Merubah Foto Normal Menjadi lebih BERNILAI TINGGI 2019 | Lightroom Classic CC 2018 Tutorial

November 4, 2019

ok so, today I’m gonna show you how to edit this photo to this so, short story about this photo this photo was took place in madinah in first of january 2019 when I was on umroh so, at the time I was on getting walked around the hotel close with Nabawi Mosque when I was walking I saw a good spot for take a photo there’s a lot of dove and nice building typical of arab building and, I walk on there I gettin closer to look the situation there’s a child who played with a bird oops, I mean she
was feeding a birds at the time after that, I has finished and I took my iphone 7 just with that thing
I was used to take the photo without waiting,
and as soon as possible I took the photo immediately and in the end I edit the photo In the beginning i was edited
my photo on my Iphone but I want to teach you all
how to edit the photo with this Lightroom Classic CC

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