to download and most of the projects that you’ll find on the marketplace have
been built with the help and assistance of MCEdit so the team here is actually
powering a lot of the creation and content that you’re using in in your
gaming but of course there’s a challenge in getting from having a tool to using
it in a really effective way so maybe James if you can take us through how you
do that? So to start with you get an idea the whole map will revolve around
you can kind of go into a night project without a set idea but it could be a
little wandering if it won’t be a set thing. You can change your mind and
you can change your mind halfway through but it might deviate slightly. Good to
have a vision. So we went through we just chatted for a bit we threw
different ideas around I think you wanted to do a CTM. Yeah, I heard mazes map was on the table for a bit as well but
what we wanted for this map was something that was kind of gonna be
visual because we felt it was gonna be the best thing to kind of display what MCedit can do in a visual way because a lot of the other things might be
technical but might not just their display particularly well on a panel
like this so when you talk about this map what’s the new and exciting giveaway
that we’ve got as part of the MINECON panel so we have made a map we’ve put together
that will be available there’ll be links in the description to the different maps
it’s going to be available in Java and bedrock Edition so you can open up
wherever you like it’s free you can go download it now but I’d suggest waiting
’til after the panel we’re not gonna… we’re going to try and avoid spoiling
the levels as much as we can but we’re going to show how we go through them and
explain how we made them so this panel will take you through using MCEdit to
create a real map and then you’ll have the opportunity to download that map and
play it as part of as part of your Minecraft experience okay so let’s take
a look at level 1 of that map so if we can roll the video this one was
suggested by Adrian is the selection of suggested by Adrian is the selection of
islands that you have to fall through and we’ll explain what a drop of map is
in a sec on the next level but in this one I generated a vanilla world and then
copy and pasted sections of the world up into the air and then use the erode
brush tool to remove material from it to make it look like an island, floating
island to make it how I wanted it to as you can see in the video. I then copied and pasted the islands that I’ve made. A made a number of them from this world into the world I was making the actual drop a map in as we’ll see in a sec and
then pasted them in the area that I then pasted them in the area that I
wanted them so that you could fall through them but it was sort of
difficult to do so I then used a filter difficult to do so I then used a filter
an MCEdit filter by Adrian to make broke bridges that you can pass from two
different points that you specify so I’ll probably jump in and just explain
filters are small programs that we build in the MCEdit framework that help you
accelerate jobs and make it really easy and quick to sketch out the scenes like
this and create create bridges an example and filters can do things other
than blocks they can do NBT data of entities and chests as well as just like
your biomes as well so they’re kind of like the multi-purpose like if
you if you need to automate something you if you need to automate something
you can do it with a filter so let’s take a look at what a filter can do in
the next level, level 2 of the map which is another filter written by
Adrian you like can explain why the filter was made it’s a little look at
the video really look at the video yeah which is just select a selection box in
the world and then set the box blocks as the world and then set the blocks as
you like and then run the filter and it will generate a fully made dropper map
so I should explain what a dropper map is a map which was first made by Big Ray made a couple of dropper maps called creatively dropper one and dropper two
and they became very, very famous and yeah what it is is you as a player stand
at the top step off and as you fall you try and dodge the objects before
you already get very badly hurt you already get things very badly hurt
less and then fall into the water or the ladders or the vines or whatever at the
bottom of the level and try not to die so let’s take a look at level three
this is if we can run the video this was a tree that I grabbed from the same
vanilla world and I used the clone tool and the scaling tool in the clone tool
and to scale up to a significantly bigger than the thing is so then you’ve
start at the top and then sort of have to work out a way to get down without
