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Make Money Online Now Bitcoin or Paypal Your Choice

November 8, 2019

alright YouTube squad welcome to today’s
video in this video I’m gonna show you how to make some money fast online easy
money you can do in your spare time and get paid through PayPal or Bitcoin or
gift cards however you choose alright if you stick around for the end
of this video I’m gonna even give you a bonus on how you can make even more
money alright so stick around I’m gonna get you
started on that right now alrighty guys welcome back to today’s
video as I said in the intro there I’m going to show you how to make some easy
money from home in your spare time and you can do it from a phone or a computer
or while you’re even while you’re watching TV or whatever alright it my
name is Kevin Lehner with Kevin – lander comm and if this is your first time here
to my videos or you’ve been here before and haven’t yet subscribed to the
channel by golly I can’t imagine what’s keeping
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alrighty alrighty guys well with that out of the way like I said – also if you
want to stick around toward the end of this video I’m gonna give you a bonus on
how you can make even more money passive income money alright alright so
let’s go ahead and get started in today’s video here kind of anxious to
show this to you it’s a very easy way to do it and we’re going to come over here
to the Opera browser and load up this site right here it’s called get paid –
you see that right there up here in the address bar get paid – dot-com get paid
– calm now what you can do on this site it’s free to join this can be done
anywhere in the world and you can do surveys you can play games and you can
get quick points offer walls and you can cash out on any way that you want which
I’ll show you here in just a second alright so yeah like we so here’s
surveys games quick points and offer walls
and here’s how it works just do the tasks earn points 5000 points equals $1
and you can accumulate these points really quick easy and then you can get
paid of course you can redeem them for cash or cryptocurrency or gift cards of
your choice all right so they have fun online games some of the popular games
that they have are all kinds of what you’d see like most people play these on
like their cell phones and those types of things
and they do have some pretty cool games in here I like myself I like to pull in
the golf challenge I like golf games and pool games myself but there’s all kinds
of games here their most popular games are that you can play and simply make
points and get points just for playing games I mean it’s pretty easy and then
down here they say you can actually get the when you redeem your your points for
money or whatever you can have the money transferred straight to your bank
account to Skrill Bitcoin etherium crypto currencies Amazon giftcard and of
course PayPal right and if you don’t have a PayPal account it’s easy to
create one just go over to PayPal calm click sign up and you use a good email
address there that you sign up with and then of course after you sign up with
PayPal and you come here and you join this you want to sign up using that
paypal email address that’s used there so you can be sure you get your money
over to PayPal ok all right so that’s basically what we do here what I’m going
to do is come over here to the frequently asked questions area and it
talks about does it cost anything to be a member of get paid – the answer is no
joining get paid – is completely free and we do not deduct any fees from your
earnings so that’s a good thing right there then just create your account as
easy as entering your email address username and password in fact if we
click on join up here at the upper right you can see it gives you a little
application here just you want to pick a username and a password and you confirm
it your email address and then first name last name date of birth and the
country you’re in as you can see as I told you before this is free to join and
can be done literally from anywhere in the world okay doesn’t matter where
you’re at long as you’ve got internet connection and a computer or cell phone
with the internet access of course you’re eligible to do this and in your
city in your current zip code and you can check out for their newsletter here
to not miss out on any evil the latest opportunities click the I agree button
here to their terms and conditions and privacy policy and then check this damn
little thing down here about you’re not an electronic gadget kind of thing there
and then then just click complete the registration all right so that’s easy
enough to get signed up here and the nice thing about this too is they have a
referral on this to it you can be an affiliate here and you can have friends
or family or other people that sign up through you and you earn a portion of
points from what they are ok which can add up to even more money on this side
now in it says here how to earn points GPT points so work as virtual currency
and or what you’re paid when you complete the tasks on the site and you
earn points by completing tasks each task has a set value of points allocated
to it and these are the amount of points you earn on completion of the task
points awarded are awarded immediately after you have finished your task and on
average take between five minutes to 48 hours to show in your account so you
come here every day and you just keep working at it and playing games and
doing surveys and whatever on here and your points and just keep stacking up
stacking up pretty quick I would imagine within one one week’s time you could
probably get more than five thousand or enough points to equal several dollars
in your count and it says here how do I earn
points watching videos just click video and watch it you earn points once you
have reached the end of the video and then also you can do with asking people
ask here what you can do you can change the points for gift cards and or simply
