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Make EPIC Lyric Videos with Motion Graphics | Filmora9 & FilmoraPro Tutorial

October 25, 2019

Hey everyone, this is Jony from Filmora here to empower your inner video creator. What do tech ads, slam-poetry videos, and lyric videos all have in common? They all use motion graphics! We animated those motion graphics entirely in Filmora9 and FilmoraPro, and today we’re gonna show you how we did it so you can go out and make your very own killer motion graphics. So let’s get started! I made this first part of our motion graphics in Filmora9. Here’s how I tackled it. So the first thing you want to do when working on narrated motion graphics or lyric videos is to look at your audio. It’ll be important to identify when different words are being said. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look at that. If we really want to lay it out, we can create new markers by hitting the M key every time a new word appears So let’s head over to titles and we want to grab a simple centered one for this example. I’ll grab this one here and drag it into our timeline and double click on it I want to get rid of this smaller title so let’s hit “Advanced” and click on that title and then hit the trash icon. next Let’s take this larger text and change it to “Motion Graphics. Under “Customize” let’s hit the center icon beside “position” to center our title. Finally, let’s give this phrase a cooler animation Let’s go to animation and select “typewriter”. Let’s hit OK Let’s make it go by a little bit faster by trimming down the clip a bit. There we go. next let’s make a similar title for when the word “mograph” comes in by copying our current title and pasting it later in the timeline. Let’s move it to our marker that we made. First I’ll change the text. And now I want to animate it with a different technique. Instead of using one of these animations I’m gonna go under “animation” and select “no animation”. Next let’s go to our effects and under “shake” drag “chaos 2” onto the track above our “mograph” title. Next let’s bring down our effect a little bit by double-clicking it, bringing down the frequency a bit and unchecking RGB separate. Now we have a nice shaking animation for “mograph”. Finally, let’s use a simpler technique for our other words Let’s copy our “mograph” title, and let’s animate it on a track above everything else. Let’s write the word “or” for this title and select a less bold font and move it up a bit… and then let’s duplicate this layer again and write “for short”. And let’s make sure the word “or” goes all the way on a track above our chaos effect. and move the “for short” text onto a higher track as well. [example audio] Alright, that sounds pretty good and last but not least Let’s grab some music in to accompany my talking. Alright, there we go. And that’s how we did the first section of motion graphics in Filmora9. Next we’re going to show you how we did the second section in FilmoraPro. FilmoraPro really shines when it comes to motion graphics because of its versatile text and its keyframing features. Now if you’re not familiar with keyframing I’d recommend you check out our “Animation 101 Tutorial” first before you go into this. So just like we did in Filmora9, we’ll use our audio waveform as a guide to where we should have our words come in We can create an add text in FilmoraPro by clicking the text tool in the viewer panel and clicking directly in our viewer. Let’s write out our first line… We can change up the font in the text panel and center our line by going to the layout panel and clicking this button under “Alignment”. Let’s say we want to animate this line so that each word comes in as it’s being said. An easy way to do this is to duplicate our text so that there are as many objects as there are words. For this first piece of text, let’s highlight everything except for the first word and click this square to make it all transparent We’ll go to our next object and make everything except for the second word transparent and do the same for the rest of these objects… Next let’s line them all up on different tracks, so that each one comes in when a new word is set And now all of our words should come in as they’re being said. [example audio] Let’s fast-forward and say we’ve used this technique on the rest of the lines of text. We’ve also placed these really nice bold words: “GRAPHICS” and “MOTION” to really emphasize them. That said let’s animate these two words further. First, for the word “Motion” let’s animate this word so that it comes in from off the bottom of the frame using keyframes. With our “Motion” text selected let’s go to our “controls” tab and create a position keyframe at the beginning and another one 5 keyframes in Going back to our first keyframe, let’s take our position’s y-value and drag it so that our text drops off at the bottom of the frame. Finally, let’s right-click the second keyframe and select “smooth in” and under clip properties check the “motion blur” button. If you want to see this motion blur while you’re editing you’ll want to go to your playback quality and set it to final Now we have a nice and impactful animation Next for the word “Graphics”, let’s have it swing in with a 3D-looking effect. Let’s grab our “perspective warp” effect and make sure that the “warp X” and “warp Y” are set to “no”. Next, go to “latitude” and like with our last animation create a couple keyframes. Let’s go to the first keyframe and slide the latitude values so that the object is swung all the way up… … and set the second keyframe to smooth in. Finally let’s animate our opacity at the beginning so that it fades in from nothing at the very start Let’s take a look at that… Finally, let’s move on to this last part. [example audio] I want to add a more playful animation to the word “fun”. What we’ll do for this one is go to the “fun” text object’s “scale” property and create a keyframe right at the start. A second one about five frames in, and a third one about another five frames in. Let’s set our first keyframe to zero and our second one to 105 percent. Finally let’s turn our middle keyframe into a smooth keyframe, and our last one into a smooth in keyframe. Now we get this really playful bounce effect. Rinse and repeat for the word “exciting” and you’ve got our final product. So that’s how to create motion graphics in Filmora9 and in FilmoraPro. Motion Graphics is something you really need to practice and experiment with to get better at. If you want to experiment for yourself, which I highly recommend you do, You can try out Filmora9 and FilmoraPro for free by heading to I hope this video was helpful and it inspires you to make your very own motion graphics and lyric videos. See y’all next time. Keep creating.


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