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Make Money with graphic design online – How to make money online in 2020

February 11, 2020

In this special edition christmas video I
will show you how you can make money with your own designs and maybe I also have another
present hided somewhere in the video just for you. Hi my name is Joschi from
and in this video I will show you the easiest way how you can start making money online
with your own designs and the only things you need for that is a computer and an internet
connection to create your own designs and right now I will show you or we will hop into
a computer and then I will show you how you can start making money online. Alright as I promised I will show you the
easiest way how you can make money with designing or with your own designs and its pretty pretty
simple and for it we will need this website ok? Because this website makes everything super
simple ok? As you can see we have clothing, stickers,
phone cases and all that stuff but how can you make money with it online ok? I will show you how that works right now so
if you are on that page, I will put a link in the description below, you just have to
click on “Sell your art” and then we take a quick look on how you can make money with
it so if you click on that link you will be on that page and you can read how that works
on this page ok? So first of all you have no risk because it’s
totally free ok so you create a design if you dont sell anything if you dont can create
your own designs if your design sucks you at least can try it ok its totally free you
have no risk at all and you can make money with it just click on get started for free
but before we do that we will take a quick look on how it exactly works ok? So you create a design and then this website
or this company will put it on T-Shirts, on stickers on device cases on posters and on
many more like mugs somtehing and yeah you can basically choose if you want to have your
design on all of this or maybe you just want to sell T-Shits and the only thing you have
to do for it is to create a design so you can draw down yeah something like this a +
– sign and then just upload the design and then they will print it on t-shirts and if
then someone buys a t-shirt you will then get a commission and its pretty pretty simple
because you dont have to worry about anything you just have to upload designs if this sounds
good to you then basically yeah its the right video for you so before you sign up or before
you try to sell anything here I would read the agreement but we will not do it in this
video and here is the pricing system so its very very simple ok there is a base price
then there is a margin and you can decide what margin you want to have so you can put
it to 17% or 30% its totally your choice and yeah then they will add the base price and
thats the price your t-shirt, your mugs your posters, will basically will be sold for ok
so its really simple lets say the base price is $10 and you want, and you want them to
sell the shirts for like $20 then you would have a margin of 100% and you would earn like
$10 per t-shirt they sell and you dont have to care about anything and thats pretty cool. So how does it work? You create and upload a design and they handle
all transaction you dont have to care about how to print you dont have to care about the
materials you dont have to care about anything you just have to design and upload it then
they also coordinate the printing ok? So if you want to have it on a mug on a t-shirt
you dont have to care about anything you dont even have to how to do it they also arrange
the delivery and if there is an issue with any costumer they also will handle it so you
basically have nothing to do except creating designs and uploading these designs to that
page does it yeah that sounds pretty pretty good ok? And the best thing about it is that you have
0 risk its toally free, totally free and yeah you cant loose anything but time you create
a design you upload it and if someones buys your design with a t-shirt with a mug with
whatever you will get money for it so no risk and its free so you just click on get started
and then you of course have to create an account its pretty simple put in E-Mail adress put
in an username put in a password and then sign up So I already created a new account
for this so I’m just going to log in into my account and then I will be right back. Alright back to the present as I told you
in the beginning of this video I will giveaway 3 free memberships of the instagram academy
the only thing you need to do for that is to comment down below and send me a message
on instagram and the first 3 people who will do that will get free access to the instagram
academy. Alright so I’m logged in into my account now
and now we want to upload a design basically and then I show you how everything works and
how you can make money and its pretty simple so if you are logged in you have this little
icon in the top and I just created a new account and after that you simply have to click on
this little button ok add new work so i’m gogin to click on that then you only have
to click on upload to all products so I’m going to make that and it will open up basically
your folders and I think that this website has problems with yeah basically with pngs
files so I’m just going to to take a jpg file to show you an example so I am going to choose
it and basically the upload is finished and now we can do whatever we want for example
we can change the background color if we really want to and as you can see its placed on a
t-shirt in the buttom and you can really yeah basically you can do anything you want and
you also can edit everything so I am going to edit it real quick just to show you but
you just have to basically you just have to play around a little bit ok? So scale the image we could make it smaller
and I cant make it bigger than that because its a small picture but you also can upload
a big picture so it will fill out the whole t-shirt, you can change the color of the shirt
for example you can basically do whatever you want then hit apply changes and I dont
know what I did here ah ok I did nothing here that are just t-shirts which are looking like
that so there is also a sticker if you want to have it on a sticker or on a phone case
so now what you want to do if you want to basically enable the products you click on
disable and then its basically finished everything you enable like this its green now will be
in the shop and other people can buy it so I just enabled a few things you also can enable
the mugs or travel mugs, normal mugs you can choose whatever the hell you want and then
you are basically done so the only thing you have to do now is to here click no so its
no nudity or this so I click no and basically you here also choose what should they view
in the shop only the image? I just put that in and here is only thing
which really really matters if you want to sell on this page here you need the right
to sell products containing this artwork ok? So you need to own the content and then you
can save work and then its basically done you can sell your designs on t-shirts on dresses
on phone cases and all that stuff and you have nothing to do except create a few designs
uploading them and then everything goes through this website which is called redbubble and
thats pretty pretty simple and I think its a great way to start making your first dollars
online. Alright thats all for this video if you liked
it make sure to hit that like button and also make sure to subscribe to my channel if you
want to see more videos like this and I will see you in the next video!

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