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Make Money Online $80 Per Day Clickbank Simple Method

November 19, 2019

okay in today’s video guys I’m gonna
show you a another easy method to promote Clickbank products and get you
some sales for your affiliate products alright and I’m about to get you started
on that here or right now alright guys welcome back to today’s
video as I said earlier I’m gonna show you another method that you can use to
promote your clickbank affiliate products and you can start doing this
today as soon as right now alrighty guys first of all my name is Kevin lander
with Kevin – Lantern comm and if this is your first time to my videos or you’ve
been to my videos or to my channel and you still have yet not yet subscribe to
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here at this channel alrighty guys all right well that out of the way let’s go
ahead and get started into this method here it’s a very simple method using a
classified ad site that gets a really pretty good traffic about 90,000
visitors a month it’s not a real high but it around a hundred thousand
visitors a month ok alright so the first thing we’re going to do is come over
here and we’re going to click on our opera browser here and the first thing
you’ll want to do of course is to come to Clickbank right if you don’t have a
Clickbank account it’s just simple enough to click create
account here and then you just sign up right here and go through their little
application here and sign up and get yourself a username and on the site and
then you can start promoting Clickbank products right so and then you want to
log in they’ll probably send you an e-mail verification to log in and then
just do that and come on over and then you want to click on once you get logged
in click on affiliate marketplace and now I’m not gonna login to my account
because I already know what my username or affiliate ID is so it’ll work without
that now so what you do is we click on marketplace and it brings you over here
to this page here and you see all the categories now let me tell you right
here at the outset guys that you want to stick around and watch this whole video
so you can see how I’m going to do this by step for you so to show you how easy
this is now you can do this in any niche that you want to do this with it doesn’t
matter as you can see they’ve got niches from arts and entertainment clear down
to travel and everything in between and you can deal with any niche now I’m
going to I’m going to do it with the spirituality niche down here that you
see so basically you just click on that and in it brings you over here and you
see the top product here based on gravity it’s this product selling very
well at two hundred and fourteen gravity here which means it’s a lot of people
selling this successfully on the Internet and it’s the 2019 new
manifestation magic Megan it generates massive EPCs alright so this is a click
on this discharge of the sales letter or the sales page the VSL is called video
sales letter and then they can click play on this and watch this and then
there’ll be a link to purchase it’ll show up down here below the video after
it gets close to running alright and then on this also so we can also click
on the affiliate link here which is this link right here for this product and it
brings me over here to this page right here which is the affiliate product page
and they if you’ll notice up here on these the bar here to top the menu
they’ve got quite a few tools that you can use to promote this particular
product again this can be done with any product to your choice and so then what
we’re going to do what now that I’ve chosen my product what I’m going to do
is come over to this classified ad site right here and you’ll notice right off
the bat the cool thing about this particular classified ad site is there’s
no signup or there’s no register and there’s no sign in you just simply post
an ad on here and it’ll run anywhere from ninety to a hundred days
of three months to three months and two weeks somewhere around in that range so
that’s the nice thing about this ads River it’s called ads River if you look
up here in the address bar ads River calm sea that come over to this site now
this is the really cool thing about it you don’t have to sign in all you got to
do is click on post an ad and you’ll see here they have categories from a clear
to Z down here I mean it’s just everything they’ve got all kinds of
categories that you can post an ad into and other people of course can come here
and read ads and purchase things right off of this classified ad site once
they’ve got quite a bit of traffic as you can see these numbers next to here
is all the different ads that are posted and so on and so forth okay so what I’m
gonna do here is I’m gonna click on post an ad all right so if I took post an ad
here that brings us up select which city well this is actually country guys is
countries here not cities like it says here I found at the top ten countries
right here are the ones with the most traffic from USA down to about India are
the ones that have the most traffic unit so you guys the the name of this game is
is the more you post the more classifieds you post and you can post
unlimited classifieds on to this site okay so the more ads you post for the
particular product or products that you choose off a Clickbank the more the
chance for sales right so it’s a numbers game the more numbers the better the
chance to make money with us with this okay so I’m going to show you how to do
this now I’m gonna pick for mine I’m gonna pick India here okay I’m gonna
pick in India is my area that I want this to be
posted in alright Nana says select a category to post to right so I’m gonna
post in the health and beauty category here for my manifestation product that I
chose right and then here in that says pick a subcategory now this could this
manifestation could probably go into a few like weight loss missile
miscellaneous maybe beauty maybe and other health had something like that so
there’s a few but I’m going to put it in the miscellaneous can accept category
here so if I click on that you can see here I chose India health and beauty
miscellaneous right and then it says here says your ad will be displayed for
90 days some of these are up to a hundred days as well alright so what
we’re going to do now how am I going to do this I’m going to show you guys how
to do this where you don’t have to write the articles yourself or write the ad
so what I’m going to do is come over here to another classified ad site right
here called the free ad forum classifieds you can you can do this or
you can go to any other classified site that you want and then I came here and
they have a search engine and if you notice I typed in their search engine
manifestation because that’s what this product is about it’s about
manifestation right it’s a met it’s the law of attraction manifestation product
so I typed in here manifestation and I found this article here or this ad I
should say that someone else has posted so so that I don’t have to write the
same or write an article or add myself this is how you do this it’s nothing
wrong with coming over and finding another ad that someone else wrote and
then just copying and pasting what they have right so I’m going to take this
