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Marvel’s Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes [2017] | Explained in HINDI

October 23, 2019

So guys,Biggest profit of being the most successful franchise is the power to expand!!! Marvel Cinematic Universe has done that . First MCU take there audience to every corner of the earth. then show us another galaxy then show us some 9 realms, later show us quantum realms and recently shows another dimension with all this MCU has increase there heroes count Till now marvel has launched more than a dozen of heroes In which all heroes has there own unique ability So guys, I am Aman Sinha . And today we going to talk about Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Top 10 most powerful Superheroes Here we have organize the list according there physical abilities, fighting skills and there weapon And we have have consider only those superheroes who has fought on earth which means this list doesn’t include guardian of galaxy and also the televisions heroes are not included also And also not which are dead. (Sorry Quicksilver!!!) And SO considering the spoiler lets Start. Number 10. Captain America Considering that Captain America is the founding member of Avengers putting him at this rank is quite tough. But he deserve only this rank. Basically, Captain America has enhance speed Agility and strength. He can do good offence. He can do both offense and defense with his shield. He already had defeated Bucky in hand to hand combat And if he has to fight falcon or black panther with the plus point of his shield he can easily defeat both of them But when it came to fight other. Cap will shine dim. During the event of civil war he was not able to put any effort against spider-man and war machine. Even though they only want to detain captain america not to kill him and also in the end of this movie iron man wants to kill Bucky But if any one of this came with commitment of killing Cap, Cap stood no chance. War machine and Iron man can easily defeat him with some missiles And spider man can easily capture Cap is his web Number 9!! War Machine As a person James rhodes has no enhance ability, But his war machine Armour Contain enough weapons to out stand many super heroes, In those super heroes Captain America is included. If we consider Rhodes and falcon the main difference between them is war machine is also a protective suit But falcon only has a simple military gear Falcon can easily go away from war machine but can not cause any damage to war machine’s suit And also Black Panther can become a problem for war machine because T’Challa has vibranium suit these two can withstand war machine long range attack But in close range attack war machine would outshine In worst conditions, War machine would took these two and throw them from air Number 8 Ant-Man!!! Ant-man can easily defeat last 2 super heroes. And this is because ant-man suit is one of most powerful suit of Marvel universe this suit give Scott lang moderate level super human strength and also with this It is quite difficult to defeat him in hand to hand combat Black Panther and Captain America can,t fight the person whom It is difficult to see him and if superhuman strength and size reduction is not enough. Ant-man can became giant-man And if once Scott Lang became giant man then it is difficult to defeat him. We got a evidence from Civil war. Where Ant-man has degraded the condition of every member of Iron man Team He has almost crush black panther under a bus, if vision doesn’t came in between and also Every attack of war machine is useless on him In fact Scott would not even leave War machine if Vision didn’t came to save him Number 7 Spider-Man Whole world came in shock when they see Spider-man in end of Civil war 2nd trailer when we see him In MCU he became he 7th most power super hero. he has radioactively enhance strength, speed ,agility and spider sense . Which came handful in use in case of both offense and defense that’s why he is at higher position than war machine and Captain America. And reason for leading from ant man is his senses are stronger than those of ant-man. He has sensed ant-man on captain America’s shield and Also he was able to defeat giant man And also he gave a great competition to Captain America in short range fight At one point Spider-man can easily stop the fight by wrapping cap in his web But film maker don’t want to do that. Number 6!!!! HULK!!! Most of you would be thinking how can hulk be at 6th position ??? Literally , hulk is a mountain like superhero, who has also destroyed the Chitauri’s Flying creature. But if consider The fight with other heroes Then the matter would be different this is obvious that hulk is stronger than giant-man and spider-man. he can easily put them aside in just a single punch. and also he already has came in battle with two strong avengers that’s why we placed hulk at this rank In the movie, the avenger in fight of Thor and hulk hulk wants to kill thor but Thor war trying to just stop the hulk but if Thor fight with hulk at his full potential then there would be no chance that hulk