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Make 3D Text Effect Without Using 3D in Photoshop

November 6, 2019

What You’ll Be Creating! Created with the Same Technique Without using the 3D Feature!! Let’s start by creating a New Document It takes only seconds to create a new 3D text with the mockup you’re going to create. CTRL+R to show Rulers Grab 2 guides to the center Type any text Change Font to “Albondigas” and size to 750pt Select both “Text” and “Background” layers and Convert to Smart Object Rename “Text” Double-click thumbnail to open the smart object Delete “Background” layer. Press CTRL+S to save Now, the main document is updated Get back inside the smart object and let’s change text color to blue Press CTRL+S to save Let’s Import the “3D Extruder” action This action creates a 3D depth by duplicating the layer and moving the duplicated layer to the bottom and reduce its width and height by 0.1% every time. Select the “Text” Layer and run the “Depth” action 75 times. The action creates a smaller new duplicated layer and send it to the bottom to give you a 3d depth as seen. Select the 75 layers and group “3D Depth”. Leave “Text” layer outside Double-click “Text Copy” layer to open Layer Style window Check Bevel & Emboss and add these values Copy layer style and paste it to the 75 layers Select first layer then hold SHIFT and select the last one to select them all Right-click and Paste Layer Style Now we have a good looking 3D depth You can control the 3D depth length by hiding the bottom layers Double-click “Text” layer to open Layer Style Add Bevel & Emboss Uncheck Use Global Light Add Inner Shadow Uncheck Use Global Light Add Inner Glow Add Color Overlay Now, We have our mockup ready! Double-click thumbnail to get inside the smart object. Change text, font, or even color then click CTRL+S to and the 3d text will be applied in seconds. It’s updated! Let’s change the font, text and also the colors. I’ll use a “ColorTube” font to test multiple colors at once. Press CTRL+S to save the smart object to update the 3d text. NOTE: depending on the position of your text inside the smart object, the 3d extrusion direction will be different. The extrusion goes to the center as seen Open the image from File>Open Select both legs using Quick Selection Tool or Pen Tool Hold ALT to switch between (+) and (-) Selection Tools Refine your selection as seen. I’ll speed this part. Create a layer mask with the selection that you’ve made Press CRT+J to duplicate Right-click the bottom layer mask to Delete it Let’s Create a new 3D text Double-click Layer thumb to get inside the smart object Add Your Text I used “Alpondigas” font here With spacing: 20 and font size: 750pt Position your text as seen Letter C is a little bit low. Let’s lift it up Great! Double-click to open Layer Style Add Gradient Overlay as seen #F54476 #F49200 Reflected, Reverse, and Angle:-45 Press CTRL+S to Save This is our 3D Text Select a Visible layer and Press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E to merge all in a new layer. Resize the image since the 3D text is vey small Change to 1100px in height Drag&Drop your 3D Text again. Adjust both size and position as seen Move the 3D text under the leg layer Decrease the lag layer Opacity Select the layer mask and with a black brush start painting to remove parts of the leg to view the 3d text. I’m painting over the mask as seen Increase Opacity again Let’s create a shadow. Convert to Smart Object then press CTRL+J to duplicate and drag to the bottom. Add 1.5px Gaussian Blur Add a black color overlay Press CTRL+T then resize as seen Adjust position with Up & Down Arrow Keys. Change Opacity to 75% That’s it, Thanks For Watching.


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