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Marvel vs DC – Who Stands Where? | Explained in Hindi

August 30, 2019

when ever in a field two powerful company are involved in a field then people themselves choose there favorites whether we talk about coke vs Pepsi or Microsoft vs apple or Colgate vs patanjali. people usually are on one side and they are always ready to defend their choice In this thing superheroes fan are not far behind now on daily bases on You-Tube Facebook and Instagram seeing marvel vs dc comment debate war is common So why not give you better points for this debate. So guys my name is Aman Sinha and today we are going to talk about marvel vs DC that where the both franchise stands And why so lets start Lets first talk about the universe Creation Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU start in 2008 where as DC extended Universe i.e. DCEU started in 2013 Many fans among you are thinking that what happens with 2005 , 2008 2012 released dark Knight trilogy. So i inform you that due to that success trilogy DC has to wait till 2013 for starting his Cinematic Universe Christopher Nolan made this trilogy such that it is difficult to introduce wonder Woman, Superman and green Lantern in this movie until when DCEU released his first movie of his Universe Marvel has already ended his phase one Now talk about the total projects , untill now MCU have released in total 16 movies and more than 8 TV series whereas DCEU has only 4 moives in it If talk about movies marvel had very easily made movie on their main character one by one. From which they didn’t earn a lot of money . But when 2012’s The Avenger releases then everybody understand that marvel was only creating his Cinematic Universe With that in same Universe many successful TV series were also released But DC faces a problem , DC keeps his TV series in different Universe which get a lot of success But due to this Fan get confused in the multiverse. This confusion ended when fans get to know that the flash in TV and flash in movie would be different But this causes loss for the DC Now Lets talk about the motive of both the studios In movies of marvel superheroes beats villains and with that do some comedy also. But where as DCEU super heroes also beats Super villains but due to keeping it realistic the tone of their movies are bit of dark. For example due the destruction caused in Man of Steel Batman and government bring forward superman for answer. But this doesn’t happen in marvel. After the attack New York , even After falling of Triskelion in winter Solider and even after Sokovia becoming a low height meteor government came to ask avenger that on whose order you are doing this. This isn’t a realistic approach. But marvel keeps tone of his movie very light. but most of the crowd didn’t have any problem. But recently in Civil war come with some changes and tone become a little dark but in opposite Fans had complain with DCEU that their movies remains overly dark But the Scenario changes in Wonder Woman Keeping Semi dark tone in wonder woman depict Feminism and woman Empowerment perfectly. Now talk about the direction. All the decision of Marvel Studio is done by Kevin Fiege and no director have any problem with it And they go with his flow. where as the director of DC like Zack Synder and David Iyer took their work more personal and follow their own visual style. Marvel Studio is ready with a Story board. with considering this director has to set its projects. This is like a big project whom these director micro manage it. But every director didn’t agree with this. when director of baby driver Edgar Wright was invited to direct Antman then he directly denies for it. because according to him ant man does not fit anywhere in the scenario On the other side DC is struggling with the problem that every director directing their movie handling their work strongly and personally. Which is good for a single movie but for a cinematic Universe it is difficult for this to fit . Now lets Talk about talent When ever their is a talk of marvel universe then name of Robert Downey jr comes in mind and currently dc is lead by Gal Gadot. Their is no deny that bringing marvel studios to this height Robert Downey jr. has a big hand in it. The whole Cinematic Universe was started with him. and it is impossible for any one to see any one else in the role of tony stark. on other hand Gal Gadot is representing the DC universe Wonder woman is seen as the ironman of the DC. But if we talk about the overall talent both studios aren’t far behind. Both has oscar wining actors. who has already give the example of their talent. Now let see what is the main current problem with the studio. marvel has the problem that they didn’t have the rights of their every character. DC has the bigest problem that Despite having all their rights. their projects are postponed or the script is being rewritten. DC first told everyone the their upcoming Batman movie would be direct by Ben Affleck. But after the response of Batman vs Superman. Ben Affleck denies from directing the movie. So when new director is assigned the movie he drops the old script. And above all many upcoming movie of DC are uncertain Which they have already announced But marvel has no problem with this. Biggest problem of marvel is rights sold during the time of financial crisis. But marvel is slowly getting the grip back Recently, seeing the deal of spider-man with Sony there is a hope risen in fan of doing such kind of deal with fox by marvel Now talk about the resources, Disney has given complete freedom to marvel because by these movies Disney get profits from many ways. On the other hand Warner’s brothers is already settled in movie business due to which DC also didn’t have any financial issue there is no money issue from the both side with all of this Disney is getting a great advantage by owning marvel with the revenue of movies Disney also earns a lot by theme parks and merchandise and Warner Bros get a huge amount of profits form comics toys and games form DC. Now learn about the potential danger to the studio Marvel has the danger of being fans getting tired from the cross superhero movies and there essence get lost and DC has the danger of there dream of forming a Cinematic Universe remains a dream. These danger are big , marvel already has create buzz by their movies but this effect is getting fade slowly this came in notice when Age of Ultron was not able to cross the first Avenger Movie. But there is a hope left with Civil war and doctor strange movie. On other hand DC has to get settle in the field, because they are far behind from marvel but recently there hopes increased after the success of the Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins ‘s wonder woman recently able to get a position in top 5 superhero movies Now about upcoming projects In November this year there would be a superhero showdown when marvel’s Thor Ragnarok and DC’s justice League would in front of each other this year released wonder woman has already outshine the name of DC But guardian of the galaxy vol. 2 and spider-man homecoming does not reach up to the marks for the fans But the real match is in the November where this year marvels’ biggest movie Thor Ragnarok and DC’s special movie Justice League come face to face. the fact made these movie special is that In Thor Ragnarok may be the last infinity stone would reveal. and in justice league we get to know about the mother-box. So these movies are most anticipating the fans with this video you get more points to argue, but i want to tell you that the both studios work for our entertainment. So we should enjoy both. It is not necessary that if one Cinematic Universe is your favorite then you have to hate other universe. whether it is marvel or DC. Like me take the ticket of last row and enjoy the complete movie. So Guys these are some points from us about Marvel vs DC. If we had miss any details, or you get to know about any new fact about Marvel vs DC , please tell us in comments down below. Also tell us among these 2 universe which is your favorite one and above all for latest superhero related news and video related updates don’t forget to follow us on facebook ,twitter ,Instagram and Google+. WE ARE EVERYWHERE So guys if like this video please like and share this video. and for more such super content don’t forget to subscribe our channel Thank you guys. This is Aman Sinha. and You are super super. PEACE!!


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