title right here good let me take this title and copy it and bring that back over here you know
I’m just going to paste it right into the title there okay so there you go now
you don’t have to search for it anymore it’s here of course the location since I
chose India I’m going to put Ken diya okay now for the body of the ad I’ll
come back in and I’m just going to copy that
this article or this ad that this person wrote here okay it’s going to copy it
down to about two amount right right here at this point right here copy that
bring it back over here post it in paste it in here in my post okay and then it’s
sort of will sort of try to straighten it up just a little bit here make it
look a little bit nicer you can do this with yours to sort of take some of those
spaces away there and so they’re not so spaced apart and then so we have the art
the ad in there okay now at the bottom of the ad here we’re going to put down
here our affiliate link right so I’m going to come back over here and it says
please visit our web site here and I’ll just copy that like right there
okay bring that back over to my classified and I’m gonna paste that
right in there all right and then our affiliate link is gonna go right beside
that I don’t know if you guys can see that about me zoom in a little bit here
for you you see that there bring it down zoom in a little bit more there you go
you can see it right there it’s where we post it in and then we’re gonna put our
affiliate link right next to where it says please visit our website okay all
right so let them come back to Clickbank and this is our product right here we
can make about 40 bucks per sale roughly thirty nine twenty four and we’re going
to click on promote and it opens that up and my affiliate link or affiliate
nickname or account nickname is already there no one’s going to click on
generate op link that gives me my link right here and I’ll just copy it and
then what I’m going to do is so it’s not that ugly Clickbank link you know I’m
going to go over to bitly dot-com you guys are familiar with bitly right VI t
ly dot-com and will shorten that link up and make it look better so if I paste my
link in there and then just come over here and click on the shortened button
it’s just shorten it up and yeah it gives us a different a little bit better
looking the link right here see now if you want you can go ahead and put the
full Clickbank link in there oh I see a lot
of people doing that I suppose it doesn’t matter but seems to me that
people would rather click on a link that looks pretty good you know it’s a nice
looking link so we’re going to bring that over and we’re going to paste that
link right here into our ad right there and then at that point in it and it
gives us a preview down here as we’re creating you see that our link is live
so if I click on it and open them up just to test it out right and we see
that it brings us over to the video sales page
right here so but it the only thing is is it has my account nickname involved
in this link so if somebody purchases this product which you can see it’s
already down here the link to do that I’ll make 34 dollars off of this
purchase all right all right so close that out we got that there now you can
put a leak we’re gonna put gotta put your email in here so I’m just going to
put my one of my emails in here and I’m gonna check the little dot here do not
display my email as I don’t necessarily need to be contacted by anybody from
this ad okay now we can upload a picture to which I recommend you do it some
articles or ads with pictures get more views okay so what I’m going to do is
come back here to the affiliate page and I’m going to click on product images
which whatever product you guys choose in Clickbank they’ll probably have
images as well and I’m going to click on this link here and I’m going to save it
to my hard drive and we’ll put that in we’ll just stick it in pictures here alright and then save it and that should
downloaded we see up here did and if I click on show it in the folder it should
show it right there it is okay so now what we’ll do is we’ll come back to our
around our article click on choose a file to upload a picture opens it up and
let’s see here make sure we’re on the right one and there it is right there so
if we click on that and it should have it should yeah it’s got it set to upload
right there Twilight sleep PNG and then you can
check this box if you want people to contact you by email you can check this
box here and then make sure you check the box
down here that says I agree to the Terms of Use by making the post here alright
and then we’ll click post now our ad is ready
and that it’s going to send a verification email to you that you need
to check on okay so I’m going to open up my email program and see if that
verification email has come through this quick a lot of times it doesn’t
necessary to come by come this quick but we’ll see yes it did
looks like right here alright so what we’ll do is it wants us to click this
link here but I’m just going to copy the link address or link location and bring
that back over to my browser here and then I’ll just open up a new tab paste
that in there and paste and go and you see that email has been verified thank
you for verifying your email address your ad will now show up on the site and
you can view your post right here so we click on that we can see it right here
see there there’s the ad that I just posted it says now you don’t have to
search for it anymore it’s here in India and if you’re happy with this that uh
and the most incredible luck of all time this is for you and you can visit the
website right there that they click on that when there’s the picture and it
does take us over over to the video sales page with our affiliate ID in
there and if they purchase we make sales so you see guys that’s a way right there
that you can make money off it ads River classifieds and it’s recommended to post
as much as you can the more you post remember I told you earlier it’s a
numbers game the more you post the more opportunity to make money that you get
on this site and you can also do it on plenty of other classified sites too or
remember where it comes to classifieds it’s a numbers game the higher the
number of ads you posts the more chances you have to make sales and it’s a
consistent thing got to be consistent with it alrighty guys well that’s what I
had for you guys today make sure that you subscribe to the channel reach down
and hit the subscribe button don’t forget to click the bell and give me a
thumbs up if you liked this video that’s value out of it also if you want
to get out of your nine-to-five job or you want to stop messing around with
these low ticket affiliate offers from my clip Bank and you want to make high
ticket sales click that link down there in the description where it says mentor
with keV com come over and check out my high ticket sales business where you can
get involved and have your own online business up in 15 days or less for the
price of a cup of Starbucks and be making anywhere from three hundred to
four thousand dollars per day alrighty guys I’m gonna let you guys go with that
check that out and I’ll see you again here in a couple days on the next
exciting video you guys take care have a great day


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