Make Money Online From Home $20 – $400 Cash Out When You Want

November 8, 2019

all righty guys welcome to today’s video
in this video I got a place where you can make anywhere from twenty to four
hundred dollars and cash out whenever you want and it’s great for the holidays
coming up and for that matter it’s good clear through 2020 the whole next year
alright when you’re going to want to stick around for this one because I got
a bonus coming at you here toward the end and I’m about to get you started on
that right now alrighty guys welcome back to the video
like I said earlier in this video I’m going to show you a place where you can
make some easy money in from anywhere from twelve twenty to about four hundred
dollars or more or you could actually make this into a full-time thing if you
know even if you like it’s great for the holidays coming up for some extra money
and it can actually be done clear through even in the next year alrighty
after that first of all here my name is Kevin Lehner with Kevin – laner comm and
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alrighty guys also for those that are newcomers to my videos this your first
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alrighty alrighty guys with that all out of the way let’s go ahead and jump right
in on this video here I’ve got a site that I want to show you here today that
will help you do this one telling you about we’re gonna come over
here and click on the browser we’re gonna load it up and as you see right
here it’s called a squishy cache kind of a funny name isn’t it it kind of sounds
a little bit wet squishy cash you can says here you want to earn you want a
little extra cash gift cards and prizes well what they do here this is a st.
where you can do offers his membership is always 100% free get paid to fill out
free offers take surveys play games sign up for free sites sign up for free
trials and earn cashback even for online shopping alrighty and then they also you
see here we refer a friend I was going to scroll in here a little bit and we
can see this here you can see where it says refer a friend here and awesome
have an awesome referral friend it’s like an affiliate affiliate marketing
site and you can make an income even up to 25 percent of their cash offer
earnings plus $1.00 per active referral so there’s another way there to even
stack up your money on this site right there and then just get paid its
payments gift cards and prizes are sent the next day fee free doesn’t cost
anything in earn even more when you participate in our daily and monthly
contests so they’ve got contests on this site that you can even win and win extra
cash as well and your earnings really start to add up and some of the places
that they pay to is course PayPal right so you want to make sure you have a
PayPal account if you don’t it’s easy enough to go to and sign up
with a good email address and i’d recommend using that email address here
as well when you sign up as well too and as you see right here they’ll even give
you just for signing up with their site here today they gave you three dollars
in cash to start with right off the bat and if you want they’ll pay you by check
to your address Amazon giftcards and D wallet wallets you can have your cash
sent to D wallah and eBay gift card the Walmart visa probably a debit card or
maybe a credit card I’m not sure Starbucks
targets iTunes CVS bath & Bodyworks Best Buy and even Chili’s restaurant
here or gift card so what is squishy cash well it says right here the squishy
cash works with advertisers to pay you for signing up for free sites completing
offers taking surveys trying products and shopping online when you complete an
action on an advertiser’s website from squishy cash we are notified by the
advertiser regarding a completion and in turn we credit your account so our
advertisers pay us for your actions and we split the profits with you and then
you receive next day payments and prizes mailed next day as well earned dollar
proactive referral that’s the affiliate program I was telling you about and they
got a completed offer and you get 25% of whatever they do in cash and chips you
can also earn chips on this and the chips are what you turn in for the
prizes or you know like gift cards and those types of things
earn even more cash per to participating in their daily weekly and monthly
contests as well and they got some payment proofs here you see this some
proofs are from about $20 up to almost 400 dollars here so yes you can make
some pretty good money on this website if you work with it stick with it and
check in every day and do surveys and these types of things your money will
stack up fairly quickly fairly quickly and then they’ve got some testimonials
here from other people this person here says the offers approved fast and the
support is wonderful I made $41 well almost 42 dollars
it says here in three hours and so they say they’re hooked now to us so and a
person here made $35 pretty quick and so yeah now let’s come down here they don’t
have a frequently asked questions on this site but they do have a how it
works so let’s click on how it works here and we’ll see how this site worked
for you they have a up here of a toolbar where you can click a menu and see all
the different things they have referrals you can every for your affiliate program
they got referral banners and we show your referrals and so on and so forth
and tells you about it different contests and you can redeem for money
prizes and you can also they have a slot machine on this website as well you can
play squishy slots and convert your cash to tips if you want and so on and so
forth and then a support well they do have frequently asked questions here
let’s go ahead and go over to that some of their general questions here I’ll try
to zoom in this a little bit will probably take me off of the screen here
but you should be able to see here a little bit about this possibly maybe not
it doesn’t look real good anyway but anyways can you advertise on squishy
cash the answer to that is yes of course we would love for you to advertise so
check out their advertising packages by clicking here you your ad will go to a
certain spot on the site so you can actually even make money if you have
other offers other like affiliate offers like for say Clickbank offers or
something like that you could advertise those right on this website it looks
like right now and then also if we come back here
and then is it a scam answer to that squishy cash has been paying members on
time every time since March of 2007 so they’ve been around a long time please
see the resources below company to operate squishy cases SLB marketing
and we’re are registered business in Nevada United States Henderson Nevada it
says right here and thousands of member generated payment proofs and one hundred
one hundred rating from Webb you tation comm open website reputation against
fraud and malware and it’s a verified site seal from go that they
have as well here although I haven’t seen where that’s at but oh well guess
it’s we have the ball right here I guess website reputation I don’t maybe
that’s from GoDaddy I’m not sure that’s web you tation doesn’t it not quite sure
on that but anyways and membership questions offer questions prize
questions referral questions and withdrawal what is the minimal amount
that I can withdraws because we’re interested in making money so let’s find
out what we can how this works here the minimum to amount you can withdraw by
your PayPal verified account or by check or or direct deposit to your