cash them out to your PayPal or your a bank account
whichever you set up for that and do my points expire well if you fail to log in
for 12 months so in other words if you sign up today do a few things get a few
points and then don’t come back to it after a whole year your account will be
deemed to be inactive and your forfeit your points and lose them so you don’t
want to you know you don’t want to build up a whole lot of points and then just
forget about this for a whole year you want to keep doing this they keep
logging in every so often then either build more points up or cash out what
you have right and surveys the same thing just need to register to sign up
to to get paid to and then visit the survey section and start earning and see
some of the well they got a bad link there it looks like but anyways
surveys I think I’ve carefully took on surveys here it should low and here we
go and you can click on different plenty of different companies here that you can
work through their surveys and get lots of points doing surveys here as well and
we come back to the frequently asked questions and so there’s the survey
party two tasks and offers sponsored offers and two free offers free trials
freebies product trials surveys free quotes and small purchases made for
applications for things like credit cards or to join an organization and
then just complete the offers and how much our offers approved and paid and
once the offer which have packing codes on them and then which a lot of systems
are long correctly completed tasks but they attach to that approved
and then paid by points into your account and each survey will show you
how much it’s valued at there are allocated points are for each server or
offer I mean offers not survey same thing with
surveys though it’s going to be allocated points here’s the referral
program I was telling you about they have an affiliate program you can earn
15 percent commission on the points your referrals earlier from paid tax as well
so if your friend earns 100 points you’ll be rewarded 15 points as your
commission if your friend earns 200 points you will be rewarded 30 points
for Commission so and then they do a telephone verification here now once you
sign up you’re going to verify by your cell phone or a landline if you have a
landline telephone number they will verify that you are who you
say you are sort of like that CAPTCHA where your click where it says I’m not a
robot sort of similar to that they wants to want to verify that you are who you
say you are right pretty easy actually it looks like that’s pretty simple
straightforward there how to do that you guys can come here and check out these
frequently asked questions here and then games and says can I seriously get paid
to play games a yes simply head over to game section launch the games window
then you’re ready to start earning remember always try to complete the game
in order to get created get credited correctly for the gameplay so if once
you start your game just go ahead and finish it on out which most of these
games I don’t think take very long to play to do them anyway says my game has
earned 60,000 points before I credit me an X amount so apparently the games you
can earn quite a bit for playing games you can even get on a leaderboard and
had in a challenge in to work your way up to even get more points to minimize
maximize your earnings and we’ve chosen several exciting games available from
Alfred or giving you a chance to claim extra
points for mastering your play all in-game scores are being registered into
daily leaderboard top twenty highest scores are entitled to a bonus so there
you go just you can even get on a leaderboard here and get bonuses for
ranking up higher on the leaderboard you make even more points quicker that way
that’s kind of cool actually that’s kind of a cool way and so on and so forth and
then so pretty much guys that’s that’s how
you can make some good money on this website right here in your spare time
you can do this while you’re watching TV or or just about anywhere sitting on the
beach or whatever and make money through making stacking up your points on this
site alright now how would you guys like to make even more money
passive income doing what I do you can make start your own business and
make a passive income with what’s passive income most people ask the
question about what is passive income passive income is making money while you
sleep okay you can be on vacation on the beach you can be at a restaurant eating
dinner with your family you can be anywhere and the next time you check
your email account you see that you have a commission so you’ve made money while
you weren’t working on your business so all you need to do to get involved with
that and make more money doing what I do just reach down there blow and click
where it says mentor with keV calm and you can I’m gonna tell you a secret
about this actually you can have your business up and running off of the price
of a cup of Starbucks coffee in 15 days early
make your first sale alrighty guys reach down here below click that mentor with
Capcom and come over get signed up see my video my personal video or I try to
get to know you a little bit better and then check out the business that’s there
after you click the continue button and notice also that after you watch the
video on the business page there where it tells you a little bit more about it
you will see that there’s over three thousand dollars worth of bonuses that
you can get for that cheap amount that I just told you about in that little
secret there okay alrighty guys I’m going to let you go with that and don’t
forget to subscribe to the channel click the bell so you get notified give me a
thumbs up if you got a little value out of this video here and I’ll let you go
with that and I’ll see you again on the next exciting video all right you guys
take care I’ll see you later


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