October 2, 2019

Hi everyone It’s Franck and today We’re gonna talk LIGHTROOMPRESETS IF you watch Youtube, you must be familiar with those two words And now yes, I’m part of those people who their own preset pack It’s gonna help you edit your photos way faster with a little detail, I explain … NOW After month to think about it It’s been really a while that I think about doing this preset pack For MOBILE, it’s made to be use on your phone so everyone can use it It was the goal.There’s just a thing I’d like to remind you what’s a preset : It’s like a filter on Instagram when you click, boom settings are done You can find a lot of videos on Youtube entitled : EDIT YOUR PHOTOS WITH ONE CLICK Like “you click on the preset and it’s done” It’s NOT EXACTLY THAT A preset is a BASE Apply a preset doesn’t mean your pic is ready When you create a preset you do it from one a several photos BUT every picture is DIFFERENT Wich means that even when you apply the preset you’re still gonna have to adjust some things It’s gonna make you save a LOT OF TIME But you’ll still gonna have to make little adjustement 90% of the time And when I created my pack, I wanted to do something a bit different I didn’t want to “just” make presets I wanted … to find settings that meant something and for those who don’t know it’s been many years now that I travel a bit and the idea came looking at my travel pics and I thought “Why not make 1 preset=One place you visited ?” I tried to recreate with lightroom the atmosphere of each place One preset is gonna show what vision I have of the place in my head I’ll show you … it will be easier ^^ And we’re gonna start with … VANCOUVER It may be the best one so you can understand what I mean I LOVED Vancouver With a lot, lot, lot of nature it’s a really beautiful city, not a big city like NYC for example but it’s really nice And so in this one I wanted to highlight What stayed in my head=a lot of green, something very “nature” … very green ^^ SO, when you open Lightroom, U’re gonna have all your photos and i’m gonna, of course, take a picture of Vancouver For example, this one Now you have to go to “presets” Once you have download it You click on “Vancouver” And here it is you can see the Before/after Like i said It’s green, it’s “nature” When I think about Vancouver That’s what I see, a city with a lot of plants and trees And that’s what I tried to render in the preset each city (and preset) is gonna have this reflexion If we try on a different photo You can see the names in the list of the pack you click again on Vancouver Once again, it makes pop all those greens with a bit of blue to get a bit of the cold, it’s in Canada after all ^^ And again you can see the before / After See all this green and this kinda “forest” side was the goal It was SO COOL ! And now we can pass to ROME If you haven’t seen the video I made, You have it in the corner Rome it’s ITALY It’s hot, it’s the colored houses So obvisouly, this one is gonna be way less green and more in the oranges and warm tones So if we take this photo of the Basilique St Pierre Like earlier, you click on the name ROME And you can see what I mentioned at the beginning of the video It’s a good example the picture is over exposed So you go back in the settings and you bring down the exposure And you have something much better It’s a base, like I said and then you can see the before after, very warm Let’s try on something else, the Colosseum Same thing And there you have it I wouldn’t touch anything on this one You could bring down the exposure But I like it like this And it shows us that yes, a preset can work at the first time And it saves you a LOT OF TIME THIRD Preset of the pack the one of me beloved city, where I wanna live … Yeah … NEW YORK It’s gonna be again completely different from the two previously NY it’s urban, it’s pure city wich means grey, desaturated Let’s check it out on a symbol of NY The Statue of Liberty You’ll quickly see what I mean … Et voilà everything became much more grey and dark the rocks, the sky but it’s part of the atmosphere of the city and the preset is gonna be a lot like this I took two examples every time If we try it on Times Square presets … New York … way darker, a bit … sad if we can say in the colors, it’s desaturated but for me, it sticks to New York at least how I feel it when I’m there and it would work for all architecture photos or urban photographer if you shoot in towns this preset is gonna work if you like this kind of pics I think now you see how it works so we’ll can be a bit faster and just show you.So the fourth is ST BARTH that have been my first trip alone Beatuiful hum ?^^ you apply the preset with the name This one is a bit more “classical” with what you can found on presets that you can apply to beach and summer photos the blue is a bit more turquoise let’s try on another one yes, we all rather be there than where we are now … ^^ the difference with this one is that it’s more under exposed so everything is a bit darker so you bump the exposure a bit So yeah, this one is a bit more “classic” but if you go on holidays by the beach, it’s gonna be perfect ! And here comes the last one not my last trip but the one before MIAMI ! in term of colors it’s a bit similar to St barth but it’s really a bit different I show you, you’ll see Let’s take this great pic of Miami and here is the before / after And I think we’re good just like that Let’s show on another one You may have seen this one on my Instagram with something added, I let you find out what 😉 (Yes, I cheated, guilty) Anyway, you apply Miami And once again, I think this looks pretty, pretty cool just like this That was my preset pack It’s my first one, it’s kind of a test to see if you like it, if you’re interested So there is 5 presets in the pack but if you like it if you enjoy this one maybe I’ll make more in the future not often because it takes time to do but maybe later with more presets This one is really the test the link to download it is in the description For 14 days it’s gonna be on Sellfy Like I said, once again it’s a test and depending on how it works I’ll see how to distribute it Anyway, whenever you’re watching this video The link is in description I made an Instagram poll to see what price to do and the large majority of voters were ready to spend between 2 and 5€ (2,3 – 5,7$) So the minimum price is 2€ but if you’re willing to give more for it, you can too There are people ready to spend more to reward the work If you give 2€, that’s all fine too, that’s why I put it I absolutely don’t mind 🙂 If you want, added to buying the pack to follow me, here on youtube, or on Instagram The links are in description too I would really really appreciate it and it’s FREE ! How amazing is that 🙂 don’t hesitate to go download the pack and if you do, come back tell me what you think ! hoping you like it 🙂 And if you use it Don’t hesitate to tag me on instagram On your photos, in description, wherever you want So I can see your pictures with the presets I would definitly LOVE to see your pics ! And see you in the next one ! Have a great day PEACE

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