Making Banner Ads in Adobe Animate – Introduction to Adobe Animate [1/53]

September 30, 2019

This course is for people
that are struggling… with the world of
HTML5 banner ads. It’s a bit of a mixed
up world at the moment. So I’m going to kind of
iron all that out… and show you exactly,
step by step, what to do. I built this course for the visual
person, for the ‘Right Brain’ person. We’ll look at the design side… with all the features that you
can, and can’t do with HTML5. We’ll look at file size, and
how to keep it nice and small. And we’ll go through all
of the publishing… which is probably the most tricky
for people that are self-taught. About all the different ad
networks including things like… DoubleClick, the Google
AdWords, GBU network, and Sizmek. Now this course is not for
coders or developers. This is for creatives, for the
visual people, for the designers. If you want to make some beautiful
banner ads that work, follow me.

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