Meet the 2019 Adobe Creative Residents: Patricia Reiners | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 11, 2019

I really like to find problems and then
find the solution I think this is something very uux related like all UX
designers really like to solve problems and make the world a better place hi I’m Patti Serena’s I’m a Adobe
Creative resident this year and I’m a UX UI designer from Berlin I am going to
focus on our future cities new technologies like augmented reality was
control or artificial intelligence the topic of the future city is huge so I’m
going to focus on mobility new work and living your ex is like the whole process
everything you’re doing in those like in the huge design process your eyes only
like the little part of the user interface your aya means everything
design related to X everything in the meantime or before I used to be a
graphic designer so I studied graphic design so everything print related and
then I switched to X and this which was really tough because I had the feeling
that I had to start really from like from scratch from the beginning so I
would like to share my knowledge and things I’m doing so other people going
to have an easier start when they want to like switch to your X I think there’s
so much uncertainty in the future of UX UI so I hope that I am going to take a
very small part in helping to understand where the future of uux is going i want
to engage with my community and i want to humanize my design process and to
share it with the world you you

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