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Marvel Movie Mistakes You Didn’t Notice | MCU | Explained in HINDI

October 20, 2019

So guys, Marvel studio has made up a nice reputation Marvel movies production value, Casting and action sequences are always the best which makes the marvel studio the biggest movie franchises. but everything is not always perfect and this imperfection makes us human. And marvel also proves this by doing some small or big movie mistakes So guys , I am Aman Sinha and today we are going to talk about Marvel’s movie mistakes. Many of these you have noticed clearly. and many of them pass in front of your eyes and you didn’t even noticed that So considering these mistakes lets continue Pym Particles , Ant-Man Ant-Man is one of those movie which brings marvel closest to science Fiction But some times somethings happens too fast such that there no sense in their explaination And here comes the Pym particles. According to the Movie Pym particles reduces the size of a person by reducing the size in between the atoms molecules By which there is no effect on the atom So by this means there is no effect on the weight of the things but in the movie we see that Hank Pym has kept a tank in his pocket Even though Thomas the train Engine increase his size but he can’t destroy the house and above all this Ant man Can’t go sub atomic because Even by reducing the size size of atom you can’t get smaller than a atom So by this it clearly means that their is no Logic in the science behind the suit of Ant Man Awesome Mix tape Guardian of the Galaxy. one of the best thing about the movie Guardian of the galaxy was its soundtracks. All these song was given to peter by his mothers filled in a Cassette which she has defiantly done in 1988 when she has brain cancer, So peter has both Awesome mix vol 1 and vol 2 when Yondu Kidnap him from Earth in 1988 these 2 cassette were type 2 cding ii Tdk cassette which didn’t came in market until 1992 So did EGO take peter’s mom to future to bought her high Tech Cassette or to show movie retro the prop organizer show these cassette without doing the proper research (But the Songs were really awesome) Cap’s Hair , The avengers In the end of the Avengers after sending Thor and Loki to Asgard goes to their own ways then Steve Rogers head toward Brooklyn on his bike but the strange thing happen here is that Captain America who is the biggest patriot was not wearing the helmet, but let it go he is the Super Soilder Nothing would happen to him, But the serum has also affect his hair because by seeing the background we can predict that he is going at a good speed but his hair remains intact with losing their position we can clearly see that this scene was shoot on the front of blue screen So that no accident happen to Chris evans but this mistake was not miss by many fans Air Force One Iron Man 3 In Iron Man 3 on on high on extremist a bad man in Iron Patriot Suit attacks the president plane then a President body guard fires a bullet this would be the worst decision if you were on a plane with the president this bullet can easily tear through the planes metal wall crash the plane but in the movie bullet pass through the window which is literally impossible because the windows pane of US Air force one are bullet proof But this thing was a important part of the plot that’s why this detail was ignored Brain Hemorrhage, Iron-Man at the turning point of Iron Man Ovadiah Stane uses a device to temporary paralyses tny stark because if this tony’s ear start bleeding which simply means that tony’s ear drum are broken or Brain Hemorrhage in both Scenario he should go to the nearest pharmacy but no, In next scene a Miracle happen when some how tony reach to his old arc reactor the blood was gone. this is not going to happen that when is he so close to death he first clear his ear and then put on the arc reactor this was a huge detail which many fans noticed but the editor missed Car Repair The Avengers In the final battle of 2012’s the avengers Chitauri army has completely destroyed the New York And in this many people would have remembered their car insurance During this sequence Thor take cover behind a Car which already had a dent but in the next shot we see that the dent is gone headlight were repaired and if i talk in real term a new car was replaced with that one or the damage was initially shown with the CGI or it can be possible that insurance person immediately replaced the car Peter Parker Spider-Man : Homecoming In the starting of spider-man : homecoming we see the Vlog of peter in which we see that he has recorded his first from the captain America : Civil war But there is difference in this Vlog and Captain America Civil war in Spider-Man homecoming when peter gets in the field by taking the captains shield he says “Hey Everyone” But in the actual scene spider-man takes cap shield and say nothing and there only tony stark says “Nice shot , Kid” on which on being nervous replies. So the edit peter show us in the vlog we see in the trailer of Captain America Civil war. which was initally used to reveal the spideraman Invisible Ants , Ant-Man In the end of the ant man movie, some how Scott Lang was able to reach inside the Darren Cross building without coming in notice of any body and after a big fight Darren Cross aim his gun towards Scott and he was about to fire the bullet but Scott call his army of Ants and block the hammer of Darren’s Gun, Due to which he was not able to fire the gun So let us ignore that Darren didn’t see 4 to 5 big ants coming but in this scene Glock is used in which there is no Hammer those people who even didn’t know about guns can clearly see that there is no hammer on any gun in this shot which means in real term Scott would have died by Hands of darren but the plot of the movie kept him alvie So guys these are some minor mistakes of the MCU you should consider that we are not cursing the MCU these are some big mistakes which were noticed by the fans and many weren’t, but the truth is there are many mistakes in the Ant-man But still if we have missed any detail or you get to know about more facts about this topic please tell us in the comments and also tell us that which of the marvel movie mistakes you have noticed and above this for latest Superhero related news and video related details don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Google plus WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!! So guys if you want to know about the timeline of MCU don’t forget to watch the marvel phases playlist we have tell the chronological order of every movie. With this if you like this video please like and share this video and for such super content don’t forget to Subscribe our channel Thank You guys. This is Aman Sinha. And you are SUPER SUPER !! PEACE!!!!


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