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December 8, 2019

-I’m Chase. I’m on the verge of being
a real adult, where I’ll have to find a job,
a life, and a partner in crime. Everything has been
planned out for me until now, but I’m realizing
that I don’t know how to human. See, I can recite poetry
and quote Shakespeare. But I’m a touch confused
about who I am online. I can balance
a chemical equation and tell you about cells. But I’m a bit shaky
on how to fuel my body. I’ve learned all these
amazing things at school, but that’s not enough. There has to be
more than that to life. I need art, adventure,
and a world of new experiences. I guess I need to learn
how to human. So together, we’re gonna tackle
life’s big questions. How will the Internet generation
learn about the world? And how will this shape
how we’re gonna look after it? We’re going to explore self,
money, art, food, and everything else out there, hopefully becoming better humans
along the way. So come join me
every second Monday right here on SoulPancake.

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