bank account how about that and do wallet is fifteen dollars so I would
imagine you could knock that out probably and the first day you tried
their cell imagine and then they’ll say also when do I get paid and cash out
today and your payment prize will be sent the next day before 11:59 p.m.
Eastern Time always on time and always fee free and
do I need a need to file a w-9 form which is for taxes in other words do you
need to pay taxes on this it says when you have earned between 400 and 500
dollars we will request a w-9 form when we have paid you over 600 dollars in
cash and prizes the IRS legally requires us to issue you a
$10.99 form at the end of the year showing the amount of money money you
earned at squishy cash so yeah that tells me there you can you can earn some
pretty good money on this website here as well and then the other one says I
haven’t received my cheque yet what should I do and we’ll check on that
allow up to 30 days for your cheque to arrive we send all checks via the Wells
Fargo billing payment system and they utilize standard USPS regular mail so
that’s it that sounds like if you’re getting paid by check course you’re
getting paid by PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account
or any other method it’s other than a check it’s going to be almost
instantaneous I would imagine pretty quick within that 12 or 24 hour period
okay all right so if we come back here to the how it works situation here page
keep coming back here all right so be rewarded for your time online swishing
cash is partnered with hundreds of advertisers bring you easy fun
opportunities to earn extra cash and payments and prizes and so on and so
forth and then they show you the payment
options here and eight very distinct ways to earn cash on squishy cash you
know free offers surveys they’ve got click on the surveys you see it I got
quite a few here I tells you how much you can earn and how many chips you earn
the chips I believe were what you use in the casino or their their slot machine
and you can also redeem those for prizes as well that type of thing as well too
and then plenty of survey opportunities down through here as we scroll down and
look through here there’s all kinds of each showing the
that they pay and the amount of chips that you get and so on and so forth for
doing the surveys alrighty and so if we come back to the how it
works page again they got paid to click offers and if I click on that what takes
me to the login screen there because I haven’t logged an item and filled out my
account yet on this site and have offer walls they have free trials simply yeah
we can see these and they’ve got all kinds of free trials from different
popular places down through here the some Gray’s a couple of them here looks
like they’re inactive here and so on so forth but yeah they’ve got a few of the
paid to click things here we can earn like this site here smile box you can
earn 2 dollars and 50 cents and five chips it looks like here as well those
are those would be pretty quick things that you can do and then shopping you
can get cash back rebates for example here a sprint you can earn 15 dollars
for that in three chips for purchasing a refurbished phone and a new line to sign
up for Sprint cell phone service and also they got a the William Hill casino
Club you can spend twenty dollars there and play through that twenty and get
thirty dollars back plus thirty chips so if you spend twenty and get they pay you
30 you’ve done gut even if you even if you lost your money and didn’t win any
on the at the casino you’re still going to get your money back plus ten bucks on
top of that it sounds like a pretty good deal to me right there and so on and so
forth down here through lots of different places like check this out
here even fiber fiber comm if you like my purchase a service off of fiber for
five dollars if you’re going to get two dollars and twenty five cents of that
back so that means you’ve spent what two dollars and seventy five cents on
five dollars service fee to get something done whether that’s like make
a logo or or something like to have whatever you would do maybe for your
website or whatnot on Fiverr everybody knows about Fiverr right I’ve
done a lot of videos for you guys they have to do with fiber that’s ways to
make money on that side and then they got Vimeo here
Fandango TurboTax referral swapper and then shopping at Gamestop and you can
get one percent cashback there plus a chip for that and wild tangent games and
then Priceline hotels Lowe’s Yelp Banana Republic and so on and so forth there’s
a lot of them down through here in fact as we scroll down this is only the first
page of seven of these that you can do right here and make quite a lot of
reasonable money and get cash back on your purchases for shopping as well here
on this site right here okay so if we come back then and then it says squishy
cash works how do you how do you want to earn it says personal info required for
some of the different things here no yes yes yes them no it’s 100% free it’s the
trials is sometimes of course they might want you to pay for a trial and they do
have plenty of free trials offers that you can do on here and get paid for it
as well and in money and in chips too and then so on so forth down through
here as you can see the different things that they have they’ve got the earnings
potential on some of these four clicks as low freebies it’s medium to high
trials are high and low to high on shopping and then it’s unlimited of
course when you refer somebody because of it being an affiliate program all
right and then this is Qualls now talks more about the different things that
they have here which we’ve already been over and so forth that shows
some screenshots here of different things to do with that alrighty guys
well that’s pretty much what I wanted to show you here was this really cool site
that you can earn some easy money with and you could actually make this thing
into a full-time thing if you stick with it and did a lot of it on this site you
can make quite a quite a good chunk of money here as well so all right guys now
for the bonus I wanted to talk to you about if you’d rather skip this kind of
stuff and get involved in a business where you can make high ticket sales and
make anywhere from 300 to $4,000 per day and you want to reach down there below
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for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee about $7 about what it happens and you
can have your own business up and running within 15 days or less a
business of your choice it’s okay but what you’re doing is getting an
education on how to set up an online business where you can make high ticket
sales all righty guys so click that link down there which says
mentor with Capcom come on over and check that out and get involved with it
and see what you think about it if you don’t there’s a 30-day money-back
guarantee if you don’t think it’s for you and get your $7 back all righty guys
well guys don’t forget to reach down there and subscribe to the channel click
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did it’s a pretty good site alrighty guys well I’m gonna let you go with that
and I’ll see you again here on the next exciting video all right you guys take
care don’t forget to comment down there too if you have any ideas or comments
about this video as well or any of the videos on my channel okay you guys take
care I’ll see you again on the next exciting video you
take care now bye-bye

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