dying yeah no spoilers you have to enjoy it when you download the
map and have a play let’s take a look map and have a play let’s take a look
once we go through this at the next level, level four yes and uses another
filter for creating video another filter Adrian which takes a little selection
box and it’s called the Fractal filter box and it’s called the Fractal filter
you can explain what a Fractal is in a second but it essentially takes their
fill the selection box and repeats it a number of times in a Fractalnature
would you like to try and explain what Fractal is yeah so the fun thing about
fractals is they look really complex but because they are
so similar they’re patterns that just repeat
themselves over and over again at different scales they’re really easy and
interesting to make and this is just a programmatic filter in MCEdit that you
can use to build your maps so I selected created the region off of this filter and
then selected a smaller section that I felt was the right size for the dropper
map and then use the clone tool to copy it rotate it upside down
and then rotate it round so that I created a 3D level where you could
fall throu gh that was sort of symmetrical and look nice and the fun
thing about this one is as you play the game and look around you’ll get lots of
different views of this enormous fractal and yeah it’s quite scenic because it’s
a fractal it sort of looks similar there’s always the same repeating
section that you’ll always see just at different scales yeah isn’t math
wonderful let’s take a look at level 5 because it’s very different yes if we
can play the video which is a very short video showing the level we don’t have a
video explaining it because I felt the filter itself which is another filter
written by Adrian was too complex to summarize in a short video it takes a
section of the world and sort of wraps it into a tube and then I’ve rotated it
around so it’s a tube of jungle that you can fall through
from the top to the bottom and you got to try and work out how to get down it
yeah one of the one of the cool things that map makers do is make curves in
Minecraft which is which is good fun so the next level is very
different so you’re sort of going off on a big tangent when you have get
there again another one of your filters and Adrian does a lot of graphically
intensive filters as opposed to I produce filters that are more
technically based and others do as well so I felt I was going through the
filters and looking for the pretty ones and most of them were written by Adrian
so his surface filter lots of maths functions. I
played around with it and pick some felt were the best-looking ones which these
ones and then copied and pasted them into sort of an area that I wanted to
make them difficult to fall through but interesting and possible are then edited
in color using the fill tool or with the base option so you’re basically saying
don’t give up when this one kills you again and again and again there is a way
through it and you can defeat this level it’s just a little difficult so let’s
take a look at level seven if we can play the video again I think this one
was suggested by Adrian again I’m using another one of his filters this is the
filter panel it is essentially filtering there is also another one by settling
this one I generated a bunch of clouds that looked good and then copy and
pasted them this is a test world so I
didn’t screw up the real world I’d advise doing that really yeah I copied
and pasted them into a full of tube areas and again to make it so that you
could fall for a bit was sort of difficult and then used a filter by
Sethbling which is an old one that’s still a brilliant filter called crater
solid which takes as a like selection of blocks and sort of rotates around into a
center just make the and I using my fantasy cloud dropping land thing.
So level eight has no filters this one has one filter but not one of your ones
let’s take a look at the same video if we can play the video this one year I
tried to use as few filters as possible I kind of use the fill tool to create a
box and then add windows and then inside to the building I then used the
clone tool to repeat the same level over and over so it’s the same level but
you’re falling through the level you’re not really going to get to see it all
that much so it’s fine it’s repeating I then created the tower and I created
another variation using the variable fill brush tool to replace the brick
with stone and mossy cobblestone and that way you get different buildings
distantly the same I then used copied those and pasted
those into the big plane you just saw and to kind of create a city that you’ve
again you could fall through a bit sort of difficult did I’d say flipped it on it’s side.