would have survived And also we saw a same scenario in Age of Ultron in which tony with hulk buster Armour put hulk at rest NUMBER 5!!! THOR!!! Due to fight between hulk and Thor in first avenger movie got at this position. In which Thor only want to detain the hulk but if Thor uses Mjölnir properly then hulk would be almost dead, but also helicarrier would be shattered in pieces but Thor is at 5th position because In first of the avengers in the fight between Thor and iron man Thor didn’t take a step back still iron man gave a proper challenge to Thor Thor even attack iron man with his Mjölnir but still it didn’t effect on iron-man at most iron man just fly out away with attack even when Thor attack iron man with lighting but the scenario after that we all know that’s why we place Thor at 5th position and also In age of Ultron vision was able to lift the Mjölnir which means vision can easily defeat Thor and also steal the Mjölnir and ran to home NUMBER 4!! IRON MAN!!!! Now you would be thinking it’s out of limit. The last founding member of the avenger is at the 4th position of this list So first we tell you why iron man deserve this position first of all tony stark without his Suit is a highly dangerous person. He is a kind of person who has built a Arc reactor while sitting in a cave So, building a nuclear weapon while sitting at home is not a big deal for him and also the plus is iron man’s suit tony stark not only has a hulk buster suit for defeating hulk but also he has iron legion. Which means Iron Man has his own army so this directly means In age of ultron Iron man can easily take the Loki specter without taking other avengers. Still we see iron in iron man 2 using the palladium laser with which he cut the shield heli carrier rotor blade So other people would like a vegetable against him plus in Civil war, the ability of coping Cap moves gave a different edge to this But still there is someone better than iron man NUMBER 3!!! VISION!!!!! So, vision is basically a god considering the fact that he has ability of god of thunder So basically it proves that he is a god but let us put light on his other abilities Vision has super-strength, he can fly and he can also manipulate his density So we can think while phasing through giant man he changes his density then the scenario would be completely different But above all of this. Vision caries a infinity stone at his head A infinity stone is enough powerful to make any superheroes mentioned earlier to do some homework. So that’s why vision is at 3rd position NUMBER 2!!! SCARLET WITCH SO if vision is a god. Scarlet witch has witch in its name. which wrong!! because we should not call somebody that but scarlet witch i.e. Wanda Maximoff is more powerful than vision because we already seen in civil war how Wanda has almost destroyed vision that’s why we have placed her at second position. still now MCU hasn’t properly explain the power of Wanda but until know we have seen Wanda doing telekenisis stealing the heart of ultron helping cap to reach at second floor and throwing black panther away and also and building a force field and also with that she is emitting poisonous gas that means she can do better multi tasking than a android with all of that she can fly can control the density of vision. And above all of this she has immobile tony stark So now you can understand Wanda can easily destroy every hero of this earth but still there is some one who can stop her.!!! NUMBER 1!!!!! DOCTOR STRANGE So sorcerer supreme is at the first position and the simple reason for this is that he can literally do anything!!!! So lets first list some of his abilities creating a shield any time (check), creating a portal (check), taking himself or anybody else in mirror dimension (check), slowing the speed of time by coming in astral form (check), becoming immortal by stealing the power from dark dimension (check) , plus a special kind on cloak which can save his life (check) !!!, So with this kind of powers Doctor strange become the most powerful person of MCU And if all this is not enough then doctor strange also has a infinity stone with which he can literally defeat anyone So if any hero came to be better then him. he can simply take him back in time and defeat him multiple times. So guys this is our list of Top 10 most powerful superheroes of MCU I know most of you would dis agree with me from this list But this list is made only taking care of events of MCU As we all know in comics Franklin Richards is the most powerful superheroes But we would talk about him later. But still if we missed any details or this list should be placed in different order according to you. please let us know in comment section And also for daily superheroes news and video related update don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and google plus. “WE ARE EVERYWHERE” So guys if you love this video , please like and share this video And for more this kind of super content , don’t forget to subscribe this channel Thank you guys, THIS is Aman Sinha. And you are SUPER SUPER!!! PEACE!!!!


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