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MAX Insiders 2017: Daniel “Dansky” White | Adobe UK

January 27, 2020

(happy music) – Hello my name’s Daniel
White, some of you guys know me as Dansky and I’m
an Adobe Insider at Max. (upbeat music) So my work is inspired largely by what other people are doing
in the online community. So looking around at what
other YouTubers are doing in terms of education, but
also what other designers are doing and how they’re trying to sort of push the bounds of creativity. (upbeat music) So with the keynote I honestly
didn’t know what to expect and as soon as they launched
into the new product features like Dimension, how
you can create product mark-ups literally within a few
seconds was just incredible. (upbeat music) To me the next creative trend is exploring augmented reality and virtual reality. So I’m super excited and curious to see where that’s gonna take
everyone, including myself. (upbeat music) Absolutely freaking awesome. (upbeat music)

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