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Make Your Photos ORANGE & TEAL with ONLY 2 layers – Photoshop Tutorial

August 7, 2019

Hello, and welcome to this episode of Denny’s Tips. In this tutorial You’ll learn how to create an orange teal look in photoshop using just two adjustment layers in one of my previous videos I taught you how [to] do this in lightroom which you can copy with the camera raw filter in Photoshop However, if you’re doing it in photoshop. It’s easier more efficient and more flexible to use adjustment layers instead This is a very easy tutorial, so whether you’re a photoshop beginner or expert you have no problems following along What special forces tour is not the origin [tale] color but the technique behind it? Because we want to learn the technique if you create so many different types of colors ratings and color combination which ship with you later A Photo [is] Male 3 channels Red Green and blue that one combined forms the color photo For this orange nGo look will [rin] start by converting it from [3] channels to 2 channels To do that go to the adjustments panel and add a channel mixer adjustment layer if you don’t see this panel You can open it by going to window adjustments Here in the channel mixer properties go to a blue channel and set the green to 100% and blue to zero This basically recreates a blue channel by using the data from [your] green channel And if you look in the channels panel, you should be able to see that the green and blue channel look exactly the same So now your photo has [2] channels which creates this red and teal effect by the way This is also kotik to strip technicolor. And is one of the very first forms of color film processing Right now we have this red into your look to shifty [red’s] to orange we’re going to see hue/saturation adjustment layer Which you can add from the adjustments panel Click on this tool here which will let you select any area on your photo and adjust the saturation There’s a trick [to] this tool and if you hold ctrl or command key [while] dragging it will adjust the hue instead of the saturation So to shifty [red’s] to orange. We can simply hold the cTRL command key and Drag on in Red area Next I’m going drag but this time without holding the cTRL command key on the orange and teal areas to adjust the saturation This tool makes adjusting the hue and saturation very easy, and I highly recommend getting in the habit of using it whenever you can When you’re done [selected] two layers by holding the cTRL command key and then press cTRL or command g to group them into layer? address the group opacity to your likings, and you’re done first on the image looks like before and after This technique can be used to create other color combinations [for] example by adjusting the hue we can get a red and blue effect like this or We can create a wacky green purple effect like this you can pick any color combination you like You can also go further and add a curves adjustment layer to change your tones For example if you want that faded contrast you look you can drag the black upwards like this and then create a slight curve For something that’s more vintage and romantic you can add some [work] by going into a blue channel and dropping the mid-tones Whatever the effect you want to create is up to you here are some more examples of what you can create with this technique, I Know people have their own personal opinion on color grading Which is why it’s more important to focus on a technique rather than recipe because by learning this technique You can create so many different looks and customize it to your own preference Hey, thanks [for] [watching] this video. If you like that people really hit the like button I have some origin to your photoshop actions in month that will create a bunch of orange until love for you on Mac [week] And they’re very easy to review there’s a free and full version [but] [you] can for the pro version don’t worry because the free version is very efficient I even put my favorite look in there So they’re not looking out too much Anyways, let me know what you think any comments? We will subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next video


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