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February 22, 2020

hey what’s up co-masters how is your day? today we will learn new thing new tutorial from Masker K TV so watch out! before that don’t forget to like and subscribe click the bell button to be notified on my next videos especially the subscribe button click it so we will be more motivated to make more videos this video will surely be pleasing to you a nice intro for your vlogs or introduction to your videos in the youtube or other social platform we will be using 3 apps first is the Pixelab second is Background Eraser and the last is our main app is the Kinemaster those are the 3 apps we will be using so let’s start! here we are in Pixelab select the project select the size at the top right dropdown select image size select youtube thumbnail aspect ratio 16:9 to get the background from you phone media click the + sign icon then select the gallery drag the chosen picture to desired length to avoid it displaced anywhere click the layer button then click the padlock button we will insert text select it from the bottom right the A icon scroll down to find the font we will select for now the meme font we will select for now the meme font you can adjust text size as desire we need another background for the text or word we inserted again you can select it from your gallery drag to adjust click copy icon from the right click copy icon from the right now click layer button to keep it lock to its place and resurface the first text you can adjust the size adjust the font size as desire do the same to lock it just click layer button do the same to lock it just click layer button select padlock so let’s insert new text select again from A icon click the + sign to add new text edit the default text replace it with any word you like adjust the size and font from the right option icons lock it again in the layer find the padlock lock it again in the layer find the padlock when done don’t forget to save first to save the project select the icon from the top right click save icon save as image in the gallery we now go to Background Eraser click the load a photo select the recently edited photo in Pixelab click done select auto erase at the bottom zoom out the image auto erase the background of the text to make it transparent save it by clicking done you can adjust background color i choose 2 then save to finish it let’s go back in Pixelab to retouch the image we edited at Background Eraser delete the text you don’t need it select the 3 button at top right select image size select at the drop down option select the youtube thumbnail aspect ratio 16:9 click the + icon to go to gallery in the gallery select the Eraser folder in the gallery select the Eraser folder select the edited image now we replace the background with metallic select another image in the gallery choose Pixelab folder select the image we used earlier lock the image at the layer icon to bring this at the back click from the right side option select the icon the “to back” to make our text background metallic so that’s done save it as image finally let’s go to Kinemaster select new project click 16:9 aspect ratio start with selecting media use black background stretch the film load the pictures by selecting the layer first select the media select images desired you can edit the picture entrance by selecting In Animation scroll down for more option i select for this picture the slide down with fastest entrance effect which is 0.1 then go back click the scissor to trim trim to right of playhead then drag the picture to the least time next do the same to the rest of the photos layer then media select images as preferred the same process click In Animation scroll down select Enter Slide Down drag the film and click scissor to trim trim to right of playhead and drag to left to adjust entrance time effect same repetitive process until all pictures are inserted layer then media In Animation Enter Slide Down then scissor to trim just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process just repeat process this is how it looks when you play it let’s have a look to what i have finished already i just showed this portion for you to see the effect since it is very long and tedious to show it all it will consume much time i only showed the process how i have done it but i already made one as sample here is my sample here it is very short film for few pictures to add more pictures click the film then the 3 dot icon on the left click duplicate as many times you wanted pictures will just appear repetitive it won’t be noticeable as we add more tricks to it then click export and share button click new project again select media and the exported file so it has been extended then back to the media add the red background we had earlier drag the image as to desired time length make it balance to keep it steady if you don’t make it equal it will zoom do so by clicking on cropping select the equal sign to be balance this will be our main base select the media again then select the duplicated film this is how it looks click the film you can zoom in or out using your two fingers you can play around it how its going to come out to be look like this it will slowly play back to its original position how did i do it? just click the key button on the left option select the end zoom part zoom out revert to original position this is the original position let’s see how it looks now it slowly move back to its original position that is the purpose of the key button since the main base is longer we can trim it to the right playhead we can now add what we edited in Pixelab Pixelab select layer then media Pixelab folder select what we edited stretch the image drag the film and adjust to the image inserted let’s check how it looks we will add 1 more layer for final output the one we edited with metallic background edit the In Animation Fade then the end Out Animation Fade this looks good for our Intro right? next is we blend it select the image to blend click on multiply this is how it looks after blending then next we blend is the middle film blend to the background select again the mutilply that’s it! export it to add sound we have to make new project in Kinemaster add the media we just exported so we will add sound to it since it is boring without sound you can also use your own pictures click media i have already prepared my sound for this scroll down to select Chroma Key enable this is not automatic play so you have to adjust it this is the sound it is like skimming fast the papers flipping to adjust the loudness click the volume button increase to 200% but we will not make it all throughout 200% we will reduce it before the ending so click the film again select Volume envelope you can adjust it from 200% to 100% then making it low to the end why did i do it? you will see at the final i used Chroma key because it is a downloaded video with sound if not, it will appear originally as music video what i did is i removed the video 0% leaving the sound effect only by setting to 100% so this is how it sound and look like so that’s how it goes co-masters! you have now learned again how to make some good introduction thank you so much for checking this video hopefully you gained some new insights don’t forget to like and subscribe to motivate us to make new videos click the bell button and be the first to be notified for new videos uploaded thank you once again and God bless!


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