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Meet the 2019 Adobe Creative Residents: Juan Jose Egusquiza | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 13, 2019

I think I’m curious–I like to imagine
things a lot. I can be sort of, like, distracted, but if I like something, I’m
like completely focused on that. Hi, my name is Juan Jose
Egusquiza. My project is called
“Impossible Stories” and I’m a 2019 Creative Resident.
This project is based on something else that I’ve been doing the past two
years. It all started as a street photography exercise. When you take
pictures in the street, right, you start noticing or focusing on those small
details, but once you take a picture of them, like it can be a really nice image,
right?So you see a street and you’re like, oh this is supposed to be like this… but
what if it is not, right? What if I include sand here, what if I include water
here? So I sort of like start playing around a little bit. I wanted to
make every image as real as possible in a way, like you know, I want them to look
like “oh this could be actually happening.” Before this residency, I’ve been doing a
lot of VR or AR, then I was also working on video and photo… so I was like sort of
like all over the place. But this is what I’ve been trying to do for a while
and it’s a cool opportunity. Before Iwas playing and messing around with the
pictures. Now, I’m creating the story before and then going to take the
pictures for that. I have sort of like the structure or the base… I hope it’s going to go somewhere else… That’s the fun thing of this. There’s no rules, really.

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