I then used a filter written again another one by Sethbling to create the
hedge maze at the top to sort of add a bit of detail to it. Yeah and I think
everyone’s gonna love that level it’s a little bit tricky I think you had
difficulty with that one. Let’s have a look at level 9 yeah this one
again I didn’t use any filters on this one I wanted to kind of show off what
MCEdit can do without filters but brilliant as filters are I wanted to try
and avoid using them where possible so yeah I filled either brush tool to
create circles and cylinders and the hole at the bottom and then use a flood
fill tool not flood fill the air filter with the
replace option to fill the lava in the bottom and then use the brush tool to
sort of add in details that wasn’t just a single tube and then added the variable
replace tool variable replace brush tool to add in sort of some obsidian so if
you had to do all this by hand this would have taken your very life sort of
taking you a very long time whereas I was able to achieve this in a week or
two. So level ten is a little bit different what we’re doing is we’re
opening it up to you the map makers out there and of course the players who want to be map makers to contribute a level
to us and we’ll share the details of how to do that simply use any tool in
Bedrock or Java to create a dropper level make it as vanilla as possible
and submit it to us through the Map Making Mag Twitter account. What we’ll do after November 30 which is the date that we’ve said for submissions we’ll put it
all together and we’ll release the map hopefully before the end of 2018 and
we’ll make it available for free on both the Java and Bedrock so give some
thought to participating in that it should be a lot of fun. We kind of
want to introduce the audience back and trying to show off what they can do and
sort of bring the audience and try and convince them to start making maps.
yeah it’s not that difficult once you start going so we thought it’s best to
cover a frequently asked question so it’s a panel. that’s a participatory
thing so we we got a lot of frequently asked questions maybe Potshot
you can take us through all of our frequently asked questions was the same
question which is when is 1.13 support coming to MCEdit. So the the quick answer is
never because it’s just a quick too complex it’s – they change too much it’s
really hard to incorporate to make it part of MCEdit so we thought why not we
should just reiterate everything and make a new program that
will replace MCEdit for one person not only for one person but for every
version. And so yeah we would like to introduce this new editor – the Amulet
map editor it’s completely written from the ground up as he now said it will
first we are focusing on 1.13 support straight out of the gate it will be a brand new editor like we said it will be almost
completely customizable in every aspect of the editor we’re not just going for
filters and brushes like we mentioned in this panel we’re gonna hopefully be
you’ll be able to edit any kind of terrain or feature that comes in
Minecraft you’ll be able to edit with this editor so you’re really breaking
the the bounds that have held us back yes we we have definitely learned from
MCEdit it’s been a great program we just feel this is the next best step this is
the step where we can step off and kind of do something different try new
things see how they work so one of the things you can do today is connect with
the site and of course follow the team on Twitter if you want to join our team
we could use help any help it’s all open source anybody wants to come contribute
we’ll try to get some bug lists out there and you know you can come if you
know Python just come knock out some bugs If you don’t know – python you can
sort this together. These two barely knew Python when they started my how I
learned Python from just from you making filters yeah great learning experience
get involved all three of us we kind of just started on filters and now we’re
the main developers okay so I think we did pretty well for ourselves
yeah so watch out you might end up being the main developer of this tool so
that’s one of the things you can do next the other things keep in mind we’ve got
the free dropper map that you can pull down, play so that’s available links
would be in the description of the video you can use MCEdit to make your own
dropper levels and then contribute them back we’ll bring them all together and
make them available back into the community you can also contact us for
help and guidance in using the tool and in the process of using the tool check
and follow amulet and keep a look out on the amulet editor twitter for links to
pull the maps and and participate in the project so we want to thank you for
sticking with us as we brought you through the wonderful world of
MCEdit mapmaking until next time thanks very much and good bye.
See you on the Internet! Bye!


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    3-add chairs and tables

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    Hey I've got a question. I play on 360 and it has a world limit of just one map. However I'm not sure if it is just me. If you play on 360 can you please let me know? Thanks! [also minecraft please please please please please can you fix it? Its the worst thing ever, to have a world limit]

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    Thanks for an awesome panel! It was great to finally get to see and hear you guys tell your story and the story of MCEdit and MCEdit Unified. I'm not a map maker, but as a vanilla snapshot server owner MCEdit/MCEdit Unified and the various filters made for it has saved and enhanced my worlds many times over the past five years. I am so grateful to Codewarrior and to everyone who has contributed to and expanded on MCEdit/MCEdit Unified for making these much needed tools and sharing them with the community. Since 1.13 I've been in despair over not having any way of editing my world should something go dreadfully wrong, so hearing about the Amulet Editor under development made me a very happy crafter indeed :). Thank you all so much for all your hard work!

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