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Make a Simple Animated Intro in Shotcut

October 28, 2019

Hello and welcome let’s make a simple
minimal intro for your video which I’m dragging into shortcut right now I’m
gonna enable the timeline drag a video to the timeline as per usual we’re gonna
enable filters alright and I’m gonna go to view and show title bars and view/show
toolbar so we have a maximum amount of space alright we’re gonna move this a
bit to the right in the timeline and now gonna go to file open other so we’re
gonna add a black image so to speak basically just an empty title so we’re
gonna go to generator and here we want color and we’re just gonna wait a second
misses transparent let’s just go for a black I should be setting this as six
zeros and two F’s but for some reason this also worked no presets huh well
let’s save it as black alright and okay okay now I have to drag it from over
here to the timeline I don’t want to overwrite everything so I’m just gonna
drag it over here zoom out and we’re just gonna grab this clip by the right
edge and drag it to the left it’s way too long the tooltip tells us how long
it is 4.27 that’s fine let’s zoom back in control mouse wheel drag this to the
left and let’s just save a project for good
measure always a good thing to do we’re gonna call it intro dot ml t
and let’s see I think four seconds yeah let’s go to four seconds press s to
split it delete this part to remove the silence all right now we’re gonna select
this little black clip and add a filter and the filter we want is in the video
category show video filters there should be a monitor I can down here or
something something like that go to text or as a title no I think it’s
text yeah here it is gonna pick text and instead of timecode we’re gonna write
something open-source bug we can resize this area so have more control yeah
that’s good select that it is vertical in the middle
and we’re going to reduce its size let’s say 152 now we can drag this into a
center we will just adjust the vertical position to zero and to be exact we can
set this to this and then let’s calculate a difference between this and
1920 400 so we want exactly 200 and it’s completely centered we can now switch
the font let’s go for yeah Ubuntu medium Ubuntu medium is good let’s make it now
we’re going to go with medium and okay and actually I have a little sound clip
I want to use so actually let me create an audio track first I’m going to resize
this add V audio track to the source view okay source view we’re going to
drag it from there to the timeline which doesn’t work well at this point we’re
just going to save and restart a project alright let’s try it again there we go
now this is way too loud so I’m gonna let’s see filter audio gain volume and
then we’re gonna reduce this by I think minor – 16 yeah so this is already in
intro but we want there to be a Faden so for that let me just resize all this
shift mouse wheel to make it smaller all right control mouse wheel to zoom in
we’re gonna add a fade in and fade out filter or it let me just save again
always saving and now add filter and this time again video filter scroll down
a little itself abetik also go to F fade in video and add another filter fade out
video and if we take a look now yep that’s good and now as a bonus we can
for example get rid of a fade out video and instead drag drag the horse clip I
mean our video onto our intro
and try it again somebody that’s what do you feel like doing and as a bonus yet
another bonus we’re gonna at this point where the music changes we’re gonna add
a subscribe reminder so let’s create a new video track and we’re gonna create
to create a transparent layer over here let me just save again and go to file
open other color and we’re going to create aa
zero zero this is actually what I want let’s see if we can save it
let’s call it transparent all right let’s see if this really works
we created it we drag it into the timeline and we jump back to a beginning
works we have a clip here on top of the open-source bug stuff that is
transparent so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna cut it around here
then we’re gonna jump to the next cut too with alt right key well done alt and
use the right arrow key I think here is a good position so let’s split it here
again and now we’re gonna get rid of this part okay to move works fine this
part we don’t want to remove we want to instead delete it with a Delete key on
the keyboard this way this part doesn’t jump to the left alright now we’re going
to add text so let’s let’s save once again I’m using ctrl s to save save
right we’re going to copy a filter we’re going to copy the text filter just to
save a little bit of time and paste it in here now let’s hope it we’re okay we
don’t want these let’s from this this save again
we want to change of course a text to subscribe now and what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna change the size of this actually yeah yeah let’s reduce the
width once more whoops it’s like ten times as small as I wanted it and we’re
gonna just drag it below alright I mean good enough good enough for me and now
what we’re gonna do is we are going to change the font color so just click on
the font color field we’re gonna make it annoying red a bit what whitish annoying
red and here it is so if we play this back now personally I like how it jumps
into the screen rather than fading in but I think at the end it should fade
out definitely so we’re gonna add a video effect fade
out here it is fade out and let’s play this
again alright and now we have a little problem here it fades to black and then
it disappears that is too bad but hopefully this here setting works let’s
just ctrl s again enable this oh yeah I totally works wonderful here we go all
right I like this this is good enough for me
actually let’s reduce a duration of this fade-out maybe 20 frames yep yep I like
this so here you go here you have your simple minimalistic
intro easy to make and shortcut completely and if you don’t create this
crossfade effect you might actually want to pre render it and just paste the
video file so you just have less things to worry about that is it I hope this
helped please subscribe to support this channel and have fun making intros until
next time ciao


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