Making certificate using Microsoft word 2010

September 11, 2019

hello good day
this time I will teach you how to make certificate using Microsoft Word 2010 so
first thing to do is to open Microsoft Word does anything and now first is to
set the merchant orientation the size of your certificate ok let us start with
the orientation at the same wanted and in a landscape form right then the size
shirt band paper and the margin we say want it to be 1 inch and its side then
after that you click OK and from there you can start typing the content of your
certificate hey let us say this one so let us start rotating okay so let us see that one and then
this time you want to write the title of your certificate so just click insert
and I will add Rodarte and let’s stop this one and sour design
then you click the the box workspace and you can type that the name of the
certificate does you want to make certificate of recognition that’s it
then say you want to increase the size let’s go to home and you can increase
the size you want it to be at the center you can just drag the Box to the centre
and that’s it you have already the title of your certificate then start writing
the content aside from that so we are going to give the certificate is awarded
to two to whom so you can either write or draw a line or drew box let us say
box and that’s it this is very important about the person who are going to
receive the certificate and that does they want to change the color say it out
at the sea say that then you can type immediately the name of the person just
right click the box and click on text that’s
since we were small delicate small font you can increase the font size again by
clicking home and increasing the pond size okay that if it’s the size that you
want you can type the name let’s say wanted to be given to okay that’s it say
make it more picker did to change the font style let’s say that one it’s much
bigger than I use one then double click continue writing certificate of
recognition so worked Juan de la Cruz for his excellent we make it and smaller font style okay for his excellent and outstanding performance performance I SWAT so you can type here let the sea
chairman you can do the same as what we did in the certificate of recognition
just how the ordinary way of writing chairman you just increase the size by
clicking bold or they are up okay that’s it can choose the color as you want it
to be blue okay that’s it versatility same performance as chairman or during my gosh we don’t let us return Prince the horror
to block and make it at the center during the the C 2012 regional science
fair okay that’s it all of us have that made very simple
I let us say we want this to have a different designer style let’s make this
one 12 and let’s say that one get bigger Gaddis it and you can also change this one the
same precise okay Dan so you can also make this us eating see what’s this okay
let me say this one and simple as that okay so if you already have the content of
your certificate the first thing to do is to give or to add some designs let us
see you want to add border so you can just click page layout and you can
choose different border art in the borders and shading part I didn’t say
that one let us choose any of this this is that one I wanted to make it red okay
in red to make it larger hey that’s it okay that’s the appearance of your
certificate if you want is that kind of borderline but if you want to choose a
different border line data safe from downloaded from the internet because you
are to see your board to look at that kind of design so you can just remove
that border for the art see no that’s not just are done by hand
okay then you can sell okay and you can just select some of the border designs I’ve collected so you can
choose two different the science I have collected from the internet I let’s say
which one this one okay just click it and then copy copy and go to your
document right click and click paste and it’s it so how are you going to make it
replaces their border line just right click this box and proceed to wrap text
and put it behind the text then you can expand by just clicking the side of the
certificate okay so you already have that design but if you are not content
out of that design you can also again delete that one okay by clicking delete
again go back again to the designs that we have let’s say this one okay copy
again copy and paste okay then right click again go to wrap text and click
behind text the Nebo store assigned to be at the bulk of your text okay so
that’s the design can just move it or make it wider by
clicking the line the box okay that’s it so if you are contented you can save
your document okay that’s how I prepare certificates using Microsoft power
Microsoft Word okay thank you for viewing
see you next see you in my next video

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