Make your PHOTOS come to LIFE – CINEMAGRAPHS in Premiere Pro

August 31, 2019

Welcome to Creative Tuesday, guys! My name is Jordy for
and today… …we’re going to make some photos
come to life. Cinemagraphs is a fancy name
for moving pictures. It’s definitely not something new, but it has been
getting quite popular among advertisers. Instead of showing a static
picture of their product, they would add one or several moving
elements in it to draw more attention. We also gave it a shot with
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a 7-day trial completely for free. So, there’re multiple complexity levels
when it comes down to a cinemagraph. You can make it very simple
like this rolling skateboard wheel. You just film the skateboard from
a tripod as you twist one wheel. In Adobe Premiere Pro you then place the
shot of the skateboard in your timeline… …and make a duplication of it
to video track 2. We’ll freeze the clip on the bottom,
like shown here, and then select the upper layer, go into your effects controls and take
the Pen tool from the Opacity… …to create a mask around
the skateboard wheel. So now you have a freeze frame on the bottom,
which is essentially a still picture… …and only that one wheel
which is moving. This is the most basic cinemagraph
you can think of… …and it doesn’t really blow someone’s
mind away because… …everything in your shot is static. In our blog, which you can find a link to
in the description below, we have some more examples of some
really stunning cinemagraphics. And what makes them
stand out so much… …is because the still picture is freeze
from an actual moving object… …and not a skateboard
on the ground. For example, us humans. Even
when we sit still we kinda… …move because of our breathing.
It happens organic. Just like rain, wind, water,
animals and so on… …they all move organic. So if we would make a cinemagraph like
this, it becomes more interesting… …but also a little more complex. But it’s a lot of fun, so let’s see
how to pull this one off. First up is the setup and there’re a few
things in our shot that have to be still. Super still. Namely, the coffee can
and the mug. So I’m going to place a light stand on
which I can lean the coffee can on. The same thing can be done
with the mug as well. But if I would place a light stand
underneath that, it would come in front of myself. Essentially not a big problem, but this means that we’ll need to clone
stamp this afterwards in Adobe Photoshop. So if you’re familiar with that
you can do it this way. But if you wanna keep it all
inside Premiere Pro, then what I suggest is to clamp the mug against
your chest with any object you can find. Important is that you don’t see
that extension object. And now you can just poor in
the coffee, but as you do so… …do your very best to stand
still as much as you can. This is all shot on a tripod,
which is very important… …because of the masks
that we’ll create later on. And for the last step you wanna
film an empty shot as well. So now you can take it all
into Premiere Pro. Move the empty shot
on the bottom… …and the other shot of you pouring in
the coffee on the track above. You already wanna take
a duplication of that, just like with the
skateboard example. I’m going to disable that
duplication for a moment, because we’re going to first remove
the light stand from the shot. Take the Pen tool from the Opacity property
and draw a mask around that stand. Make sure it’s precise and that
you take time for this. You only have to draw this once. When you’re done, go into
the mask properties and invert it. This will leave a gap in the clip, but because
we have an empty shot on the bottom, it will appear as you’ve magically
made the light stand disappear. So these two clips can get freeze
now by right clicking on them… …and choosing Frame Hold. Because this is a still frame, you could
have also exported this to Photoshop… …and remove any objects in there, which of course gives you
a lot more control. But again, you need to know
Photoshop for that, of course. Let’s enable the upper
track again, you wanna draw a mask
around the coffee coming out. Look for a point where
the coffee flows evenly, because the idea of a cinemagraph
is that you have an infinite loop. So try to find a point
where the coffee flow… …looks the same on the beginning
as on the end. By setting your playback in repeat,
it could already come out great. But if that’s not the case, you might
wanna add a little transition in between. Because it has to stay
in an infinite loop, we can’t just copy and paste this
whole bunch a couple of times. We need to retain a short clip
that can be played back in repeat. So we need to have our jump cut
in the middle of that clip. What I’ll do next is make a cut
in the middle of the clips. I switch the left and the right parts.
Now we have that jump cut in the middle… …and the beginning and the ending
of the clip match perfectly now. So what I can do next now is add
a Morph Cut transition… …on the coffee flow in the middle. You can also try this
with a cross dissolve. But this is how you can make your
cut less visible in a repeated video. Now to fine-tune
the cinemagraph, you could, for example, mask out
other moving parts as well, like the coffee in the can itself. Or what I also did was adding
some steam in the coffee mug. I downloaded a smoke video
from Videoblocks, which I could blend, reposition and
mask to make it fit above the mug. And it are these details which
makes it so awesome. If you’re creating one of these cinemagraphs,
make sure to upload it to Instagram… …and tag us in your post. We’d love
to see what you guys are making. Thank you so much
for watching… …and as always… …stay creative! -Ah! Fooled you! I’m not
a moving picture! Look! A red car driving
in the air.

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