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October 11, 2019

Hi I’m Talin Wadsworth and I’m the Lead
Designer for Project Comet. As a product designer, I need a tool that’s fast and accurate and
helps me solve the modern design challenges of motion and interaction on mobile devices.
I need to design for many devices and screen sizes and I want to be able to see my designs
on those devices in real time. But instead of jumping from design tools to prototyping
tools. I want one tool that combines those together, that allows me to iterate quickly
on my designs. In order to build something this focused on
these specific needs we have to start completely from scratch. To build something that’s
fundamentally faster, lighter and tailored for it’s need. So we created project Comet.
The core idea of Comet is to let designers draw high quality artwork and UI components.
Lay out screens precisely but very fast and build interactive prototypes that can be shared
with other people all within one tool. Because it’s in one tool, designers can try out
new ideas quickly and iterate faster. We started thinking of ways we could make
it faster to lay out lists and grids and that led us to create the Repeat Grid. You can
select any group of objects on your canvas and repeat them endlessly. We’re giving
you dynamic control of the layout and padding directly on the canvas. You can drag and drop
images and content directly onto the grid and have them populate your design instantly. We’ve made it really easy to create simple
prototypes in Comet. You can just flip over to the prototype mode and start drawing wires
between the screens to show how they flow together. Then make some tweaks in animations
and timing, and because it’s all in the same tool if I need to make a visual design
change I can just flip back to design mode, tweak it there, and then come back to prototype
mode without having to do all my interaction design work. Then those animations show up
when you preview it on the Comet app here on the phone. When we go out to talk to designers , one
of the things that always strikes me is how complicated their designs can get. Sometimes
they can have up to one hundred screens just for a single application or a single website.
So we wanted to really make sure that as we were building project Comet that we built
it from the ground up to be really fast, so that it would scale well, so that you can
work with as many art boards as you need to. Because we built Comet from scratch we have
the flexibility to do whatever it takes to build the next generation UX design too. So
tell us what you need, help us make Comet the tool for you.

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